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♪ Ice ice baby ♪ – Seven days of intense
breathing exercises and cold showers. Joy! (screaming) The Wim Hof method is an extreme method which pushes the limits
of what we have previously believed possible for the human body. It incorporates breathing exercises, cold therapy, some stretching, strength-building
exercises, and mindfulness. I decided to trial this
because I get bored of normal exercises and I
like to push the human body to see what it’s capable of. All these benefits listed on the websites, I was like, well, why not? I live in Iceland, the land of the ice and freezing cold lakes. My feet are in pain! And maybe because it’s just
like a natural progression from the things that I
already do in my spare time in Iceland, bikini in the snow, my nude versus nature photos. And here’s a very quick demonstration so you guys have an idea of what we’re talking about in this video. So here I’m doing the breathing exercises. I’m breathing in really heavily and letting the air escape naturally without pushing it, about 30 times or until my body starts
getting a little bit tingly. Once I’m at that point,
I then exhale completely in my last breath, and I
hold whilst timing this. Once I’ve reached my maximum,
I then take a big breath in, hold it for about 15 seconds,
and then release once again. And then you repeat the cycle
about three or four times. My starting point, I’m 28
years old, I’m healthy, I haven’t been vigorously exercising for about a year and a half. The same day that I
started the Wim Hof method, I also took up yoga, and I found an app that guides me through exercise, about 30 minutes a day. So I started this all at the same time. A bit of a keen bean. Just a word of warning, I’m
obviously brand new to this so I pretty much suck at it, so do your own research before
trying the Wim Hof method because it can be very dangerous
if you don’t do it right. ♪ Ice ice baby ♪ Day One, I ended up with 57
seconds on the first round, and one minute and 53
seconds for the last round. Not amazing today, I
went to bed really late, woke up really early, maybe
that just threw me off. But anyway, it’s okay, I still did it, I’m still glad I did it. It’s going okay, I’m not
progressing massively, but I’m still seeing a bit of progress. I’m having my cold showers
every morning, it’s not bad. A side effect, I’m hot all day. Two interesting things happened this day, I got extreme ringing in my
ears, and after some research figured out that this has
actually happened to a few people and they just recommended
to ease off a little bit. Secondly, when I finally took
my breath on the final round, I just got this strange weird feeling, I guess this is what
they call the trippiness. I just had this immense gratitude for life and I also said out
loud, “Please be alive.” Some people have mentioned that they get into like hallucination
states and natural DOP levels. There is an improvement, it’s not huge, like lots of people have that there, but I do consider myself to
have quite weak lungs anyway. So I feel like I’m doing alright, even if it’s tiny progress. ♪ Ice ice baby ♪ Twenty normally done. (coughing) Thirty, And then the trusty old cold showers. The idea of a cold shower,
I didn’t really like it. It turns out, that it
wasn’t as bad as I thought. Water was cold, I did
my breathing exercises just before I got in the shower. Wow, my skin is cold, but I’m warm inside. What! And now, doing these cold
showers for seven days, I actually think I enjoy that component most out of everything else. – (Boyfriend) How’s that? – It’s fine. I’m not afraid of winter! – (Boyfriend) That really proves that on a minute by minute basis, we’re taking nowhere near
enough oxygen into our lungs. We’re just taking in just what we need for our bodies to survive, not for what it needs to thrive. ♪ Ice ice baby ♪ – (Boyfriend) The things I do for you. – First he had a shock to his system, he lies down, he’s like agh, oh my god. And I didn’t have that at all. His hands and feet were out, I was like put your hands and feet in. Within seconds, his feet were hurting, whereas me, I didn’t feel anything, and I was in there
probably for three minutes, and I was fine. And I am scared of the cold,
I get cold immediately. So it works! That’s so freaking exciting! ♪ Ice ice baby ♪ Yes. I want to do the
ten-week online course, and see where that takes me. And then at the end of the year, I want to do the six day
retreat with Wim Hof, exercising in the snow and doing all of his extreme techniques out in the actual freezing cold. One of my crazy goals is
to swim in a glacier lake in just a little bikini. It is an extreme method,
but the bottom line is it’s just a method to
make you more mindful of your breathing and health. That’s it! It doesn’t
have to be this method, it can be whatever else you want. But it’s just down to your
own personal preference. Follow me on my social channels, so you guys can keep up with the progress. And until next time, I’ll
see you guys when I see ya. Bye! (screaming) Just kidding! (murmurs in Icelandic) (laughs)

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