Human Microbiome Featured In The Secret World Inside You

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About 10 years ago scientists sequenced the
first human genome and we started to unlock some mysteries about our health, our development,
what makes us look the way we do, act the way we do, feel the way we do. And now we’re realizing that we’re outnumbered
by thousands-fold with bacterial genes. Our whole bodies are a super-organism. The Secret World Inside You tells a story
of the microbiome; that is the kinds of microbes in and on you. It turns out that a grand majority of the
cells in our bodies are actually microbial cells that have co-evolved with us for millions
of years. They are doing things for us; important things
for us like helping us digest our food and training our immune systems so that we can
be healthy throughout our adult lives. And that change in our way of looking at microbes
has been one of the most fundamental shifts in biology. It really is going to change the way we think
about ourselves and our health in the generations moving forward.

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  1. You are wrong!
    Scientists bust myth that our bodies have more bacteria than human cells

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