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Hi, I’m Alane with Magna Wave. I’m going to talk a little bit about Hydro
Wave today. Hydro Wave is a product very similar to colloidal silver. Except colloidal silver builds up in your
body and can actually be toxic. Hydro Wave fixes that problem. Hydro Wave takes the silver molecule and it
actually bonds it to the water molecule. So while it’s going through your system it
easily passes out of your body. But it also helps kill any infections or bacteria
that’s in your body. So it’s a great way to get rid of the bad
bacteria, and to keep healthy bacteria, and help you from getting sick. We’ve added some testimonials to this page,
check them out. There’s people who have been taking this for
two to three years and how they take it is they fill up the dropper full here on the
32oz or the 16 or 8oz. You can fill this up. You put it in, this is the concentrate. You put two of these in a 16oz bottle of water,
you drink that throughout the day, and you are able to get a bunch of those really really
good silver molecules that pass right out through your body and keep you well. People have been taking it for two and three
years and have not gotten sick. Entire families not getting sick. It’s really incredible, the testimonials are
awesome. You can also get it in one of these small
spray bottle sizes. This is the 4oz and this is the 2oz. My kids call this the magic spray. We use it for everything from cuts, bruises,
scratches to pink eye. It’s been amazing this is a wholistic product,
easy to use and I cannot recommend it more. So if you have a horse or a small animal or
a human that you want to keep from getting sick, and you yourself want to feel better
or you want to help heal wounds faster and keep them clean, this is the way to go. Hydro wave spray comes in 32, 16, 8, 4 and
20z sizes.

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