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I think you should be a bathroom reviewer. Like, you should like start a blog. [laughter] Cuz you’ve tried them all. ♬ Don’t you think we’re better together ♬ ♬ Oh Honey ♬ ♬ I think we are ♬ [Peter] Good morning bonesy. [coughing] [coughing] [Peter] Good morning, Mary. [Peter] Mary’s having a bit of a rough morning [Peter] as her lungs get woken up and go through therapy and bye bye. Mary’s getting started on the morning and sometimes that’s a rough start, as many of you know. If you’ve never seen we have a few videos where we show some of Mary’s morning routine. I think one is called… ‘mornings with Cystic Fibrosis” or something like that. I’ll try to put a little card to pop up here if you want to watch that. But mornings are hard. Basically with Cystic Fibrosis Mary’s lungs they have a lot of mucus where the bacteria grows and that’s kind of the source of a lot of what we’re constantly treating and fighting with CF but at night all that settles and then when you wake up in the morning, it’s you got to clear those airways and… That’s what Mary’s doing. I think her head’s hurting. She took some meds and… All that to say, welcome to our day and I’m working on doing some editing. Every about two months, every two months my computer fills up. Um… I’ve got a huge hard drive on my computer and then I have to empty that hard drive on to we have a lot of external hard drives and I didn’t realize I was coming to the end of the space of my computer, so I’m running a little behind today because I had to wait for all the footage like, to transfer footage off of my computer and then that’s what I’m working on and we’ll see you guys in a little bit. I’m heading in to the chiropractor. Peter likes to stay and work in the car so I just go in without him and he works. [music playing in background] The song was just going “Mary, Mary” I was like, yes? Yes? Yes? Yes? Okay, just finished in there and we talked about my headaches and he worked on my neck. There’s some muscles like that attach from here to the shoulders and then also from here something else about the head, so he worked on that and um… We’ll just wait and see. Last time I left the chiropractor my head was better for that day and the next day it was less severe. So we’ll see but how was your… Oh, it was good. I got some work done here in the car. Awesome. Alright, home we go. I do have some errands to run, and now that I feel like a human… Would you be- Do you need to go home? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Is that okay? Yeah. Alright. [Mary] Before we leave we got, I’ve got to show you… [Mary] these little lambs ears! [Mary] What we thought were these little short… [Mary] like, spreading plants, they have shot up. This is probably about three feet and [Mary] it’s not what we originally thought and they’re cracking us up. [Mary] So, I hope that these awkward [Mary] kind of ugly, [Mary] hilarious plants make you laugh today. [Mary] And can we just celebrate color? [Mary] Okay, thank you for taking this moment to celebrate color with me. [Mary] And this is my current favorite plant in our whole garden. There’s a surprise for me? A little surprise. Oh, that’s good for us! So good. I need coffee today. Coffee is our friend. Okay, running to the postal, or the post office as some humans call it. Peter is on top of things with the store orders like, these orders might have been placed today and they’re already going- They were placed today. That’s a major high-five. I’ve been trying to get stuff out every day. Boom. Thank you guys for your orders. All right, guys, we ran out, came to Marshalls. You know what happens when Mary gets excited and comes in a store? She has to go to the bathroom. Every time. She… It’s pretty much Marshalls, Target, any other like T.J.Maxx, Home Goods, any of those stores, she She has to go…she gets the excited poops. I’m just saying. Just saying. [laughter] Um… He told me what he said. I was watching a vlog today. Okay. This Gathered Nest. Oh, yeah. She said the same thing about Hobby Lobby. No way. She was like, I can’t believe I’m saying this on the Internet. That is funny. But it happens to her in Hobby Lobby and then people in the comments of course, were like, yeah, me too. I’ve heard it happen to people in the bookstore, the thrift store… I think for me it’s excitedness. But. Yeah. I told ’em, like, it’s… I said Marshalls, Target, T.J.Maxx, Home Goods. Dollar Tree. Oh, yeah, pretty much any store where you’re excited. Yeah. Some people in the comments of that person’s video said the cold air. Some people say it’s the smell of used books. I think it’s the excitement, for you I think, I think you should be a bathroom reviewer. Like, you should like start a blog. [laughter] Cuz you’ve tried ’em all. [Peter] You want to recount what just happened? Ow. Do you think it’s gonna bruise? [Peter] I hope not. I was trying to look in this and I hit my head on this clear glass thing. It’s really hard. [Peter] And he said watch yourself! We’re looking for a pot for Mary’s cabbage. The one that’s growing in the windowsill. [Mary] It’s ready to be planted and live it’s life. [Peter] Yeah, so we’ll see what we find. We have Bible study in about 30 minutes, so