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GUIDE TO SPOKE ALCOHOL ONLY 10 MINUTES – DELICIOUS As we all know, guava has its scientific name Psidium guajava L It belongs to the Sim family (Myrtaceae) Guava is native to tropical America and is now grown in widely distributed areas throughout the tropics and warm temperate regions of the world The average nutrient content in 100 grams of guava is 1 gram of protein, 15 mg of calcium, 1 mg of iron, 0.06 mg of retinol (vitamin A), 0.05 mg of thiamin (vitamin B1) and 200 mg of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) … The sugars in guava include 58.9% fructose, 35.7% glucose, 5.3% sucrose. The main organic acids are citric acid and malic acid. However, now there are over 300 different types of guava, so although guava is considered a nutritious fruit, a source of vitamins A and C (depending on the size of 100 grams can up to 1 gram of Vitamin C), the amount of vitamins is concentrated in the flesh close to the thin outer skin. It is eaten raw or made into custard, ice cream and soft drinks, jelly jelly. In Latin America, there is a popular dessert Cascos de guayaba made of guava, halved, abandoned, cooked mixed with cream cheese. Thanks to that, guava wine brings many benefits to health, helps boost the immune system, protect the heart, good for the digestive system … but guava is cheap. Because guava contains a lot of vitamins A and C. 100g guava can contain up to 486mg of vitamin C, concentrated mainly in the outer skin. In addition, guava contains less saturated fat and more quercetin a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic effect, very good for people with chronic diseases such as asthma, rheumatism cardiovascular disease, cancer… Using guava soaked in wine will help preserve the nutrients in guava. Using guava wine will bring great effects to health that we did not expect. Indeed, the effects of guava wine such as guava wine have high antibacterial properties, so it will help prevent some common illnesses in the cold season such as flu, cold … Drinking guava wine every day will help lower cholesterol in the blood, Protect the heart and strengthen the immune system for the body. The antioxidants in guava wine are able to promote collagen production to increase skin elasticity, the skin will become more smooth and smooth. High levels of vitamin C will help increase blood circulation, helping the body easily eliminate toxins accumulated from the body for a long time. The nutrients in guava wine help treat intestinal diseases, flatulence, bloating, and digestive disorders very effectively. Introduce how to soak guava wine Preparation: 1kg guava glove or guava (choose fruit, bright skin stretch, not dull, deep skin). 1 liter of white or sticky wine 35 – 38 degrees 300g rock sugar 1 large glass jar, with a lid. How to do: Guava washed, drained, then use a knife to cut off the stem and knob Guava intact, can soak both fruits or halves are. If soaked in whole fruit, then after about 2 months, you can use it, but in half, about 1 month will be used. Put guava in a jar soaked with 1 liter of alcohol and 300g rock sugar, tightly closed the lid and then put in a cool place, away from sunlight Guava wine as long as so delicious. Usage: Guava wine can be used 2 times / day each time 1 small cup about 35 – 50ml Do not use more than 100ml per day lest counterproductive.

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