Hrdinove nove generace (dokument o youtuberech/2015)

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3, 2, 1, now. Let’s see what will happen. If I blinked, we can do that again. Please. FAMU PRESENTS
Here is the whole youtube community. I can see MadBros, Hoggy.
Ati just arrived. They are preparing
a special poster edition for you. I have a video for you. It’s a bit short,
but you’re used to it. Let’s go! Holy crap.
My head is exploding. You are so boosted, dude. That’s me when I shoot videos.
I’m not always like that. GRADUATION FILM BY MATEJ BERAN – Landscape?
– I guess so. You are a photographer. – What is the purpose of it?
– A poster! – Landscape or portrait?
– As you want. Probably ladscape
when there are so many of us. HEROES OF THE NEW GENERATION So hello, I’m Danny
and he is Kiril, the Chicker. We are going to the hairdresser
and we’d like to shoot a vlog about it. Wait dude, what’s your hairstyle? – The Hitler.
– The Hitler. I’ve called that hairstyle the Chicker. What do you think about the weather
today? Check the sky, isn’t it nice? Where is Kiril?
He is chilling out there. Come on dude,
you’ve already chilled the rod. It is there for some reason.
Kiril, you Chicker! When we go out with these fucking
hairstyles, everyone talks shit. But when we have this fucking rod,
nobody says a word. Dude, don’t say this lawn isn’t cool.
Don’t say it. Fucking rod for all weathers, all fights
and all shopping malls. Fucking rod. I’m welcoming the
first visitors of the 4th Cinetube. You can buy great posters,
limited edition, of all the main guests. I feel good here, because
I’m in touch with all the subscribers. I like to meet them, because I can see
which people watch me, how to target them and so on.
I really enjoy this. I don’t know how to describe it. It is what…
I always wanted to do this. Do you have Jirka Kral’s bracelets? Jirka Kral has bracelets
in his own e-shop. High five! What age group is your target group
when you make the videos? We are trying to target the oldest ones. In the past we wanted to attract anybody, but now we make videos
for 15 years and older. And what do you think about
the people who came here? You can’t choose your fans. You know, teenagers
and children are the age group choosing their role models.
Children need to look up to someone. It is modelling clay. Pokemon was cool in the past
and now it’s YouTubers. We’re the Pokemon of today. That is all for now. 400 CZK. I came mainly because of youtubers
as I want their signatures and photos. And why are the signatures
important for you? I don’t even know. They visit theatres with us and we
visit youtubers meetings with them. And you think that youtubers
are good role models? I think so. They are the
people of today, modern people. They are their fans, they listen to their songs.
Yes, I think so. Hi, I didn’t answer your
original grown-up questions. I’ll try to remedy it now and
my teddy will answer too. – Since when is your penis able to speak?
– You are disrespectful! Yuck! Let’s answer the questions. Hello, Valda.
How do you edit your videos? Well I use a mouse
and sometimes also a keyboard. Hi everybody, this is going to be
a documentary about me and other youtubers. A few guys came to me and they
wanted to record an interview with me. And now I maybe should… I always sit like this. People think
that somebody is holding the bear. But I divide the scene and I shake the bear
as if it has a Parkinsons disease. Hey Johnny, they are already here,
waiting at the door. They are peeing on your car.
Come on, open the door. I think I have already quite a lot of
subscribers, more than 230 thousand. Every year… every month
3 million people watch my videos, so I thought I could make a docu…
I am gonna edit it. It’s a fulltime job now. I try to make
at least one video each week. I have TV contract.
Every Monday a new episode must be on. And I make a profit from YouTube
and also from TV. I wasn’t very popular in high school. The others made fun of me,
because I was overweight. I want to show that I am somebody
to all of those mockers who said I am going to be a fat IT guy,
who buys bitches. I didn’t show it, but it hurt. I’ve said myself I won’t be that
kind of guy. It was a turning point. So I started to work hard,
but I had no idea how far it goes. Break an egg on your head.
Do I really have to do this? People want something where you abase yourself, something, that people usually won’t do. Those days I wanted my star
to rise up rapidly. You have to do what
your fans like to watch. So why not, it is funny.
I’ve enjoyed it. You can’t come up
with anything new today. Everything has been already invented. It depends on everybody
and how they take their chances. Hello guys, this is Premi, Prooxy
and here is the next… We are going to try
to imitate youtubers. I forgot my bro somewhere, never mind. So let’s check another video… Oh Jesus, boobs, nipples! – Are you fucking kidding me? Johnny Valda.
