I Got Stuck 200 Ft High From Ground

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Hi everyone! I’m Susan and I want to share an intimate
story with you. Have you ever been afraid of something? I’m talking about a fear that resembles
a bone-chilling cold that makes your blood stop running through your veins. You can’t even make yourself move, you’re
frozen like a statue. For me this is my fear of heights. I noticed that I didn’t feel right being
anywhere higher than a regular chair when I was a child. I didn’t like to swing on the swings – I
preferred to just sit on them, and could barely go down a slide. But the scariest situation happened to me
when I was about 9 years old. My cat ran away and was hiding in the neighbors’
tree house. There were no grownups around at that moment,
so I decided to rescue my cat myself. Which meant I had to climb into this tree
house. “Don’t look down” was the only thought
I had the whole time. Once I finally reached my goal and already
had my cat in my hands, I accidentally took a look at the ground. Fear gripped my heart. The only thing I could do was lay down on
the floor of the tree house and wait until somebody came along to help me. Mr. Johnson, the neighbor, found me about
an hour later. He’d gone out to walk his dog, which apparently
sniffed out my cat who was still next to me. Since then, I have never been that courageous
again or tried to rescue anything. I had always been embarrassed to admit that
I was a coward, especially in school. I was afraid that no one would be friends
with me or, worse, that everyone would mock me. Somehow I managed to pretend to be normal. For example, when my friends invited me to
the amusement park several times, I would make up different stories, like not feeling
well or having too much homework to do or visiting my grandma and so on. And in order not have to climb up the rope
in PE classes, I used to put a fake bandage on my arm or leg, saying that I had a sprain. But one single day totally changed my life. It was my birthday, I was in for a complete
surprise. First thing in the morning, my best friends
sent me a text saying that they were going to “kidnap” me – the birthday girl – for
the whole day. They really blindfolded me when we drove away
from my home, so I had no idea where we were going. When I was finally allowed to remove the blindfold,
I was seized with an almost paralyzing fear. We had arrived at that amusement park which
I’d tried so badly to avoid. My friends took my speechlessness as me being
happy. They explained that it was unforgivable that
I had never been to the amusement park because of my eternal ailments, and they were gonna
make it up to me. They couldn’t even imagine how badly they
were mistaken. I tried with all my might to avoid the carousels. I said that, at first, I wanted to go into
the room of fear, a room with crooked mirrors, and then get something to eat and so on. But in the end, they still dragged me on to
the rides. After I survived the swings, they forced me
on the Ferris wheel. I tried not to show that I was scared to death. I pretended to have fun as long as I could,
until our booth suddenly stopped almost at the top of the ride. Even my friends now seemed to be frightened. The speakerphone announced that they would
soon fix everything, but I was frozen with fear. I felt my vision darken and it seemed like
there was not enough air to breathe. It was about time that I admitted everything. I closed my eyes and rapidly told them about
my fear of heights. My friends actually soothed me with all their
strength. Somebody held my hand to make me feel safe
and everybody began telling different stories so that I would be distracted. There was something about a dog bite or a
hot dog – I don’t actually remember. But it really helped. My fear was still with me but I could breathe
and even opened my eyes. After about 40 minutes we were on the hard
ground again, but these were the longest 40 minutes of my life, ever. My friends told me I was the bravest person
on that Ferris wheel. We then sat ourselves on a bench and got ice
cream. Now that everything was over, we were finally
able to laugh at the situation. Don’t you think it’s funny that it was
me on my birthday being stalled at 150 feet in the air, on a Ferris wheel, with a deadly
fear of heights!? It’s hard to imagine any more bad luck for
me. Then my friends told me that they had actually
bought a present for me. They were not very excited about handing me
the small package. I rushed to unwrap it, even though I was pretty
suspicious about what was in it, and I found a skydiving ticket. They were so sorry that they didn’t realize
how useless it would be. We were literally laughing until we cried
at the situation. Virtually none of us, for sure, will ever
forget this trip to the amusement park. Since then, I’ve been strongly determined
to not hide my fears anymore, but to try to fight them. I don’t think it will be very difficult,
since I have such cool friends around me. I started with baby-steps – swings in a
school park. And about that ticket – I gave it to my cousin
who I knew always strived for extra-adrenaline. Now, tell me about your fears! Are you afraid of anything that much? Share your stories in the comments and do
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100 thoughts on “I Got Stuck 200 Ft High From Ground

  1. Now, tell us about your fears! Are you afraid of anything that much? Share your stories in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel. Let’s find a way to overcome our phobias together!

  2. I'm scared of spiders, snakes, anything scary supernatural related, ventriloquist dummies, really scary looking animatronics and clowns,

  3. My fear is dark and I hate dark even when I was in the dark alone I'll scream and run to a room that there's so many people and I try to fight my fear but maybe later or one day

  4. You’re not the only one with the crazy birthdays.
    One time on my birthday I wished for tornadoes and I got tornadoes on my birthday when I was 13
    Then I got stuck in the graveyard on my 10th birthday.

  5. Fears list
    My Geographic teacher
    My art teacher
    My PE teacher
    What if my crush don't sit with me in English class(that is the most I'm afraid of)

  6. I hate the dark couse… well my dad give me a pink unicorn room when the lights turn off its pich balcknnes

  7. I am afraid of
    1. Hights
    2. spiders
    3. Clowns
    4. Creepy things
    5. High speeds
    6. Dogs
    7. Thieves
    8. Friday the 13ths
    9. Rollercoasters and water slides
    10. DEATH

  8. I am 44 I have phobias to, yes one IS Heights,but the when I want to talk about is thunderstorms yes I'm a full grown adult and still terrified of thunderstorms when it's really bad I can be incapacitated I was 5 years old and was outside playing with a friend again I'm 44 I don't remember her name there is a lot I don't remember but I do remember the actions and the act of it we heard thunder it started sprinkling we thought nothing of it it's just Thunder can't hurt us boy were we wrong immediately it started down pouring we hid under a tree lightning crashed around us we started giggling and said how stupid we were for being afraid so we started playing in the rain again we thought what's the worst case we get a cold… well the last thing I remember she got struck by lightning , she survived but has problems. Fear is nothing to be ashamed of

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