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Holy moly, there’s no pretending today. And I’m glad that we went. I’m glad that I didn’t… um…I almost said I’m glad I didn’t listen to my body. ♬ Don’t you think we’re better together ♬ ♬ Oh Honey ♬ ♬ I think we are ♬ Good morning guys, I am on my phone this morning because I didn’t grab the camera. It’s kind of early. Well, just early for me to be out and about because it’s a beautiful day today. Last few days I’ve been working really hard to get my work for the weekend finished. I finished up my sermon last night, finished up some planning the day before and all those details because we’ve got a really beautiful weekend and we’d love to get out on the lake and do some boating this weekend. So, I am running some errands this morning. Right now I’m sitting at the drive-through at the pharmacy to pick up some of Mary’s prescriptions. She’s been getting a little nervous because she’s been getting to the end of her enzyme bottles, so I’m picking those up and some other prescriptions but most prescriptions we get filled monthly. I’ve got some more things to do for church this weekend, get the vlog edited, but I think this afternoon we’re gonna try to get out on the water and then this evening our church is doing… It’s pretty cool. Our town has these movie nights in the summer and so our church is showing up at the movie night and we’re gonna be handing out cotton candy to people at the movie night and making it right there. So should be fun and we will see you guys in a bit. Okay, guys. Prescriptions are picked up and I’m back home. Mary just got up and is started on her vest treatment. And I’m, I’ve got her nebulizers sterilizing at the moment. Every few days we boil her little batch of nebulizer cups and sterilize them and so that’s what I’m working on but I wanted to show you guys, I have this mug… “Coffee makes me poop.” A friend of ours gave that to us and I was, don’t tell Mary, I have this dream of making Mary a cup that says “shopping makes me poop.” And if you missed yesterday’s vlog that will explain what I’m talking about. [Peter] Oh. Good morning, Ollie boy. How are you? No, these aren’t for you. [Peter] Oh, you want to come too? Okay. [Peter] Special delivery for Mary. [Peter] Special delivery! Hello. Good morning. Good morning. It was a rough morning. I came home and came up here and Mary was coughing and throwing up. Oh, hi Ollie. Thank you for your kisses! Well, hi. Good morning. Have mornings been getting rougher? Or is it… Yeah, I feel like that like throwing up sensation and reality… Yeah. Is like becoming… More and more? Which, I mean, if we’re honest that makes sense. I’ve been off of IVs for like eight weeks or something. Yeah. [coughing] But, she’s a trooper, guys, and… [coughing] We’ll see you guys in a bit. Peter and I and Ollie of course are headed out on the boat today. And we got so much done before noon. Seriously. Like… We were on it today. On the ball. I wonder where that saying came from? But I am feeling like poo poo. I just… I don’t feel good. So I was like, well, I could lay down in my bed, or I could lay down on the boat. So. Since we’re planning to go out on the boat. I’ll just lay down and maybe when I get some breezy air on me it’ll make me feel all better. Packed a lunch and we’re just gonna go enjoy the afternoon. [Mary] Whenever we come to this, there’s a like, a roundabout. [Mary] If you’re not from New England you might not know what it roundabout is. Whenever we come to that roundabout we go, horse. [Mary] We point to that way for horse, this way for boat. So when we get to it is the moment of decision. The only reason we come over here is whether we are going horseback riding or to the lake. [Mary] Horse, boat. Let’s go to the boat. I mean, what? The lake. ♬ upbeat music ♬ [Mary] Oh, it’s a perfect table! [Peter] It is a perfect table. You can even measure your food. [Mary] Oh, perfect. [Mary] Lunchy. [Mary] So, basically… [Mary] We have toast, tuna and… [Peter] Carrots. Pickles. All the things. And popsicles. [Mary] Oh, yeah popsicles. How’d those work out? [Peter] They’re good. Still frozen, little softer. [Mary] Which is perfect. Oh, yeah, and some guacamole. [Mary] Okay, awesome. I put guacamole on my sandwich. Let’s see how this is. [Mary] The toast is a little crazy. Mm-hmm. [Mary] I think maybe not toasting it next time. Mm-hmm. It’s good though. [Mary] Cool. Everything tastes better on a boat. I have no idea if I’m in the camera or not. But I was just thinking as I was laying here… This is a reminder to be so thankful for the days that I can come out here and feel normal when I’m on the water. Holy moly, there’s no pretending today. Yikes. But there’s plenty of places to lay down so that good. We’re just taking a little ride. Mary’s laying in the shade. I was like, the boat when we were on the anchor kept swinging around and the shade kept moving. I was like, well, why don’t I just take us on a ride and keep the shade in the same place? So that’s what we’re doing. Mary’s laying in the stern. Ollie boy’s sitting up there. It’s a nice day. Thankfully once we got out here, there’s a nice breeze out here. So it’s not too hot. It’s like 84, a little breeze. It’s nice. ♬ upbeat music ♬ [Peter] All right, guys. It got hot and we got this little cheap tube at the store the other day. [Peter] And it’s like one of the ones with a hole in it, just like a pool floatie. [Peter] And Mary’s across the lake in that, and this little guy [Peter] is retrieving buoys. Or fenders, but we call it his buoy. [Peter] Good boy, buddy. Good boy. [Peter] That’s a good boy. [Peter] Good job. Okay, come. ♬ upbeat music ♬ A nap, some airway clearance, and some floating in the water, and now some coffee and Oreos. That is a good cure for the afternoon. The afternoon lung blues. Yeah. This is fun. It is fun. [Mary] I feel like this is a commercial for the seltzer water you’re drinking. Grapefruit Polar on the boat! [Mary] Or maybe it’s a commercial for that beautiful hat you’re wearing. Where did you find that hat? I almost said youtube.com/thefreylife. Thefreylife.com! [Mary] Link in the description. [Mary] Where did you find that beautiful poodle? Are you standard poodle? [Mary chuckling] [Mary] He looked at me when I said poodle. [Mary] Ollie, do you love to come on the boat? It’s one of your favorite things in the whole world. I wanna know how many people, leave it in the comments, have gotten a poodle because of Oliver. [Mary] Yes! We have made at home and we are working on this project, putting an iron-on decal… Peter designed it and printed it out or whatever the word is, cut it out, and we are ironing it onto this black tablecloth for tonight’s event. For our cotton candy table. Yeah. I am just so thankful I feel better than I did earlier. I had noticed my breathing sounded weird and then I ended up doing a little bit of airway clearance while we were out on the boat and coughing up some really great stuff and then I was breathing a little better and I think the tylenol was kicking in for my headache and it was just… It all worked out and I’m so glad and I’m glad that we went. I’m glad that I didn’t… um…I almost said I’m glad I didn’t listen to my body. I’m glad I actually went. [chuckles] Do what I…do what I say, not what I do. Is that? But I don’t know. Sometimes you gotta push through it and sometimes you gotta rest, and that’s a hard balance. And so today we pushed through it. And I’m really glad. ♬ peaceful piano music ♬ [Mary] That is amazing! [Peter] Ta da! [Mary] There we go. ♬ peaceful piano music ♬ Hey guys, we are home from our movie night and we had such a blast meeting people in our community and whoa, it got real bright just then. [Peter] Hi Ollie boy. Look at his ear. [Peter] chuckles] [Peter] Hi Mary girl. Hello. Today was a very full day. Yes. Wow. I agree with that. So we’re gonna say. [both] As always, we will see you tomorrow. Good night everybody. Good night now. Good night. You all come back now, you hear? Come back tomorrow for another video from the Frey Life. And some more of this cute little poodle. ♬♬