– Yes! I will imitate now. Hi guys, this is Danny. Cool, man! No, he would do… Like this, ok, ok. May I? I have chewing gum. Hi! I’m Danny. Welcome to my new video,
where we are going to the countryside. It is a village
and we are going to explore it. I’ll introduce myself. I’m Danny, I am 20 and we’ve been
making videos already for 3 years. We´ve been doing it for quite a long time
and we really enjoy it. It has become our job. I haven’t even gone to
university because of it. I planned it guys, really,
but I decided that videos are better and they could have a great future.
So I’m only into videos now. What more to say?
It’s probably all you should know. And now let’s go to explore
the area here, because I’ve moved and I don’t know the village yet.
So let’s go! Good, good. Hey, there are some people. Children are excited
about you. Could you sign for them? That’s cool, I wouldn’t expect that. I’m just looking over the surroundings. – Today is his 10th birthday!
– Really? Happy birthday. But I don’t have a gift for you. I guess this is a great gift!
And here on the paper for his sister. You want it at the rocket. What’s going on here? Ada has an autograph session here. – Hello.
– Thank you. I drew a heart for you over there. – Great, let’s go.
– Thank you. You’re welcome. – Good bye.
– All right. Bye. It is good. I was surprised, you know,
because we are in village… I’d seen some children but I’ve
thought they were just playing outside. Imagine that I’m Andy. I’ll play the music. He danced like this. And then I dislocated my arm.
Everybody was dancing, but only Andy’s
backpack was twerking. Hello, may I take a picture with you? Sure. It’s a coincidence. You watch my videos, don’t you? Wait, I’ll shorten myself, I’m too tall.
I’ll just check my look. Thanks. You’re welcome. We’ll continue. – Bye.
– Bye. I haven’t told you why I moved. One reason was,
that my previous flat was too big and expensive.
But a few people found out where I live which was ok until
they rang my doorbell. It wasn’t funny anymore. Sometimes ashtrays flew through
my window. Not kidding. Then the doorbell was ringing
nonstop so I had to switch it off. So don’t do this to me. I hope you won’t
find out where I live now so quickly. Let me welcome here the next vlogger. He is 41, his name is Jarda Kovar
and he is a youtuber. Hello and please welcome. What will you show us? I’ve gained 4,000 subscribers. I’d like to thank them
by doing something useful. I’ll be cleaning up
a public place for 15 minutes. I know this challenge is not as funny
as pouring a yoghurt or chips on my head, but if all these youtubers gave
the wasted food to homeless people, it would be much better. Could you please sign for me
and write down your Youtube channel.
I didn’t catch it. Just search
‘Jarda Kovar’ and you’ll find me. Thank you very much. These people want to become
members of some community and to be a youtube viewer
is maybe the easiest way to become one. You only have to come from school,
sit at the PC and watch. I realize the power
I have as a youtuber. I can make people mix yoghurt,
mustard, pepper and drink it. That’s bullshit. On the other hand I can do the
cleaning challenge, which is useful. A youtuber has an unbelievable power,
the question is what they will do with it. And we haven’t been to Brno,
Bratislava and Ceske Budejovice, yet. You got this from your fans? It is only mine. And what do you think
you will find inside? Sometimes they empty their drawers. They give me different things,
especially candies and letters. I’ve got a little carved iron sculpture
from one girl about 13 years old. I was so surprised, such a young girl… I appreciate it when they make something,
not only empty their drawers. Will you help me? What can I do? And what does it feel like to be
such an idol that people make a sculpture of you? It depends on your point of view. Sometimes it is not very good as I don’t always feel
like a good role model. But it is great of course, when you see
that they’re looking up to you. So we leave now. I don’t want to go to Brno! Hop in, Adelko. Wait. Right. Hello, I’m Tereza from a channel called
MamaLifestyle. I’m a mother on maternity leave, I live in Prague with my
husband and my two children. YouTube videos are my
hobby and also my job. It’s already my second year on YouTube and I’ve got about 70,000 subscribers. So if you’re interested in what I do, keep watching
or check my YouTube channel. As a mother of two children I’ll tell you
everything about breast-feeding, nobody else would tell you. Let’s go! Breast-feeding hurts. Whaat? It hurts at the beginning,
before both of you get used to it. And also at the end
when the baby has teeth. After drinking any type of nursing tea,
you will fart as an old man. Breast-feeding in public is always
uncomfortable. People are staring. Mainly the men. Even though they pretend
they see nothing at all. You’ve drooled on me. The battery is low. It happens to me all the time that
I forget to eat when I work. After twelve, I notice I’m hungry. But I never have any food prepared, because I work,