Peter just ran in. We discovered by a happy accident the eggplant meatballs, I guess they’re not meatballs, eggplant balls? I don’t know, at B.GOOD and I love them. I think Peter loves them. So he’s gonna stop and get us some dinner and then we will get home in time, but there were no parking spots so I just said to him like hop out and I’ll just drive the car cuz I’m only in a parking lot. I just don’t like driving, although right now. It feels fun because nobody’s driving crazy, so that’s good. So anyway, I’m just driving around waiting for him to come out, and then we’ll be on our way home and I’m really grateful that I don’t feel like I did today, earlier today. I was just like really not feeling well. My lungs were like, my breathing was like really coarse like, I don’t know. It was just not great. But did an extra nebulizer and laid in bed as long as I had to, I mean as long as I could until my chiropractor appointment. And then went to the chiropractor and I don’t, it’s hard to tell if the chiropractor helped my headache today because I had already taken meds. Um…Okay, maybe I’m a little nervous. Okay, that worked. Eeek. But my head feels totally fine right now and it did still hurt before I went to the chiropractor so, I don’t know. I think just like everything in life… even with medications sometimes we think it worked but maybe it was some another environmental factor that made everything feel better or maybe we think the meds don’t work, but they are working. I don’t know. I’m just saying… Some things are worth a try even if you don’t know if they’re a guarantee because technically there are no guarantees… so… anyway. That’s, those are my driving in the parking lot thoughts with Mary. Okay, I think I’ll just hang back here at the back of the parking lot and there’s a car behind me. [groans] Okay, bye. Also remember that funny plant I showed you before we left? I just saw an entire field of it, which means yes, it is most likely a weed that I transplanted into our garden, so. [Peter] Hey, we like it. We do like it. It makes us laugh. A weed is only when it grows where you don’t want it to, right? That is a word of wisdom from Peter. I think. [both chuckling] We stopped and got some dinner. We’re gonna eat it at home before people come over for Bible study tonight. We’re cutting it close. Yeah. But hey, we got what we needed to. I got a a ceramic pot for my… cabbage. I’m so hoping that that works out. That cabbage was sent to me in the mail from my mom when I was in the hospital in November, and it has stayed alive. It’s thriving I think. I don’t know if thriving’s the right word. But my mom made a good point. After so long, water doesn’t have all the nutrients it needs. So planting it in dirt might help it even thrive better. I mean, it’s not like huge or anything but I feel like it looks healthy. It does. I agree, it doesn’t look unhealthy, but I do think it might do better in dirt, and she planted her cabbage, and it’s thriving. In the dirt. Incredible. Incredible! [both singing] In, incred, in-in-incredible. [both singing] In, incred, in-in-incredible. [both singing] In, incred, in-in-incredible. [Mary singing] In, incred, in…hey! [Peter laughing] You gave out. [Peter laughing] [Peter] Hey, we went a long time with one word. [Mary laughing] It’s only one word if you say it as one word. [Peter] That’s true. It’s an entire song if you make it a whole song. [Peter] Life lessons with Mary. Also, did you know I turned the camera on? [Peter] No! Yes. [Peter] Oh my goodness! Do you want to come in here? I have something to show you. I’m heating up my eggplant balls because I wasn’t hungry earlier, so now I’m heating them up. Oh! But look. Cantaloupe! Taste it. So good. So good. Mmm! Do you like it? That’s incredible. Although, I will say I like cold cantaloupe a lot better than warm. Oh, sorry. But no, it’s so good. What, I was gonna tell them something. [singing] Say what you need to say. [both singing] Say what you need to say. [singing] And let the words fall out. Did you need to tell ’em how your burger was? How my what? Burger. Burger? Oh, my burger was good. My cut is healing. And I got a new sweater. And…those weren’t the things I was going to tell you. Okay, so… Should we go ahead and plant this? Yeah, let’s do it. Okay. We got a, we got a thing for it. Here, I’ll show you. So this is the cabbage I was talking about. Here’s the root system. You can see it in the jar. And now we’re gonna plant it! Here is the… decided. Oh, look at that. It has been planted. [laughter] It’s perfect! [Peter singing] Say what you need to say. Actually… Yeah, cuz I’m gonna do soil up to here. Yeah, that looks perfect. Is that- I wonder if it needs more depth though. Well… Because like if this… Uh… So, I wonder if we should do it like that. Yeah, plant it up a little bit. Maybe. Yeah. The important decisions of life happening right here. Did you think of what you wanted to tell them? No… Um, was it about my burger? No. I forget. Maybe you’ll remember tomorrow. And. [both] As always, we will see you tomorrow. Good night! ♬ And Ollie boy. [Peter] Where is he? Let’s find him. There he is. [Peter] Good night buddy. Say good night to the people. [Peter talking as Ollie] We’ll see you tomorrow. ♬♬

