I rapped about ANYTHING people gave me

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– Hey, friends. Slightly different video today. It is a compilation of three raps, the best bits from each rap where instead of rapping about words, I was rapping about objects and things that people gave me from their pockets and their bags based on a format made
famous by MC Supernatural, one of the original freestylers. If you want to come and see me do it live then I have tour dates on sale. Click there, it’ll take
you and tell you everywhere that I am performing. Also, if you’re not subscribed, please do subscribe, makes me super happy and King Cnut here also very happy Enjoy the video. Fly rapper, no bling on the neck. 47.86 yeah we writ on the check. Paid to Mr David Lily, ya might feel silly if I tore it on stage. Oh, what a billy 47 pounds and the 86 p. Manager suspense 1 then 3, is the number branch
sort code and account. Why is it for such a specific amount? And why hasn’t it been
paid in, bro, it’s from the 9th of October, 2 months ago. Add another 1 then the check might bounce. Yeah, I don’t give a
fuck with little amounts. I need to get more money. I get the thrills. Here’s a little packet and
just one pill remaining. You’re meant to take 2 of them. It does nothing when
it’s just one Nurofen. Ibuprofin but the brand name. If you want a swelling
in your brain, no pain. N-S-A-I-D. That’s the medical terminology. But only one person knew it. This is a tight clip. It’s got a mechanism
in it if it might slip. Does it work? No. Source of derision. (German accent) Oh we are German. (German accent) Mechanical
precision is important. (audience laughing) They’re not homemade, Snoop Dog dropping down the retro shades. Yeah. That’s an internet meme. If you’re under 27 or a preteen you will get that. A shout and a holler this is worth more than a pound, it’s a dollar. It’s amazing! Currently the currency. It’s got George Washington on the front you can see. You can’t spend it here. I should take it home
but literally I’m okay, got plenty of my own. This is really good. The way I rap, I take your breath away. Need inhalers just for that. Tap-tap on your mouth it’s in. What brand is this? It’s the Ventolin. I’ll return this in case
your lungs collapse. If you’re going out there, face looking real crap. Need makeup brush. Applying the rouge. Gotta change these
though, the bacteria brews and breeds inside those. Change it frequently. I apply lipstick with a lotta frequency. Oh what you guys got? Present me with a card. A key to your hotel oh my god! Butlins! Why the fuck would you go there. See an old guy, red jacket, no hair. Sayin’ “Hey here’s a joke
I learned from me dad”. All the entertainment
in Butlins is so bad. Unless you like ABBA tributes of Oasis. It makes no sense. Please don’t stay this. Go to (unaudible) place like Brighton. Provisional driving
license, get a right one! What the fuck is up with you? Pass your damn test Mr.
James Anthony Lancaster from the Lancaster, is
that where you’re from? No, you’re from Hove actually. Oh, moving on. Are you allowed to
drive any trucks or HGVs or a motorcycle? No, your license aint’
got the B letter on. When did you get it? You’re born in 1992,
that’s fucking pathetic. I could drive from 17. I’m 3 years older. Need to get this in the
wallet in the holder. You’re already broke it. It’s got a crack there,
split in the protracter gift from a cracker. You can trace the shapes inside. It’s got a question mark
and a little plus sign. The position to the right. The symbol for addition. If I want to make sure
I don’t have emissions that are foul from my
mouth, I’ll tell you bro I keep my breath fresh
when I pop a roll of Polos. Any 2 for 1 pound RRP. Take the foil off a telescope I can see. You can put a pencil
through the empty space. I like to put a Polo Mint in my face. Like the inhaler. I put it in. I got no chin but I pop Ventalin. And in my mouth, clean like a bar of soap. Looking like I got a
face with a periscope. I never popped a top and
pressed the button down. If you have a mad night
out on the town, if you’re going real hard drinking
with your whole team, make sure you bring some matcha green tea. Yeah. I brought my own tea bag. I don’t need your lager, I’m a big lad. Gimme just a glass of boiling water. I let it steep 3 minutes or maybe 4. Infuse for up to 15. The longest infusion
time I have every seen 64 percent fair trade, 18 fair wild. Wow. This tea is hippier than a child called Apple, a reference
from 15 years ago. If you’ve got your hair
long and none show, use a nice clasp with
the sparkly crystals. On the back, looking
nice and amist all the hair decorations that I can’t wear. You’ve laid out such a
collection down there. First one, I hold it up. When your eyesight’s
keen you can see it’s a can of Vaseline that’s green. That is the aloe flavor. A little tea light that
you want to stay there. Wave it around or maybe walk into a church and put it at the tomb
of someone who deserve tid this life. I return it, yes to you. Oh no he’s gonna guess a wax lyrical. This is amazing. You came back and I really missed ya. Bring it in the fist, yeah