when I have free time. So I have been forgetting to eat lately. I started by shooting
the pregnancy diaries, when I was pregnant for two months.
And criticism appeared. How dare I shoot this? What if I
miscarry the baby? It is blasphemy etc. But I expected it.
Also if I had miscarried the baby, it happens to many women, I would have liked to talk about it,
because it could have helped somebody. So I started making videos
with this thought on my mind. Over there you can see
my bed and there is Adelka. I’ll turn it to show you… So there is the most important one,
our lovely Adelinka. Say hello. No! Leave me alone, mum! I’m relaxing. It was much easier
for people to attack me when they had no relationship with me. And it was really hard
for me in the beginning. They attacked everything. My hair, my weight, where I live… But the worst were
attacks on my children. Somebody wished them to get
cancer and so on. Hi guys, my name is Jarda,
I’m 41 and I’m a YouTuber. Today I’d like to show you
how to troll haters. It’s incredibly funny! You’re as awkward as my grandma. No YouTuber is as vulgar as you,
it is just awkward. Poor grandma, you vilify her
in front of whole nation. You take gifts from her
and then you backstab her, you wretch. Shut up asshole! And why should I shut up? Because you are a fucking idiot! And why do you think that? Explain it. Please, it really interests me. Write me a message.
I really want to hear that. Why aren’t we at your home, Jarda? Well, I wanted to avoid this question. People ask me why
I don’t I reveal my address. I have one simple reason for that. It has happened few times that people
were hating me and kind of attacking me. I fell very uncomfortable about that
so I try to protect my privacy. I have dogs, a girlfriend and so I wouldn’t like
the YouTube fame to expose them. YouTube brings the fame but on the other hand
there are some mean people, who can endanger
my family and my privacy. Would it be possible
to take few shots upstairs please? – I studied here.
– No problem. Thank you. Now we are in the hall where I did
artistic recitation of prose and poetry. I stood on that stage and recit… Once more. It is a kind of acting. To be a YouTuber is like
to act in a drama. You have to play and learn the role. It is about practising. And you shouldn’t be thinking
that you are making a video. Jiri Suchy: White-collar My heart is on fire All is beautiful around me it´s just because my boss entrusted me with a task. Good? And I’ll show him that I’m not lazy it isn’t about money it is about approval. Children are at the age when they understand it, they start making their own videos. It’s bringing me back to my youth. We’ll try to shoot it
from the top. May I? So I’m going to throw.
Who wants paper? Wow, dude.
Somebody has broken his leg over there. We said it was like fishing, just throw them bread. When you throw
bread, fish will go for it. And it was the same with the bracelets
we had. Children went for them. They jumped over the others,
it was extreme. Hi guys,
welcome to my new video. If you sometimes visit a YouTube meeting then you know that some people
want a photo with a signature from YouTubers they don’t even know. Just because the YouTuber
is surrounded by people. Why am I your favourite YouTuber? Why are you my favourite YouTuber? Because I think that… you don’t have many subscribers. But on the other hand you invest
as much as possible in your videos. You’re right, I have only 15,000
subscribers, so I have to work hard. Why am I your favourite YouTuber? Because you make great videos. Great videos… You mean videos
with Hoggy and Gogo… Yes, these videos are awesome,
I like them very much. And I like you
because you are cool. Ok, thanks for your answers. We haven’t been there yet. – She really goes there.
– Come on. These girls came to see you, ok? Really? I see. – Hi.
– Hi. We are almost… I’m gonna faint, I’m gonna faint. – Girls, have a seat.
– I will. – Have a seat.
– Close as possible. We’re waiting for signatures
and sitting with our idols. It’s a pleasure for us. – I am gonna die.
– Almost done. It is going to be an amazing photo. What about the shot
with the fishes? Yes, that’s perfect. So I’ll write hashtag ‘fishing’. No, hashtag ‘fishing with grandpa’. Fishing with Datel. With Datel and grandpa. People shoot exactly
what they do in their private lives. At least we do it like that. Then fans know mostly everything, but it’s still only a video. Maybe that’s why people
take the contact with us so seriously. They want to be in touch with us, they think we are the same
in real life as in our videos. Guys, you are like paparazzi! I go somewhere
and you immediately ask me like: Valda, was it you, on that exact place, at that exact time doing this and that? Oh God, that’s so terrible! On the one hand it is good
that you notice when I’m around, but on the other hand
it’s a big invasion into my privacy. I’ll take a selfie with you. Stop here. Is that all of you? Once more. Good, we can continue. Listen, is it more comfortable
