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Sick Az! Hey Guys! You know how I told you I had a top secret video coming up? Well this is it! It is not top secret any more! With a massive thank you to Select Australia, I get to be the first person in the whole world to open a whole bunch of the new Footy Stars 2020 That’s right! I’m the first person ever to open a box of these Can you believe it?
If you’ve seen some of the previews online you’ll know that this is the best looking Footy Stars set of all time! I’m super excited It’s got a bunch of awesome new looking inserts Including the all new jigsaw cards.
That’s something I’m really looking forward to seeing. The Brownlow Predictors are back, and looking better than ever. After a long time, the Premiership Predictors have returned to Footy Stars. So that is really cool. But best of all, I get to tell you about a card you might not have heard of yet. At the time that we are recording this, no one has even seen a preview of the super rare… Show Stopper The Show Stopper card is one in two cases. Think about this. The Captains Signatures are one per case But the Show Stopper is one in two cases! That. Is. RARE. I really hope we pull one, but I doubt it I’m only going to show you what is inside this box, if you smash a like and subscribe to my channel in the next 5 seconds It looks like we do have some footy card fans here after all Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s do it.. Now if you saw my other card videos, you’ll know that I like to get my dad to cut the cards open. That way we don’t damage them.

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