I got an empty pitcher. No liquid in. You downed it all. Do you wannna have tea, wanna have a ball? It says pilsner on the side. I will swap your thing for mine Whoa. Going in, angry like Jason Bourne. I grow hard from the ground
like a fucking acorn. What a weird shape. Why isn’t it more oval? (high pitched voice) I
want to grow to be a tree, be hopeful. Looking like a little ottoman hat. If you wanna grow a tree
then I’m bringing it back. Anything from you guys
that you wanna present. It’s a lipstick thing, oh. How pleasant. I try and see the color. I see it with my head. Made by Maybelline it’s
probably fucking red. All lipstick is. I know it sounds hurtful. Maybe you like coral, pinkish, or purple. They all the same to us, oh well. Anyway we know men really can’t tell. And they don’t give a shit. Words might fail me. Why would you put in the
crack of a fingernail see. It’s so small and green it looks odd. What you doing being in the Wizard of Oz? 31. You’ll see why that’s
relevant in a moment. I’ll say it again. You’re 31 years old but got a bingo pen. What the fuck? Why have you got it with you there? You should only possess it if you’ve got gray hair. Maybe a blue wins in the bingo hall. It’s so thick in case your fingers fail. Got arthritis so you try and dab it round. Let me give it back. The tip is so round, I call it spherical. And now I might discuss a tangled teezer, my favorite type of brush. It makes sure there’s no knots in my hair. I can see it very straight, very silky down there. Anything from you guys? Here, I’ll tell you what is it. I thought it was a little bit of makeup and a lipstick. But no, it’s much smaller in size there. I put some fragrance in my atomizer. When I’m at home I like
to spray the cologne. Return that. I fiddle while we burn Rome. Made a little fan out the entry form. I can make sure I’ve got
a draft if I get warm. Looking like a lady from Bute or Japan. Return that. If I’m an asthmatic man,
I’ll take breath away with a little bit of tap. Ventolin, in case you’re have an attack, I give it back. Here we go. It’s so strange the range of the flavors in this orange. Terry’s chocolate I just can’t wait. Spherical if you tap it open like a plate. I go straight over here. I say again, a little bag pulled straight from H and M. A nice guy, pink shirt, with a bow tie. Let me hold up, your shopping so high. What the fuck’s inside? It makes my knees weak. It looks like you murdered and brought a lot of sheep. Stick the fool there,
full of woll in the bag. I give it back, here
such a nice dapper lad. Oh a pair of panties. A little pair of knickers. What’s the size on the back? Is it kinda bigger than any that I’ve seen. Yes, it really is. It could fit me and my name is Chris. I like it though. Yeah they’re nice black and lacy. Ladies take your knickers
off and going crazy. Wanting me to throw it a home. You be putting underwear
like my name’s Tom Jones. 2 for 1 entry and I went there. Shrek’s adventure and the Sea Life Center. Chessington World, maybe all 10 towers. Saving all the money
using everybody’s power. Use it by the 30th of March, next year. Otherwise, they reject it right there. Did you get it off a pack of cereal? Give it over there, yeah come near. Our cable doesn’t go long enough lately. Marc Jacobs that’s the fragrance Daisy. I knew that from the shape of the bottle. I manage that shit like my name’s Glenn Hoddle. Give it back. Yeah I’m going full throttle. Almost dropped that but my grip is a lot. Aw man, that is bad luck fella! On the stage, we be holding up umbrellas. You better leave the moisture outside. Shake it when you go there. And don’t provide. HSBC UK. We can all see the quality of this means that it was free. Or you knicked it from a bank. You saw it and thought,
“Yeah I’ll take it”, walk out the door. It’s amazin. I hit pop like pop and lock it. Make it come back, shit like Mary Poppins. There ya go. (audience cheering) Thank you so much for watching. There are playlists here. You can check out more
of my videos with my favorite freestyle rap. Again, if you haven’t
subscribed, please do. Like it, leave a comment, share it round. And come and see me live. I would love to see
you at some live shows. Until next time, bye bye.

34 thoughts on “I rapped about ANYTHING people gave me

  1. That smile when you realised the internal rhyme with "2 for 1 entry and I went there, Shrek's adventure, and the Sea Life Centre" was so wholesome. The universe was just handing the rhymes to you and you presented them to the crowd in the best way.

  2. Hi Chris, loved the vid! So glad you gave props to Supernatural, the freestyler pioneer of this format! Nice work man keep it up

  3. I think I like this random object freestyle meta better then the words suggested style. Killed it.

  4. I can't get enough of this! It's somehow even more amazing that your usual suggestion style freestyles like OMG Chrisss 😱

  5. You might get the Corona Virus if you roam around handling everyone's junk, fondling their dirty bits. You did pull off a lyrical slam dunk. Had me in fits. You Mancunian freestyle punk.

  6. went hard as fuck on all of them, mad props bro. best privately educated, middle class, white british rapper ive ever witnessed rap

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