for you to be outside with us, when we are not invading your privacy? Sure, it is better. It’s a kind of invasion of my
privacy when somebody is at my home. And it’s not only about me, as I have a husband and children. It’s a privacy invasion. I slept badly
last night because of it. I was thinking about
calling you to cancel it. I was afraid of it. The mouth. I thought that the mouth
will be red, Simon. You don’t want to make it red? Black. So let’s make up the eyes
and then do the mouth. Ok, great. I guess it’s a kind of their diary, so they can look back if they want. For example Simon likes the video
from his birthday party. He watches it over and over. But of course he doesn’t understand that he is being shot
and published on YouTube. Do you want a snack Simon? Yes. – And may I take half?
– No. But you already had one snack. I didn’t. – So do you want it?
– No. Hello, my name is Natyla, I’m 15
and I have been a YouTuber for over a year. And what do I shoot? I shoot vlogs, which also contain sketches
and short scenes. I like the most when people write
that I’ve made their day. Or when they like my videos. If they see me
as a role model or influencer? I don’t think about it like that, but for example,
I don’t speak dirty in my videos. It’s unpleasant for me and I try to behave well. As you probably know
thanks to the video title I’d like to talk about different
types of YouTube viewers. The first group is stunned by YouTubers. A YouTuber is more
than an ordinary person for them. Yes, I also used to be like that. And the fifth group
are freaks and perverts. Their comments like: ‘Thank you,
great jerk off on that video.’ and much worse,
won’t quote, don’t usually make you happy. I’m not afraid of
invasions of my privacy, because nobody would
come to this small town. But sometimes some
locals know where I live and they shout
at my window ‘Natyla, Natyla!’ But I got used to it, I came to them
and told them to stop and then it was ok. And when it comes to perverts,
I’m not worried about them. I have no worries at all. Hey you are signing for everybody,
what about i sign for you? I don’t think it’s a good idea,
I want to stay clean. – Ok, but at least remember my face.
– I’ll try. – Look at my face and remember me.
– That will scare me in my dreams! I’d like to thank you
for all you do for us. Sure. I like doing it. And if it brings something
also to you, it’s great. I’ll vomit, I’ll vomit. Now we are going to the square where I have prepared
my little autograph session. Of course I’m not sure
how many people will come. I’m just a small YouTuber, and even though I’ve thousands of fans,
they might not be able to come. We will see.
I’m looking forward to seeing you. Well, on the one hand I feel disappointed
that nobody has come, but on the other hand
it is just the reality. You can’t think about if it’s a success or a failure. I’m still on the level where I don’t
have such a strong power to catch the fans. How to be popular? It’s pretty simple. Be mainstream. And if you think you’re going to
make a mark with your own ideas, and you won’t be mainstream. You will just fail. You won’t have many views
and that will be shit. Even though videos about shits
are pretty popular these days. I recently made a vlog and I was eating a shit in the video. I’ll tell you the recipe. You’ll need breadcrumbs,
potato starch, cocoa, chocolate spread and raisins. I think that the shit looks real. You can use it for a prank. For example, you’ve found it in
the street and you want to eat it. Have a nice day, bye! We have some classic paper diapers and one of us put different
sweet meals inside them. Than the other one tastes it
and tries to guess what it contains. Yes, that’s it. Yuuuuuck! Oh my God! Ew! You have to taste it. Yuck. It’s a hot mustard! We do extreme things
and that’s why other people who sit calmly in their homes criticize us. Somebody waits for our next fail. And then it becomes… It gets into tabloid media and it’s being discussed too much. Hurry up, Andy. Oh fuck! The bus affair was discussed
also outside of YouTube, it was even on TV. It was a good advert, but I’d rather not do it again. They wrote 12 articles about us. They also went through our older videos
and wrote about them. It was kind of an advert. Are you fucking kidding me? Stop! Good morning! Show me your ID. And driving license. We’re making a video. I used to behave like an idiot
in my earlier videos. I did many stupid things
to entertain people. But now I’m happy,
that I’ve already grown up, because I present
my personality on YouTube and I don’t want to feel ashamed. We are making a documentary
about your daughter. I know. I’ll let you in here. And what’s your opinion on her hobby? – I’m happy about it.
– She watches my videos again and again. Sometimes it sounds like a song:
‘So hello… So hello…’ I have to go now. Have a nice day, bye. So hel… YouTubers usually don’t
study at university, because they think they can
