I Thought I Was Going To Fall Off The Ride!

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So me and my cousin Sadie went to this
mini fair. We got our tickets, we got snacks and we saw this really cool ride.
And she was like, “Hey, do you want to go on that ride? And I was like, “Sure, why not?” So we went to go line up, and I’m not joking – that line took forever. That ride
was like 50 years long. I don’t know if that makes sense, but, anyways. We waited in line until it was our turn and we had to wait on the right for about 20
minutes until we had enough people to even it out. And it started going and I
had my phone in my hand recording me on the ride, so I was only holding on with
one hand. And I was on the outside of the ride, and my cousin was on the inside of
the ride, so I was in more danger. The ride started going, going, going and we
were going in circles. And all of a sudden, it got really crazy really fast
and super bumpy. So I was on that ride bumping around everywhere. My cousin was laughing, having fun, and I was getting whipped around right next to her. And I
couldn’t do anything about it. And then there was this one turn. We were at the very top and our cart did a spin. My body almost flew out of the whole
ride. And I was crying I was like, “Turn it off! Turn it off!” I was screaming at the
operator to turn it off it he was just looking at me like, “What is happening?” I watched the video on my phone and I looked so scared.
So, me and my cousin – she had fun. I didn’t, I was crying, I was scared. But thinking
about it now, it was kind of fun. So, don’t fly all the fair rides!

100 thoughts on “I Thought I Was Going To Fall Off The Ride!

  1. When i was in america im from england btw i went to disney world and went on the tower of terror and my seat belt unbuckled

  2. Story booth: Hmmm what's your story again??
    The girl in here Oh uh well I almost fell off the roller coaster +tells story+
    Story Booth: Wow! And you
    Another Girl: I'm gonna die soon I'm in danger someone is gonna kill me I see a people with a knifes and they almost killed me with a knife and now are seeking revenge and I HAVEN'T SLEPT!!!.
    Story Booth: Ehhhh let's go with roller coaster girl 🤨

  3. girl this is not serious this happens all the time no need to waste you time on this
    now i just wasted 2 mins an 24 seconds of my life

  4. Dont bring your phone just leave it in the house if it's close or need charging just leave it there in the house or the car the car is were I leave it so can play on it later on the drive back home

  5. ive been on a ride like that. i was too young tbh.i was the only one on too, i had a glove on one hand and j was ridiculously scared, plus my parents werent on with me, and there were no seatbelts

  6. I remember I was about to fall off a ride, cause it was going upside down and I was floating. And I was screaming like a lunatic 😂

  7. Did u go on the spider cuz I ate something and almost fainted but I managed to save myself and not faint

  8. Idk bout y’all but I was literally crying how her body was moving on the ride😂💀 1:13 bruhhhi was dead 😂 Nd then how the cousin laughed at her almost dying 1:43man I couldn’t stop laughing her teeth 😂😂💀💀😭😭 20+ thx

  9. Y’all, don’t even go on those crazy lookin carnival/fair rides at all. They’re meant to be put up and taken down; they’re not stable and safe. A lot of accidents from amusement rides come from those fairs.

  10. Me : gets scared play roller coasters
    Dad : taking pics everywhere even when the coaster are twisting
    Me : looking at dad be like wtf

    After watching this
    Me : dad could you see this—

  11. Honestly,she's lucky she didn't drop her phone lol,you're not supposed to bring your phone on for this exact reason.

  12. Lol 😂
    Girl: “Don’t fall out of fair rides”
    Me:”Don’t go to shady mini fairs no one else knows about”

  13. ME. Im gonna DIE
    friend. Lol
    Me. yeet AHHHHHHH

  14. 1:18 I swear if me and my bff ever went on a rollercoaster or whatever I would probably be the girl flying around and my friend would just be there like “HAHAHAHAHAHAHSIDNRCIEJFNDJFJEKD”

  15. I was in this ride called the zipper we went upside down and it’s kind a like a Ferris wheel but very scary and no seatbelts but two handles i was screaming and i told them to stop the ride but they don’t speak English so yeah 🙁

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