How YOU can afford to Travel, My Allergies, Healthy Eating & more | Travel Q&A

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you hi guys and welcome back to the channel
where we talk all things travel and working remotely from all over the world
in today’s video I’ll be answering a few more questions
some of them related to allergies and how to eat healthy while you on the road
and most importantly why travel doesn’t have to be expensive I hope you’ll enjoy
this video if you do don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and if you’re not
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love to see you back here for another video next Tuesday where is your
favorite place to live while working tonight
definitely senang when I first went to Vietnam several years ago before I had
ever actually lived there I hated it once I realized that Vietnam and
Thailand have very very different cultures and I stopped comparing and
just enjoyed Vietnam for Vietnam it was amazing and now denying is my all-time
favorite place I’ve lived there three months this past year and three months
the year before and I plan to go back again next year you have the city you
have the ocean you have a pretty lively foreigner scene as well good internet
decent appointments I love tonight I just love the beach I have a whole video
where I dive deeper into Danang and the pros and the cons of living though and
the pros definitely outweigh the cons how do you deal with slow and erratic
internet while traveling the short answer is I don’t I make sure before I
go to a destination that if I plan on working there I am going to have
internet and then I also come up with backup planes the way I know the place
is going to have decent internet that I can use as I look on nomads list you can
filter by countries and see which ones is considered top nomads destinations
and if it’s a top nomads destination you know that there’s going to be internet
I’ll also do my research within Facebook groups on Quora and on reddit
if I figured out in the city it sounds like people have internet I’ll then go
and look at the specific location that I’m staying within that city and I’ll
check the surrounding area for cafes and co-working spaces that I could work from
if it wasn’t working from my own apartment or hotel room I used the free
app work from which is going to give you all of the local area co-working spaces
and cafes as well as their internet passwords and the Internet’s strength so
I’ll make sure the city has Wi-Fi generally and that the apartment I’m
staying at is going to have Wi-Fi I’ll have backups with cafes and
co-working and then I’ll also get a SIM card as soon as I arrive at the airport
if you’re in Southeast Asia you can get a 4G unlimited plan onto your phone for
20 bucks a month then if you end up really stuck with no Wi-Fi you can just
hotspot it to your laptop and have internet so I have never been in a
situation where I’ve needed to work and not being able to what is the best place
for first-time digital nomads mmm you know my answer Chiang Mai I say Chiang
Mai if you like the mountains especially also because it’s probably the best
value for money location that I have ever been to possibly anywhere in the
world there are plenty of foreigners most of them working online and then you
can also find apartment rentals that are going to be fully serviced and fully
furnished for leases that go from one to three months or longer if you wanted to
and while you can definitely soak up the Thai culture in Chiang Mai you can also
find any of those Western conveniences like the malls or food that you would
prefer from back home so you really can get the best of both worlds at a very
affordable price the other option would probably be Bali in Chengdu or ubud
specifically both have a pretty lively digital nomad scene probably the biggest
in the world I’d say that Bali there’s more women and it definitely has that
stereotype yoga granola spiritual vibe to it so if you’re into that you’re
going to absolutely love it you may also sway towards Chengdu in
Bali if you love the ocean because it’s right on the coast you can also check
out nomads list which is going to rank cities based on internet accommodation
weather all the things you want to consider if you’re going to plan to work
and live somewhere I want to travel but I don’t have enough money what do I do
the belief that travel is expensive is based on our traditional views event
being a vacation will you have you two weeks off and you splurge and you go
somewhere I don’t look at traveling like a vacation I look at it like I’m living
somewhat different which means I’m not paying double rent and paying for a car
back home and so on yes if you have a home and you have bills to pay it’s
definitely going to be an extra expense to add travel on top of that what you
can look at doing is traveling instead of having all of those things it’s a
trade-off and it’s a bit of a sacrifice it kind of
sucks that when I go home I have to rent a sublet appointment as opposed to
having my own car waiting for me or a furnished place that I love but it also
means that while I’m away I’m paying for my life in the country that I’m living
in which is often much cheaper than Canada and I’m not paying for things
that I’m not using back home so if you do have a car consider taking itself off
the insurance and putting it into storage if you have a home maybe try
renting it out try to earn back that money and minimize your bills as much as
possible and then travelling is going to be much more accessible to you I have a
peanut allergy can I go to Thailand I’m going to tell you exactly what I tell my
brother and sister which are both deathly allergic to peanuts that sucks
yes peanuts and peanut sauce are used in many different Thai dishes so you are
going to need to be more careful I really recommend you have your EpiPen
with you at all times and on the bright side the hospitals in Thailand are
generally very state-of-the-art and affordable so you will have care if you
need it you can absolutely 100% go to Thailand and avoid any contamination
with peanuts what I recommend you do is you go to the food stalls most food
stalls will serve only one dish so you’ll have one stall that’s serving Pad
Thai one that’s serving another type of stir-fry one that’s serving mango sticky
rice if you go to one of the food stands that’s going to be serving Pad Thai or
papaya salad mango salad they often garnish leaves
with peanuts instead eat the street food from the vendor that is only serving
kabobs or only serving a different type of stir-fry they make the food in front
of you and you can see all of the ingredients that they were using please
please please do not go to the pad thai stand and just ask them for no peanuts
they’re going to be using the same spoon for everything and that is not worth
chancing while I personally don’t have a peanut allergy I do have celiac disease
so I’m very aware of how you need to be cautious and the ways that you can work
around food restrictions with celiac I can’t have any barley gluten so wheat
bread pasta it’s a lot of things and I go specifically to the stands that
aren’t serving any of the things that I would react to I find it much easier to
eat in places in Southeast Asia or in South America because the food is a lot
less processed than it is where I’m from in Canada or in the US this means that
when I go in I order I’m getting meat vegetable rice simple ingredients it’s
not like everything is thickened and processed with extra ingredients my
final recommendation on this point is to Google allergy card peanuts allergy card
whatever you’re allergic to and the country that you’re going to and then
print out an allergy card that’s going to give instructions to the chef on what
you can and can’t have in the local language carry this with you or take a
screenshot of it on your phone so you always have it and you can show your
server before you order do you prefer to eat in or eat out while traveling if I’m
traveling quick from place to place or I’m on vacation and just exploring
somewhere new I’ll definitely be eating out as much as possible
the more likely situation if I’m going somewhere to live long term I always get
an apartment that’s going to have a kitchen included even if it means paying
a little bit more I find it less expensive with groceries and then also
with having celiac it’s much easier to cook for myself and not have to worry
when I go out I’ll still go out for social occasions which ends up being
multiple times a week anyway eating out is just part of the culture
in many Southeast Asian countries and most foreigners that I know say that
eating out is actually cheaper than buying your own
and cooking for yourself this may be the case but I find that a lot of that food
the cheap food that you’re getting is full of salt sugar and msg this is okay
short-term but it’s not going to help you or be any good for your body if
you’re staying there long-term and yes there are many many exceptions to this
not all food it’s like that but a lot of it is and if you want something that’s
going to be healthy and maybe with quality meats you often need to pay more
for it anyway do you find contract work to be fulfilling yes I do specifically
because of what I’m doing and the clients that I’m working for I’m only
going to work with companies that I actually believe in myself when I meet
founders and I get to be a part of them growing their business and spreading the
word of say a really cool new co-working retreat that’s out there that’s exciting
to me if there’s a brand that I believe in I’m a natural brand ambassador for
them anyway so it kind of is a natural fit and by doing it as a contract you
know what your target is at the beginning you know what the timeline is
so you’re able to complete the contract and then really see what measurable
impact you had so it is very fulfilling you see the results of your hard work I
think at this point I’ve gotten to most of your questions I’ll go back through
the comments here and on the Facebook page and answer any that I missed
next week I’ll answering one question that I got only 11 times which is about
Michael really tracking experience in Uganda I’ll dive right in the details of
what I did what the trip was like and how you can do it too
you’re not going to want to miss this video so definitely subscribe if you’re
not already as always happy travels you’re the best have a super week and
I’ll see you back here for that gorilla video next Tuesday bye