earn money through YouTube. But I never know
what will happen in the future, YouTube won’t be popular anymore,
or something bad may happen. That’s why I want to go to university, I don’t even know
if I want YouTube to be my job. I want it to be my hobby, not my job. Money for this car was
earned by my hard work. Of course the YouTube
money hasn’t paid it yet, maybe partly. But I bought it as
a part of my image. I do it because I like doing it,
but I also know, it can make me money.
And I like making money. I want to enjoy my life. That’s why I’ve bought
that car and other crazy things. This car is great
because it attracts attention. If somebody is interested in cars,
they will turn to look at it. People once even applauded me
on the pavement. Also one homeless person applauded me. So this car,
even though it’s not very expensive, attracts more attention
than any Audi for 2 million CZK. I accept any offer to make an advert.
I don’t mind too much. And people forget quickly,
they care more about the personality, than if somebody appeared
on a poster, or a billboard. Or driving a shopping cart in a mall. I was excited about
the ad video for the hairdresser, so we haven’t asked for much money. But if somebody asks us
to make and advert for something we don’t like,
we would ask for much more money. Then we could tell them,
that we didn’t like it, but we would do it for the money. I want to make videos too. – Hi Kiril.
– Hi. – I saw you at the hairdresser.
– You are the best! The Best! What are you shooting? It’s a documentary… Pity you don’t do it. You will be in the documentary boys. Classic summer camp. Summer camp with YouTubers. You faggot! You go, take out your phone
about here and look at it. Fine. Are you ready? So let’ go. 3,2,1, go. Right now we are
at the video camp in Volyne. Some children will come,
they will be put into teams and they will make videos on any
given topic during the day. We present the videos on Friday. And do you think you’re the
one to teach children how to make videos? I don’t think I can handle
the technology very well, but I’m pretty good at editing. And as I have 100,000
subscribers on YouTube, I guess I can help them to
be successful on YouTube. Where is Pupicek? Milan, come here! What costume do you have? I’m an ordinary boy. I told you to prepare
a costume yesterday. But…I thought…
He was Pupicek yesterday. I’ve said it here. You have to listen. I said it will be in the retro style. It must be clear… Everybody has to have a costume. If you appear in the video like this, it seems as if you take the camera
and film yourself. It’s just fake. You know what I mean.
It’s better to overdo it, than look normal. Once again please. Three, two, one, go. I’ve got it! Call the specialist. He will help us. – Are they your filmmaker role models?
– Yes! Would you like to
make videos as they do? Yes! – And what about making movies?
– No… – You like movies or YouTubers more?
– YouTubers. How does it feel, to hear
that you are better than movies? It’s good. Because of this you know
that YouTubers have a future. When somebody tells you
he prefers YouTube over movies, it’s just a great feeling.
Then you enjoy making videos much more. Being a successful YouTuber requires
to be a good scriptwriter, good sound designer,
good lighting designer, good DOP, good director, good editor, to be good at postproduction,
good graphic designer, I named only 8 professions
a good YouTuber must know well. It’s pretty exhausting. And now imagine,
that you do it for years, you gain 200,000 subscribers, who are about 14
years old these days, and when they turn 18 or 20… they become voters. That gives you almost absolute power. It’s much better than YouTube money. We’ll have an enormous army and we’ll conquer the world. Everybody say hi to the camera. Hi! Thanks a lot, you are great! I have to go, excuse me… Hello guys, I’m at the summer camp
right now with kids and some of you already know
that I’ve gained 100,000 subscribers! I didn’t want to make a video like this, I didn’t want to say
the same as everybody does, but when I saw the number I just have to thank you.
I wouldn’t be here without you. You helped me to change
my dream into a reality. It’s a really crazy feeling.
So many people watch me. We have created a community, with you and me together. And that’s the best of it. Do you know that feeling,
when I’m making a video and I know that
all of you will watch it? And you like to watch it, you love me
and I love you. Listen to me. Never let anybody
fuck with your life. Because if I was like that,
I would stop doing it. And if I had stopped,
you wouldn’t be watching me right now. I wouldn’t enjoy summer camps with you, I wouldn’t hug you at events
or take a pictures with you. And you couldn’t laugh at my videos. So remember that. Never let anybody
fuck with your life. Do what makes you happy and I’m looking forward to you
achieving your dream. Applause for ourselves! Subtitles by Barbora and Jan Richter,
Kym Atkinson, Matej and Jakub Beran.

