I Am Allergic To Water Actually Happened – Animated Story

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Hi I’m Monica. I was only 11 when my
normal life changed by a rare condition! it was summer when me and my family went
a summer trip as usual. I was enjoying a lot. when I took shower I feel dizzy and
noticed that I was completely covered in rashes and hives! my whole skin started
to burn! I got scared and ran to my parents, my parents are shocked to see
rashes and hives! it wasn’t happened before? that’s why we
were pretty nervous, then my parents took me to the nearest hospital. I can
remember the pain that was so bad!! doctor took some tests
and after that they diagnosed me and found that it is water allergy!
the reporter was unreal for me because before that I didn’t heard about water
allergy, when I got this news I became seriously depressed, because I thought I
will die! it is not a normal allergy! it is totally different but it seems like
allergy then I cried and saw rushes again in big size on my face! and doctor
told that I can’t even cry cause of it, also my own sweat can create this
allergy. my parents cried and my mom said, why it happened? then doctors said, they
have no idea about it? I had to admit in hospital for seven days, when I back home
doctor told me to shower with cold water at least once a week, I was so shocked! I
can’t shower every day! is it possible to live without shower! it is unfair. well, the most bad situation happened when I went my school and and
my classmates pretend like I had cancer! even my best friend ignored me!
I couldn’t go for any party, I couldn’t go outside. then I had to stay
alone at home. I felt so sad for me. sometimes I thought, do they understand
like not to able to shower every day? or do they really understand how I suffer?
and that was my first time I had to face all the situation with anxiety but
now I am habitually okay with it. my parents always called me as a brave
girl and now I am really brave enough. I had no problem with it. I realized that,
if I complain myself it would be waste of time and energy. so I should deal with
it and accept that what is real… by the way if you have any problem like me then
please try to handle yourself and also try to understand that no one only you
can fight for you. lastly, if you learn something from me
please leave a like, also share my story and please don’t forget to subscribe
actually happened stories. God bless you.

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