I Almost Died

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It was when I was eight years old when I realized
I shouldn’t take life for granted. I was diagnosed with AML high risk leukemia,
with a five percent chance of living. Before I was diagnosed, I was very adventurous. I loved to get out of the house and do stuff. When I had cancer, I couldn’t do any of
that stuff but sit in bed for 200 days straight. I was so eager to get out and do stuff, giving
anything just to go out and adventure. I was told that I might die, and I didn’t
want to die this young, I wanted to go out and explore the world. One year later, I was finally in remission, and I was
released to be a normal kid. Right away, I went with my friend to go explore. I decided to create a youtube channel, The
Adrenaline Bros, to share my story. I now don’t take life or granted. Time flies, so don’t waste your time. Remember, live life to the fullest.

100 thoughts on “I Almost Died

  1. I watched the videos of his channel, they are very good ones!
    We’re happy that you had a lot of luck and hope, and you got the chance to continue exploring this wonderful world!
    Thank you for sharing this story with us!

  2. I never heard anyone survived Cancer
    I only heard you so far…

    Plss like conment if you are reading this!

  3. I have a friend that just moved to our school this year and next year she is going back to her old school. When she was like 4, she had cancer in her leg. They had to do some surgery on her stomach so her mom told her she was getting her bellybutton changed.😂😂😂 but cancer is a serious thing, she said the chances it comes back are 20% but I’m glad she is better now!!

  4. Me And My Mom almost died too because we were shoping at a supermarket then we got in the (trycikle) then suddenly while we were just like keep going straight a truck suddenly came by we were just heading straight then the truck almost bump into us but the worse is the two people on the truck suddenly got mad at our driver shouldn't we be the one who will get mad since he saw us and he didnt stop?

  5. Good job you are strong kid 😊I wish someone cares about me like they care about you but noone ever will but Im so happy that yo survived

  6. Hey u thinks that bad try throwing up 1,000 time a day having a dear of everyone think everyone's a Murder and not sleep in 10,000,000 years You know what I'm saying I've been through that I tried TO COMMIT SUCIDE THATS HOW MUCH I COULDN'T TAKE it but the only thing that was keeping me back was hell

  7. Admit it.
    When he said “Adrenaline Bros”, you actually tried to search for it.
    Just admit that you did.

  8. Aww!! Poor you!! It must have been really difficult!! Thnx for sharing this story!! I loved it!! You were inspiring at the end saying .."Time flies, so don't waste your time. Remember, live life to the fullest." But, I am so glad that your better and not dead!!!:)💕❤😍👍😄😜

  9. I almost did to but I was 4 and I was going on the train when I got off I fell and I was holding on to the platform and my aunt picked me up

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