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  6. Zkurvená genrace.. Youtubeři vůbec nepřemýšlej co to způsobuje dnešním dětem. Doufám že zkončíte v nějakým utub pekle kvůli kurvení generace 4 – 15 let.

  7. Svět se v pi.. obrací, kde jsou doby,kdy hrdina byl např: člověk bojující ve válce za svoji vlast. 😕😕

  8. Všichni tady na youtubery nadávaj, ale můj názor je takovej že když má člověk trochu rozumu tak se nad tím zasměje ale nenechá se tím ovlivnit, je mi+-16 let, nebo už 17 ? .. to je jedno … a koukám na youtube převážně kvůli hrám 😛 … nemůžu si dovolit si je všechny koupit a tak je pro mě takový agraelus který nikam necpe svůj ksicht a točí většinu AAA her ideální volba a jsem rád že dělá to co dělá… jasný že idioti jako TVTwixx nejsou uplně ok, ale když má člověk rozum tak se jimi ovlivnit nenechá, ne ? … Je to podle mě jako ti lidé co tvrdí že z někoho udělala PC hra vraha – ne! jsou tady miliony dalších hráčů co vrazi nejsou, takže chyba asi nebude ve hře, ale v člověku … pokud někdo kouká na youtube a udělá kvůli tomu píčovinu tak je kokot on a ne youtuber – toho vidělo dalších 1000 lidí a nikdo z nich nic zlého neudělal… 😉
    Přečetl sem si to po sobě ale Čeština není moje silná stránka, takže se mi nesmějte 😀 …

  9. je mi z toho blbě když se dívám na čem děcka vyrůstaj, neříkám že všichni tihle "hrdinové" jsou špatní, ale z některejch je mi na blití

  10. Podle mě dost zajimavý dokument. Youtubeři dnes neodmyslitelně, i s celým Youtube, patří k moderní době internetu a je tady hezky vidět určitá změna přístupu youtuberů když zrovna nejsou ve svém videu. Nezáleží na tom jestli jsou ve filmu TvTwixx, nebo Johny Valda a ne oblíbenější tvúrci. Je to prostě ukázka dnešních trendů, "hrdinů" mladé generace chcete-li. Lidé tady píšou jak to vypli po 3 minutách, jak je téma youtuberů hrozné, ale podle mě je to film jak pro fanoušky, tak pro odpůrce.
    Nejvíce jsem byl ale zaskočen častí kde jste se ptali jestli děti upřednostní klasický film, nebo youtubery. Odpověď youtubery je jasná ukázka situace.. je to současný hit, fascinace jakou vždycky někdo představuje.
    Takže stoprocentně sdílím kam jen to půjde, určitě dobrá práce.

  11. Jako nwm co s tím všichni máte….Youtubeři omg jací blbci … No a co , Youtube prostě takový je a bude , každý má jiný vkus . Někdo má rád TVTWIX někdo J.Valdu . 1000 lidí 1000 chutí. Ja osobně sleduju zahraniční Youtubery kvůli pobavení.Chápu že mladší obyvatelstvo prostě příjde domů ze školy hodí s báglem na zem a rychle na Youtube , ale není to chyba Youtuberů , je to chyba rodičů že na ně serou a nechají to své děti takhle dělat. Na Youtube si prostě každý najde svoje jak všichni víme.. Takže lidi nebuďte nasraní že Youtubeři existují a přijměte to tak jak to je ….Stejnak nějaký posr*** komentář nic nespraví 😉

