I Cured My Dairy Allergy in 6 Weeks With The GAPS Diet

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it’s story time so today I’m going to
tell you the story of how I reversed my dairy allergy and this is something that
a lot of people don’t realize you can do but you can reverse food allergies so
just because you’re allergic to something a lot of times it’s from leaky
gut and so he’ll like you got and get rid of your food allergy so we’ll start
back at the beginning this is something that I have had lifelong I was adopted
and so as formula-fed and my mom said that I always had like skin issues like
I was allergic to everything and this is something that a lot of people will
really have a problem with if they have an underlying allergy it’s like their
system is so filled to the top with being allergic to something that even
though they don’t realize it because it’s something they’ve always been like
eventually you’ll sort of build up a tolerance to it so I was on multi-armed
you know this is in the 80s and I’m just whatever the can normal stuff was this
is a long time ago and it’s something like I had always sort of had skin
issues like rashes and weird stuff as a kid they were like you need healthy
you should have no fat and you should have milk with every meal which is what
my parents were good parents they were trying to do well by their children and
so we a very low-fat diet and we ate a lot of nonfat grains and nonfat milk so
that was just a kind of consistent thing and growing up the skin stuff never
really went away I was always super sensitive stuff like colored like
anything oddly colored like shaving cream or something like that would make
a rash come and then I was also that tons of sinus infections and this is
something that a lot of people don’t realize that sinus infections often are
the sign of an underlying allergy and if you go to like the doctor doctors
usually say oh well maybe her sinuses are just small like for whatever reason
she’s prone to infection and it’s just whenever I hear people say that I’m like
you might just want to try eliminating dairy for a few days and so as a
rebellious teenager in Northern California the first thing that I did um
as asserting my independence was became a vegan and so via the vegan cultures
where it was very like common there in the 90s it’s probably still pretty
common there and I became a vegan mostly to avoid
eating any more of that dried chicken breast that I was so sick of but anyways
I became a vegan and my parents were very accommodating to my new
independence and I was super surprised because my sinus infections went away
like I was kind of like my parents could even call into the doctor and just get a
prescription for antibiotics because that’s how frequent the sinus infections
were like it was at least three or four times a year
I was just on antibiotics pretty much my whole childhood and the doctors just
thought I was prone to sinus infections and so this is something that I noticed
went away when I became a vegan there was other problems with me being a
vegan and I don’t tend to advocate for that lifestyle I had super low energy
actually gained a lot of weight I was kind of like what they call the snapples
and Snickers Snickers vegan though because I was you know still a teenager
and so on he lived on like candy and super not healthy vegan food like I’d
throw in a meal here and there of like sauteed vegetables and olive oil but
mostly I lived on like white pasta a candy Snapple and coffee with soy milk
but anyways my sinus infections did go away so at 16 or 17 I thought like oh
well dairy is just bad for everybody nobody should have dairy because that’s
pretty much your mindset like when your brains not developed as you assume that
what’s bad for you is bad for everybody and I was like I I did not thrive on the
vegan diet I was a swimmer and I was just exhausted and I was trying to get
more energy for more carbs which meant more pasta and more bread and I just
could I’d get like that sugar rush and then the crash on the sugar rush and
then the crash so my vegan career ended um in about two years
is my last year swimming in high school I was tired and I couldn’t make the
practices and so I started trying meat again and the first thing that I tried
was we went out as this one team to run Table Pizza and so the first meat that I
ate the first area that I ate in probably a couple years was just big
slices of greasy pizza and besides that being kind of like a shock to my system
like I was still used to the bread because bread is vegan and so I was used
to that but the cheese like immediately I got a super bad sinus
infection like it was within three days as I got that sinus infection back and
so that’s how it that kind of reassured me like oh yeah well dairy isn’t bad for
you or dairy isn’t good for you is causing you all of these problems and
then I kind of experimented back and I found that it was dairy was the problem
it wasn’t the pepperoni that was on the pizza that was the problem
and so that was my late teens and then going up until I had my daughter at 23
we started the gaps diet at 25 I would kind of go like I really like ice cream
it’s just something I really like and every month or so I would decide to try
ice cream again I think maybe it didn’t affect me and so every month or so I
would decide to try ice cream again because I was still pretty young in my
20s and I just had to like die on that hill every once in a while and by then I
was kind of far enough into natural medicine then I would just take a IV
profane which is not natural but it’s better than antibiotics and so I take an
ibuprofen and my body would clear that infection but it was really still like
three or five days of being miserable with the sinus infection every time I
