I crushed my allergies

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Here’s the thing I was always allergic
to a lot of things which really sucks when you have an allergy attack your
face itches, your nose runs and it becomes really difficult to think. It’s
almost like having to pee and the only thing you can think of is to find a
toilet but with allergies there is no toilet, you can clear your nose but
you’ll be right back to where you started five minutes later. I’m allergic to dust most detergents and many different
pollens but I didn’t know any of this when I was young. So I just kept sneezing
and itching about, thinking that it was normal. But in my 20s I finally figured
out that I’m allergic to dust because every time I lifted old furniture the
sneeze attacks would follow right after. So I got a vacuum to clean the crap out
of everything. When I was finally finished, I took a deep breath and for
the first time I felt it. Freedom! A full set of lungs and no itch?! What is this
heaven?! Next up was detergents. I learned from my dust experience that my itches
usually came right after being exposed to an allergen. So I started to look for
any activities that made me sneeze. My skin always itched when I’d wear freshly
washed clothes and I would sneeze for an hour after my morning shower. So I
replaced my detergent, shower gel, and shampoo with hypoallergenic alternatives
and immediately felt better. It’s such a relief to get rid of an allergen. Your
life instantly gets so much better. But the
most unusual allergen was one almost inescapable. I always like taking long
warm showers, it helps me get ready for the day in the morning and relax in the
evening. But as I was taking one of these showers with my face completely immersed
in the soothing warm water, I smelled chlorine. I thought, “oh that’s nice”
as it took me back to my childhood memories at the pool but then it hit me
like a truck. Wait a minute, isn’t chlorine bad for you?! Am I not allergic
to basically anything chemical and here I was soaking my face in chlorine
every morning. So I put my theory to the test,. What used to be my routine: shower
head first, brush my teeth, and soak myself for a few minutes, now changed to
a time limit that my face and nose would be exposed to the water. I brush my teeth
before taking a shower and when I got in first wash my body, then my hair and
lastly, quickly rinse my face and then I’d get out and immediately dry off my
face so the water only touches it for a couple minutes. And you know what it
worked my hour-long morning allergies were basically gone! I can focus much
better at work and I barely need to take medicine for my allergies anymore.
what allergies do you have and how do you manage them let us know in the
comments and don’t forget to be awesome.

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  1. When I was a child,I was allergic to milk.WAS.What I did,was simple,I just stopped drinking it. 🙃(lel) As I got older,I started drinking it again and I was no longer allergic.(BTW,the way I was "allergic" was after a period of drinking it,I would get horrid chicken-polks)

  2. Omg all of these years and I just realized I was allergic to detergents bc I get hives on my neck and chin but I just always pushed it aside bc I have been living with it for so long. I take medicine every day and I have allergies everyday. Maybe I should finally make an adjustment to my lifestyle and purge the detergent, clean the dust and limit my exposure to pollen.

  3. I totally get him I'm allergic to sooooooooooooooooooo many things!
    Dust, a few trees, some grasses, mold, pollen, all kinds of fabric softeners or anything of that kind, dogs, They're all outside! (Thank goodness I don't have any food allergies)

  4. I’m allergic to pollen from trees, what seems that be grass, watermelon, bananas, strawberries, all types of treenuts.. Oof

  5. I have 3 allergies
    I'm always be short because of my stupid allergies so I run away every time I see milk,egg,powder

  6. I’m experiencing the same thing! but mine started pretty late (when I was 20 if I’m not mistaken. I’m 24 now btw) idk how it started but my mom has the same allergy as mine. It sucks especially now that it’s allergy season :((

  7. oh, where do I start? Many chemicals such as all silycones, those chemicals thar are sprayed on most of the veggies and fruits, also nut allergie, blackcurrant, all vitamin C especially imitated, vitamin D (yes, yes, also sun vitamin D), a lot of fragrance and cosmetic products idk why, some fur, antibiotics, strawberrys, and I also have hard time with animal products such as meat and dairy. And I am only 22, it's only getting worse every year I spend on this planet.. BUT I'm still alive, often visit hospital because my eyes and neck are swelling like nuts, but alive anyway. ^^

  8. I have a funny story:
    1: I am allergic to cats (didn't know).
    2: I have cats.
    3: I took Antihistamine. worked.
    4: I went off antihistamine 6 weeks later. still worked.
    5: I don't have symptoms, even without the anthistamine.
    6: I still have cats. that, by the way, are shedding more cats by the day.
    7: still no symptoms.

  9. I'm allergic to peanuts and cats. But cats are so adrobable 🙁
    I used to have a cat but I had a reaction so my mom had to take her

  10. Like you, I'm allergic to a lot of things sense I was little. I can't get rid of my allergy to peanuts, so I just look at the ingredients for " may contain peanuts" or " contains peanuts". If you are also allergic to peanuts, like this so anyone else doesn't have to feel alone and miserable to be allergic to it.😞🙁😟☹️

  11. my allergies are the worst. the only thing i can do about it, is doing nothing, staying out of the sun and smearing creme in the places that it had affected. i at this moment, have an allergy attack, because i worked out at school. guess i'm allergic to working out

  12. When I was nine once I had Advil and my lips got swollen. So we went to the hospital and now I know I’m allergic to Advil.

