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I thought I would be an exception I thought I would be special case yeah I’m gonna be looking real good ones this is over didn’t think it would happen to me I thought I was safe hey it’s me look I’m gonna do more makeup I’m gonna go I’m going to work today and I’m going to do my makeup and we’re gonna see what people speak I’m Emily I thought it would be cool to challenge myself to only spending five dollars on makeup I had an allergic reaction to the cheap makeup that I bought which sounds like it’s not a surprise except for me it was the week that I did this challenge I was watching my cousin’s dog it’s got to be the dogs it’s the only thing about my day and my routine this week that is been different okay so it ended up being five dollars and 40 cents with cats which I think I can allow because it’s the government so I think when it’s all said and done it’s gonna be like a very natural sunkissed kind of look I forgot [Music] and then you’re just gonna want to blend it that’s fine beep can you see it oh-oh-oh dry this is it this is my final luck yeah I think I can work with this did it I did it I like it oh yeah [Music] it’s still on and you know what I’d probably use this makeup again because why not still here look I don’t typically have super sensitive skin I put a lot of weird it on my face before I never had any issues cut to my face blowing up my face being itchy a rash all over my cheeks in my eyelids and my forehead down to my chin if you want my body and you think I’m sex become on sugar and let me know you know really my face up I’d wash my face and then put on vitamin E at night just like this dude be thick and I’m just like holy stir Iser type situation so I did that and I used the hydrocortisone Korean I use the max amount I could I think the moral of the story is to just actually do your research and know what you’re putting on your face a lot of times some red dyes and makeups are bad I were blush I wore it on my cheeks and I put it on my eyelids apples to temple we’re on the outside ooh nice sunset eyes here luckily it’s gone away and it was indeed just an allergic reaction okay fine don’t even risk it you’ll end up with a doctor’s bill and embarrassing skin things you deserve better quality it’s your face if it were your leg whatever sure but it’s your face [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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