9 thoughts on “How YOU can afford to Travel, My Allergies, Healthy Eating & more | Travel Q&A

  1. Love the video!

    If I may make a tiny suggestion to your videos; maybe equalize the sound when you speak and the sound of the intro tune. The intro melody is quite loud compared to the rest of the video, and I end up having to turn down the volume when starting a video.

    Anyway, keep making great content!! <3

  2. The real problems with places like Vietnam are diseases, food poisoning, parasites, lack of human rights, crime, and corruption.

  3. Great video enjoyed it as always man I feel sorry for you having that disease you literally can't eat all the greatest food in the world<g> is it hereditary did you get it from your family or is it it something that chooses a host at random?

  4. Very nice video and presentation, I've been a digital nomad for about 8 years and still learn a few things from your videos. Never been to SE Asia, but would like to visit at some point. Also, a sincere thank you for being an inspiration to create my own channel.

  5. I eat out a lot even in the us. Its just time consuming to plan every meal but i do try. There are a lot of healthy fast options nowadays to take advantage of. When i was in the Philippines i never cooked its just so cheap to eat out but they didnt have many healthy options with vegetables (pork and chickrn are the two filipino vegetables)

  6. Thanks for the great content. Why do you rarely speak about Europe? Is this because it is more expensive than Asian (FarEast) countries.? Would you not recommend traveling or living in Europe?

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