71 thoughts on “I DIDN’T LISTEN TO MY BODY… AND I’M GLAD (6.29.18)

  1. You know what I mean? Have you ever decided to not listen to your body and it worked out better in the end?

  2. I’m a geek. From my understanding “on the ball” is a aeronautical term. On the ball means straight and narrow…where you want to be when landing an airplane on a runway or hanging a picture on the wall. The bubble or ball on the leveler is in the middle. I could be mistaken though. 😊 https://youtu.be/ujABHLuut4U

  3. The phrase 'on the ball' did actually originate in the sporting arena, but relates to the eyes rather than the feet. It is a contraction of the earlier expression 'keep your eye on the ball', which advice has been given to participants in virtually every known ball game.

  4. Hey Mary.
    I'm interested to know what are some of your favorite YouTube channels? I'm trying to find some more YouTube channels to watch

  5. Serious question. I know Mary brings Ollie boy to your church, however, would someone else be able to bring their service dog? We are thinking of making the 2 1/2 hr trip to go to a sermon. But we have a service dog. Would this be ok.

  6. You know you could "sterilize" the nebulizer parts in the Instant Pot. Easy peasy, less water and heat, and on a timer too, if you want.

  7. The Frey Life, OK….Many of us would like to be updated as to how Ollie's platform/ramp worked out. Can you please let us know what the outcome was!

  8. FreyFam! Awww awesome couple and service dog….I listen to my body and its limits.Sometimes i do overdue it,I pay for it the next day.