would eat ice cream but that didn’t stop me still once a month or so I would
decide to do that and just like watery eyes I’d break out in hives sometimes
like head to toe hives and definitely that’s a net infection would come back
so I’m forwarding to when I was 25 is we were doing the gaps diet for autism
recovery and it was just like such an intense diet and at the time like even
gluten-free wasn’t normal yet and so it was such an intense healing protocol for
my three-year-old that I thought like as her mom I’m gonna do this with her just
to make sure I like don’t die and if I feel like I’m going to die I will like
take her off the cops diet so you can see our autism recovery and gaps diet
story for her in another video but right now we’re going to talk about how it’s
surprisingly and eliminated my food allergies there was a lot of different
things that it did for me that I was surprised at I kind of was like I will
try the gaps diet for autism because thing else the doctors are doing is
working for her but I don’t believe it’s gonna work but I just thought I’d give
it a try for 30 days which is where my 30 days on the gaps introduction diet
you what comes into play but I gave it a try and it healed my dairy allergy in
six weeks and it was such a shocker I followed I did like mostly green free
when I put my daughter green free but I wasn’t strict about it for the first
month and then I did gaps introduction diet which is it’s a really restrictive
protocol where you start out with well boiled meat and vegetables and chicken
stock or beef stock and then you slowly add things in that are designed to give
your gut a lot of healing and you’re just like the nutrients that you need to
repair your own gut and then at the end of that then at the end of that 30 days
my daughter was stuck on like Stage four so I stayed on Stage four for a while
and I think it probably was like a PMS it’s probably like a PMS craving time or
something like that but at six weeks into the gaps diet I ordered pizza from
Papa John’s this is apparently my cheap food and um it gave me an upset stomach
because I hadn’t had gluten in a long time but it but the cheese didn’t bother
me I didn’t break out in hives so it’s like breaking out in hives especially
around my mouth was one of the first things that would happen like within a
couple hours of eating dairy when I was allergic to it and then the sinus
infections never came back and so that was when she was three now she’s 12 and
they’ve never come back because I had such a like strong digestive reaction to
the pizza after being on gap’s intro for six weeks I went back on to full gaps
and I just but I started including dairy and my diet again and even now this is
like nine years later I can eat like what I consider a normal
like I even make that Fathead pizza dough which I’ll link to down below
that’s mostly cheese I can eat like I would say probably the
average amount of cheese or more and I’ve never had the sinus infection to
come back I’ve never had a sinus infection since I did the gaps intro and
I was having like three or four a year and I haven’t had the hives come back
from the dairy and so that is my I healed my dairy allergy on accident I
was really just trying to see if gaps was like too crazy for my daughter but
it really did work to heal my gut and just because it worked for me doesn’t
mean it’ll necessarily reverse your dairy allergy in six weeks and I do like
to caution people if you had an anaphylactic reaction to something it’s
just not worth the risk to ever take it but healing that gut like if you have
food allergies healing that gut is gonna be so essential to you and it’s gonna
carry over into lots of different parts of your life which we’ve talked about in
lots of other videos so if you’d like to get started I’d love to have you I’ve
written down like pretty much everything that we did because it was such a
struggle for me to get started for meal plans to talking about how to talk to
teachers and therapists to grocery lists to all sorts of different things like
even the emotional aspect of being on a restricted diet and how to do it with
our little kids how to get picky eaters on the gaps diet I have all over that
down below in my gut healing starter pack I’d love to have you join me so
that you can get these same benefits when you’re ready to sign up go ahead
and click that link below and I am happy to have you thanks and we’ll talk again

7 thoughts on “I Cured My Dairy Allergy in 6 Weeks With The GAPS Diet

  1. The fact that milk allergy makes me look unhealthy is my least problems but the fact that my facial nerves start to hurt and also causing incredible tooth pain is really annoying do you have that too?

  2. How to remove the allergens, or the casein from your milk and very possibly the lactose sugar, too — I have a casein allergy and have discovered that I can drain it out together with the whey, and viola no reaction at all! However, according to this source. it might work for lactose, too. https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/agricultural-and-biological-sciences/lactose Here's how I do it, but it must be drained out very well. I usually hang my yogurt in a tree, in a pillowcase for 3 – 4 days, covered by a refuse bag to prevent flies from getting to it – cut a wee hole in the bottom, the center of the bag for it to drain, until you have a very thick cream cheese – Absolutely delicious! The scoby is optional. Here is my recipe http://winningrecipesblog.blogspot.com/2016/04/home-fermented-probiotic-greek-yogurt.html

  3. You do realize that cheese on the pizza comes from cows injected with antibiotics / hormones and fed grain diet? raw unpasturised happy healthy cows grazing outdoors on grass cheese will not give allergies

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