  12. jak muze nezralej, nestudovanej clovek, kterej kokta i kdyz ma rict na kameru sprosty slovo, protoze se jeste boji reakce svych rodicu, delat vzor pubertakum? chudaci deti, ktery chtej bejt in prejimaj nazory techto idiotu nereagujicich na svetlo a pak se podobnym zpusobem chovaji vulgarne k svymu okoli a hlavne k vlastnim rodicum. jedinej rozumnej youtuber je ten starsi pan s uklidovou challenge jinak debil vedle debila…

  13. Je dobře že se to netýká jen věcí poslední doby, ale je to točené v dost velké časovém úseku. Dokument super! 🙂

  14. Podle mě naprosto suprovej dokument… Je fajn nahlédnout do zákulisí youtuberů a zároveň velice zajímavé vidět jak je vnímají lidé, kteří je sledují. Něco takového mi chybělo, takže je skvělé že to konečně někdo zpracoval. Za mě určitě palec nahoru – dobrá práce.

  15. Zběžně jsem proklikal, a i z toho lze usoudit, že současná česká zábavní scéna je totálně v p*či. Raději zůstanu u starých scének s Menšíkem nebo Holzmanem, protože tohle je regulérní fekál.

  16. Dokument je od začátku předpojatý. Nevystihuje atmosféru YouTube komunity a staví ji do pozice hlupáků, co točí zoufalosti. Ze CineTube je cítit v tomto dokumentu pouze komerce a ne invence. Invence lidí, co se vypracovali z natáčení v pokojíku na populární tvůrce, kteří plní kina. Ano, plakáty ve vašem záběru stály 400 Kč, ale bylo jich 8, tedy
    jeden stál 50 Kč, třikrát méně než běžné plakáty filmů… Budeme dál plnit kina, dělat show a tiše soucítit s těmi, co na svoje dokumenty získávají peníze od FAMU, protože jinak by nikoho nezajímali a nikdo by je nezaplatil. 😉

  17. smutne absurdistan uz zacal.. evoluce nutne neprinasi inteligenci a bez predatoru se zacne darit nejvice tem nejslabsim lidstvo venuje vsechen vedeni cas a prostredky na kraviny a konzum..

    lidstvo si zalouzi byt svym koncem

  18. Chtel bych k tomu jen napsat ze tuto scenu nejak neresim ,nesleduju ,ale toto bylo natoceno perfektne a dekuji moc .Zvladl jsi to uzasne a ja to doporucim dal mimochodem velmi me zaujala hlaska ze to je vlastne to nejjednodusi dojit domu zapnout pc a sledovat tvorbu youtubera asi na tom neco bude.

  19. Co to kua je za sebranku idiotů?? neskutečný a tohle jsou vzory dnešních děcek… no to jsem zvědav jak to zde bude vypadat až vyrostou

  20. Uz jenom samotny nazev ,,Hrdinove nove generace " ve mne vyvolava zdeseni a pocit udiveni co,jak a kdy se tohle vlastne stalo:D…..Jinak za dokument palec hore:D

  21. Jakožto jednadvacetiletý se celkem děsím toho co vyroste s těch zfanatizovanejch dětí do "idolů". Každá doba má svůj trend, svoje klady a zápory. Namátkou to dřív třeba bylo Hippeace nebo Rock a´ Roll a každá starší generace to odsuzovala a měla mladší generace za idioty co myslí na blbosti. Píši proto že mě děsí jakej vliv některá videa namátkou třeba od TvTwixx (autobus) mohou mít na mladší generace + to jak se drželi za provaz u auta či jak se vydávali za veřejného činitele na Václavském náměstí v Praze. Tohle není prdel a snad každému normálnímu člověku to dojde ale dítěti né. Má z toho srandu a může ho to nabádat k blbostem za který může dostat v životě přes pazoury. Byl bych radši kdyby se mladý koukali na dokumenty o historii zajímali se o věci ve světě a nesnažili se jít příkladem hloupejm videím která nepřinesou společnosti nic. Je třeba vytvářet hodnoty. PS: Nezávidím jim prachy makám sice rukama ale za to po práci sednu ke compu a řeknu si že jsem dneska odvedl něco co mělo smysl 🙂 Jinak díky tvůrcům dokumentu. S chutí jsem se na to dokoukal a po všech stránkách profesionální dokumentární práce děkuju 🙂

  22. Dobře natočený dokument o ztracené generaci, doba pokročila do stádia masivního nátlaku reklamy v podobě těchto lidi.

