I Had an Allergic Reaction to Food Whilst Eating Out | What Can I do?

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it became the responsibility of the food
establishment or the restaurant whoever to make sure that they gave the
information needed so you’ll notice now if you go into any restaurant there’s
always a sign up or on the menu there’s very detailed information about
potential allergies whether it be nuts dairy eggs that then helps the consumer
make an informed decision about what they can choose to eat in that
establishment there’s a responsibility on the provider of that food or drink to
make sure that they take care of their consumers they have a they have a duty
of care our job if there’s been an injury of somebody’s suffered an
allergic reaction then is to see whether there’s also a route to compensation in
it as a support we call a civil claim against that establishment for their
negligence in providing that food when they shouldn’t

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  1. For more information on the UK laws on allergens served in restaurants, our blog has the answers to your questions: https://www.slatergordon.co.uk/media-centre/blog/2018/01/allergies-what-precautions-do-restaurants-have-to-take-to-keep-customers-safe/

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