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  2. Oh yes that's Mullen…..BTW it's great for respitory congestion……great plant for you!! Google how to use it…and dry it….really……and it's a herb….

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  10. We call Cantaloupe, Rockmelon in Australia. It was a favourite of mine until they started producing modified melons. Now they are yuck. The flesh is harder/tougher and it seems closer to a honeydew melon also.

  11. 😂😂😂I am laughing so hard—I am just so glad I’m not the only one! Excited store poops is definitely a thing—especially when your GI system doesn’t function normally!
    Every single time I go in Target. RIP that poor Target bathroom!

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    Thanks for sending so quickly!
    Have a great weekend! sincerely Britta

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  26. Mary, that plant IS NOT a weed. It's Mullien, a medicinal plant……and believe it or not……for LUNGS!

  27. That cracked me up. I always say my dog gets the "excited poops". doesn't matter if she has already pooped that day, if we go to the dog park or a hike she will have to poop again.

  28. The pooping thing is actually the sign of addiction. Doctors noticed it first in drug addicts . The thought of the drug excited them into a poop. So Mary you are addicted to…Target, Dollar Tree and Thrift stores♥️. You're the cutest.

  29. Headaches are so hard to treat sometimes! Had a migraine in hospital and doc gave me imitrex and morphine but I still felt bad and then my husband came and calmed me down….he asked what I though helped me most and I said my husband! Doc thought I was crazy based on his look to my answer lol….hope the surgery helps you with the headaches 💜💜

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  39. Hey the name of your guy see plant is Mullein (Verbascum thapsus). Totally copied and pasted lol. Look it up is has medicinal uses for diarrhea and other things. It’s pretty cool.

  40. The mullen plants are great! We have them in various spots around our yard. When one started growing in one of the flower beds, we were so excited! Hahaha My dad came over and asked, "Why don't you pull that weed out of your flowers??" I agree with Peter – It is only a weed when it's planted where you don't want it to grow.

  41. Hilarious! I have Crohns disease so I could be a bathroom reviewer. This subject is "right up my alley". Potty and 💩 humor are my specialties.

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  44. We use to make a regular trip from California to Oregon, a 1000-mile drive. I started a list of bathrooms and gave them a Star rating. One star per toilet in the rest room. In and Out Burgers in Kettleman City California was 7 Stars! Then there was 1/2 star: one toilet for both men and women. One year I had IBS-Diarrhea on the way home. It's always nice to know where to go and where you won't feel rushed. 🙂

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