  23. Věděla jsem, že některé děti chtějí od youtuberů jen podpis a fotku, ale netušila jsem, že ty děti na otázku, proč ten podpis chtějí, odpoví, že jen tak nebo že neví. Kdyby odpověděli něco ve smyslu- je to vzpomínka na to, že jsem viděla člověka, ke kterému vzhlížím- tak bych to brala, ale tahle odpověď mě naprosto odrovnala.

  24. Pokud mohu vnést trochu kritiky.
    Mně osobně se ten dokument moc nelíbil. Oslovilo mě to, zaujalo mě to, ale nelíbilo se mi to.
    Účinkující byli většinou jen takovej odpad. Ti lepší se objevili ve dvou záběrech nebo vůbec nebyli zmíněni. Chybělo tam něco, z čeho by si divák mohl udělat vlastní názor. Takhle se akorát dozví, že existuje pár blbečků, který natáčej videa o nesmyslu a děti to žerou. Chybí tam toho spoustu a spoustu je tam toho navíc. Chápu, že je to nejspíš váš první počin, ale stejně je to takové odfláknuté. Jako sestřih videí.

  25. "Ahóój, jááá jséém Teréézáá z kanááálůů Mamáááláájfstááájl." na to se jako vážně někdo dívá? A 19:48 jak tam malou skoro dusí? 😀

  26. Pro me jsou teda hrdinove treba doktori a ne tyhle nuly, co krom trapneho nataceni v zivote nic nedokazaly!! A myslej si jak dobily svet.. ubohe!!

  27. Otras! Nenazyvajte tento brak ,,dokumentom,,! Aky hrdinovia novej generacie? Kde su!? Ci su to ti slachovity sraci s priteplenymi ksichtami a nazormi nezrelych deti? Ste vysinuty a pravdepodobne znacne hlupy ak takuto spodinu staviate na piedestal dnesnej doby…grc a totalny odpad, tak by sa mal nazyvat tento vas ,,umelecky,, pocin! Zmazat to cele a zabudnut NAVZDY.

  28. 25:45 bože to ty děcka za nimi musí chodit dokonce do zákulisí ? Na co to zákulisí bylo udělané ? Asi pro to aby jsi ti YTbeři odpočinuli…

  29. Škoda, že dokument o youtuberech dělá z nich samých idioty. Strká do samého pytle Atiho, Terezu z MamaLifestile, Jardu Kováře a jiné. Videa jsou vytržená z kontextu, pokaždé nic neříkající a samozřejmě ostřižená tak, aby svou nejkontroverznější částí z daného youtubera ukázali to nejhorší. Ostatně… Tady ani není problém, jelikož dokument z větší části ukazuje kontroverzní youtubery, nebo vyloženě rakoviny. Rozhodně je rozdíl mezi maminou s dětmi, od pohledu pofidérním maníkem, vandalem a náctiletou holčinou. Je škoda je házet do jednoho pytle, když všichni točí něco jiného. Valda rozhodně nedělá to samé, co mamina. Nač je tedy strkat dokupy?
    První ¾ videa jsou katastrofa. V poslední čtvrtině je alespoň super pohled na TvTwix, youtube campy a Natylu. Je škoda, že celé video nebylo v tomhle způsobu. Na YouTube jsou i jiné kanály než nesledovatelný primitivní mainstream. Třeba takové, nad jejichž videi se člověk jak zamyslí, tak pobaví. Tahle stránka YouTube mi v dokumentu neskutečně chybí. Co takhle zapojit mezi rakoviny i jinou kvalitní tvorbu, než Natylu?

  30. co to je do prdele? jaký hrdinové? 😀 a vážně je potřeba mít u toho titulky? nikoho ze zahraničí tyhle kurvy nezajímaj 😀

  31. Rakoviny nove generace (dokument o rakovinách/2015)
    Popisek: Nejen cigarety můžou způsobit rakovinu.

  32. Absolventský dokument? Paráda! Fakt tleskám. Podle mě skvěle vystiženo, nestaví se ani na jednu stranu, jen popisuje a ukazuje nové a nové pohledy na youtubery. Jen mám jednu výtku, je dáván velký důraz na youtubery, kteří dělají ptákoviny, ale chybí mi youtubeři, kteří nedělají jen ptákoviny, ale točí i serioznější videa (Kovy, Lukefry, StandaShow,…).

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