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  1. That's saad thats she's allergic to everything she's still beautiful plus I live in Nottingham UK

  2. Me and my brother have this. I don't have it that bad but my brother has had two anafalactic attacks this month

  3. To everyone saying her teeth are yellow that’s probably because she’s allergic to toothpaste and if u brush your teeth without toothpaste with water it doesn’t really help

  4. What does she eat if she’s “allergic to EVERYTHING”
    They should have named it differently but overall this is very sad.

  5. At least you can wear makeup and be around dogs😥😔 I wish I could, I'm allergic to a lot of things 😓

  6. I’m allergic to quite a few things and it’s horrible. It’s amazing to see someone like this able to get through things. Makes me feel like I exaggerate 😂😂

  7. She is a inspirational girl I am also a disabled gymnast I have ADHD and am British I do trampolining

  8. ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️
    Please try OPC capsules (grape seed extract) !!! I know that sounds implausible, but I myself had a water allergy and hives for years, but since I take the capsules, everything is really gone and that is not advertising or something, I really want to help you !! Please liket this comment to see it!

  9. Despite being allergic to basically everything, she's still alive. That's what I call a fighter. You go girl!!

  10. My cousin is severely allergic to peanuts. She's okay if she smells peanuts or eats peanut oil, but touching actual peanuts and eating them will get her very sick. One time, during Halloween, we came back from trick or treating and she had a mini pack of M&Ms with her. She asked me, "Does this have peanuts in it?" and I said, "No, it's a brown bag." and she popped one of the candies in her mouth and said, "You know that I'm just about to go to the hospital!" and I said again, "If the bag is yellow, it has peanuts in it! It doesn't have peanuts!" and she was like, "Oh thank god!".

  11. I hate being allergic of everything 😡😡😡😡😡😡🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 THIS VIDEO IS DOODOO😡😡😡😡😡🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. I HAVE MAST SCELL ACTIVATION DISORDER i use a hytamine block and another hystimine and im lucky bc mine is not very severe

  13. I'm allergic to
    •pine trees
    •polymers / depends
    •types of grass
    •mosquito bites
    Mainly glitter because if I get glitter on my skin or wear it in fabrics it makes me itch and my skin gets all red. It can even start to burn.

    When I was 12 i tried climbing a pine tree in my home town's park suddenly I got this rash that resembled hives which is a spotty red rash condition.

    The top of my elbow joint was covered in this spreading pink rash. It was awful, I can't touch Christmas trees or even fake ones. I'm allergic to the pine syrup. It's a common allergic for kids.

    I can't wear face paint or makeup, it inflames my skin, I have hypersensitive skin which is common for someone who has sensory overload disorder.

  14. ok when she said apples make her lips swell and itch and also strawberries, i deal with the same thing and now i’m scared

  15. I feel bad this is kinda how I feel I dont struggle much because I stay inside A LOT but I am allergic to Tree's, weeds, Grass, And Cats I still have cats cause I am not very allergic to cats (Edit) Just so you know i think she has it worse though

  16. It’s one thing to be born with this type of condition, adapting over time. I think it’s totally different to be stricken with it out of nowhere as a teen or young adult. That’s a huge hit to take when you are at such a complicated age to begin with. I admire her determination, and perseverance.

  17. A disability is something that impinges on you doing things normally, fibroids partially disabled me for about 7yrs, you could not see it, but I was limited at times as to what I could do and where I could go.

  18. I work with someone at the restrunt that is just like that she is also allergic to me she gets sick just as I walk-in to work

  19. Don't be sad I live with flat feet syndrome and plus I deal with alot of pain walking bare foot not sure if that is about my condition but there is a cure but I think it went away when I grew up

  20. One of my BEST friends has MCD….. what Tasha's mom said just hit me bc I do that ALL the time. "I see her in the hospital and I get super worried but I cant let her see that bc if she sees that then shes just gonna worry about me" (paraphrasing here) but….. I do that ALL the time….. no matter how bad it gets I make sure to be strong so that she doesn't have to worry about me….. shes got enough going on as is after all……

  21. I'm a former competitive gymnast and I have absolutely no idea how someone with such severe environmental sensitivities manages to cope in a gym. There is chalk particulate EVERYWHERE, it would even bother me as a person with no allergies whatsoever, it makes your eyes burn and your hands peel. Holy hell, hats off to her and all the very best.

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