  9. Recovering from double strabismus surgery and I finally opened my eyes today! Listened to my body and rested in bed!

  10. I didn’t get a poodle because of Ollie, but after we lost our poodles (11 and almost 15! years) a search on YouTube led me to you guys. Love him and his sweet little face.

  11. What a great day! 🎉 Cotton🍬🍬! Yum! So glad you got to do all the things, Mary! We have 2 Border Collies who LOVE the lake! Ollie is a wonderful 🏊🏊‍♂️!

  12. hi Olie boy <3 I am starting to not listen to my body when it comes to me having anxiety and not wanting to do things. I am trying to get out and just do things. Sometimes its hard.

  13. It is so tragic. However there is some sunshine ahead. Remember you can not have a rainbow without a little rain. When Mary passes on, Peter will be able to re marry and have children and the family he deserves. In the mean time the Lord has appointed Peter as Mary's caretaker and hero.

  14. Pooping is amazing, savor it! Cherish it! It's F'n Awesome! Nature's way of relieving ourselves, and the body doing what it's gotta do!

  15. as always, thank you for sharing your lives with us. Today, out of the blue, my daughter asked me "when are we going to meet Mary and Peter?" I told her, "God willing, someday"

  16. MEEEEE! I got a standard poodle because of Ollie! I got her from my local rescue, she's WONDERFUL! My Jillian. ❤🐩❤

  17. My dog's name is "Ollie" and every time you guys say her name she turns her head and just blinks at me.

  18. Today was a good day for me also. This morning I was able to shift my energy and work with my body and be positive. Learning to love myself can sometimes be very hard for me.

  19. I don't have an Oliver…yet. I need to retire my service dog who is a lab. I love his breed and Ollis. My next service dog I hope to be a Labradoodle Standard size. 🐶💙

  20. Would love to see more of your church activity within the community. Some think it is pushy but most like the kind gesture.

  21. I LOOOVE Olie!!! And Yes!!! I got a poodle because of him!❤️ but my Tommy is a toy poodle because I take to many flights and I wanted to be able to fly him in cabin with me!

  22. Once again a smile upon my face after watching you all. I loved seeing Ollie so happy to be swimming and so proud of his "catch" (aka the float). He is an awesome dog and so glad you found him Mary. Mary I know you a rougher journey in life but man God made sure to bless you with such great helpmates. Peter is an amazing guy and wonderful husband and Ollie like said is an awesome dog. May the Lord continue to bless you all. Keep up the good work of spreading CF awareness, hang in there and "As always we will see you tomorrow" hehe..

  23. We were driving down the road to go to the hospital and emergency next to us was a poodle in a car that was staring at me I told the girls look the responses ….that looks like Ollie!

  24. Oh my I love you guys and yes just before you said I wonder how many people have got a poodle because of Ollie I thought I’d like a poodle! He is gorgeous and so quiet. Glad you felt better Mary. Prayers from the Uk 🇬🇧 xx

  25. I love my standards even more because of Ollie and the work he does for the both of you daily 👍🏿💃🏿🐾

  26. Wow I'm jealous of your lake. It is never that peaceful here at Lake of the Ozarks, especially on the weekends!

  27. I think we all do things regardless how we feel. I know I like to push myself. But, when I get out, I realize I can't do it! And, decide something is going to have to wait for another day. I hope you feel better!

  28. Oh man, you've seen round a bout until you move to Colorado. They do not believe in left turns here. They have round a bouts EVERYWHERE here lol.

  29. I know what you mean about humidity making you feel like your breathing gel instead of air! It can get kinda scary! I have multiple chronic illnesses including asthma, CFS & POTS. Heat really wipes me out & we're having a heatwave here in the UK. We don't have aircon in our homes, they just weren't built with it & getting it installed is way out of my budget! I really felt like I was breathing in gel at crazy o'clock Monday morning! It's a horrible sensation!

  30. I know that coughing throw up feeling well. I have asthma & morning are the worst. Went to a pomologist & he started me on BREO inhaler and 2 days later…very little coughing in the morning & no phlegm at all! Wish your problem was as simple a fix as that. I pray for you (and other chronic illness vloggers) every day! Stay strong & keep on keeping on, Mary!!!

  31. I'm trying to convince my partner to agree to a poodle for my service dog because of Ollie! I actually didn't like poodles before but seeing what a good boy he is made me have a total change of heart!🐩💖

  32. Not only did I get a Standard Poodle after seeing Ollie, but I learned about how a Service Dog could benefit me. So she is in Training. She is a Black and White Parti. I received her 3/8/18. I love my Oodley, Noodley, Poodley Pup. Thank you for introducing me to all the ways a Service Dog can benefit me. I hope to have independence much longer 🙏🏼😊🙏🏼

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