  13. I am not lactoae intolerant, am allergic to milk and anything that has milk (lactose). I get bumps on my skin whenever I scratch. I get really itchy when I consume lactose and thing is, it developed about 6 months ago. For literally my whole life, I drank more than one cup of milk everyday and here I am… avoiding lactose as much as I can. I even made my own special recipe milk with honey (very good) and I can barely drink it! My whole childhood was based on that recipe. My favorite foods are CHEESE pizza and CHOCOLATE brownies with cookie dough. I really dont know the consecuences if you consume excesive lactose and I really dont know how to handle my lactose allergies exept for drinking an anthisamine pill. If you have another solution for the allergies or you are actually allergic to milk and have my same situation, please comment your ways to make your skin chill and get over cow milk. Thank you.

  14. I'm allergic to any type of nut found out that when I was like five so I have no idea how peanut butter or anything like that tastes 🙁

  15. This is my story but told by someone else allergic to grass,pollen,dogs,cats,some detergents and I itch everytime I wear clean clothes idk why and I take long showers too Edit:I can't really get sick or my allegries well mess up I have super itch eyes

  16. Im allergic to strawberry , mango , dust and pet hair , what' worse is that these are my favorite fruits and I have 2 cats and I love them so much 😥😫😫

  17. I have really bad pollen allergies where sometimes it is hard to breathe and my throat closes a little and I can’t breath through my nose. I solved this problem by taking Neil med sinus rinse which cleanses your sinuses the moment I notice an allergy attack is coming

  18. I’m only allergic to dust… allergic reactions are the worst my face, back, and hands get all itchy

  19. My friend is literally allergic to everything. She's allergic to peaches, blackberries, strawberries, milk, cheese, fruit roll ups, bubble gum, toothpaste please don't make me list it out you will stay here reading until the world ends…..

  20. I am allergic to like some very common foods, which is really annoying at celebrations and bday parties. I can have gluten, fructose, dairy, chickpeas, colours, flavours, oranges, walnuts, and some sunscreens. Ya, It sucks

  21. I have An anaphylactic allergy to all nuts and it kinda sucks, always having to bring my epipen everywhere, always having to check what I’m eating, but sometimes, if nobody notices my epipen, it’s quite normal, I just go on with my day and nobody suspects anything when I ask what’s in my food. The only thing I feel bad about is when someone wants a peanut butter sandwich around me and eats it and is like “omg this is amazing! I feel bad that u can’t have it,” I’m like, gee, thanks. I’m also kind of allergic to the cold. “Allergic to the cold?” You might say, but yes. When ever my hands are exposed to cold air or something they get red and itchy, they break out in hives and I get rashes. It sucks, especially bcs of winter, in Canada.

  22. I hate my allergies I’m allergic to a lot of chemicals and pollens and dusts as well but I’m also allergic to coco butter and shay butter it’s surprisingly in a lot of body washes and hair stuff also I’m allergic to pineapple and some types of clothing material I don’t cope with most of them anyone else allergic to any of that stuff? Oh and I forgot palm trees and palm seeds. Oh and apparently I forgot more any animal with fur basically I can die if I go near a cat but I don’t own one so that doesn’t matter.

    Also hello people.

  23. Idk why but I’m allergic to fish. Like, I live in the UK! Everyone’s always asking me in shock “so you haven’t tried fish n chips?!”. Really annoys me.

  24. I'm allergic to practically any flowers, penicillin, Mucinex, tree nuts, and dust. I never really crushed them though. The first time I got sick, I was coughing and my mom thought it was allergies because my allergies are usually like that lol and my allergies are so bad it seemed like it would be obvious for it to be my allergies.

  25. I have many chronic illnesses including asthma and mast cell. I have tried all of those but still suffer horribly

  26. I’m allergic to fish…. so I don’t eat fish…. except tuna, I can eat that…. but every other fish is a no no…..

  27. I'm allergic to water sometimes. Not the chlorine as it happens with rainwater. I can still shower, I just need to quickly dry off.

  28. Man. I’m glad I can relate to this! I’m allergic to dust, soaps, and especially pollen. Dust makes me have terrible sneezing attacks, along with extreme nose running. Lots, and lots of snot just pouring out of my nose. Same thing for pollen, except I also deal with itchy and swollen eyes and itchy faces. Lastly, the soaps make my skin extremely itchy. It’s unbearable. It’s like having an ant bite, but you cant stop the itch that is ALL over your foot. So when that happens, I have to rinse it for a good half hour to stop the itch. Another side affect I have to these allergies by the way, is a swollen throat. I have an inhaler with me just in case if I’m running or doing any sort of sport and my throat clogs.

    ( edit #1 ) I’m also slightly allergic to Doggo fur but I wuv my puppets so I can’t solve that 😂

  29. I'm basically allergic to eggs, milk and chicken. Well, i can eat them but maybe twice a month? And the fact that i live in asia and im a muslim makes it harder
    Can't eat pork, chicken, egg, and drink milk :<

  30. Oh boii here ..i have a lot of allergies.Ok soo… carrots,dogs,cats,apples,nuts,pear,and some more..😒

    Yay me🤠

  31. I suggest a chlorine filter in your shower. I’m not allergic but I know how bad chlorine is and I minimize my chlorine intake as much as possible.

  32. I am basically allergic to nature…..

    Freshly Cut wood
    Wood Chips
    I get hives, I sneeze, my eyes swell up to a point where it is hard to see and sometimes my thought closes a little

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