“I Want To Feel Better NOW!” Essential Oil Inhaler for Allergies

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(relaxing music) – Hi everyone, I’m Andrea
for Aromahead Institute, and in this video I wanna
teach you a very special recipe for helping to reduce allergies. The recipe is actually
coming from my webinar which is called How to
Reduce Allergies Naturally. It is a wonderful recipe that
I think you’re gonna love, and you can use over and over again. It’s an inhaler, and
I have in the inhaler, I have tea tree essential
oil, lavender essential oil, and cedarwood essential oil. Five drops of each actually, so it’s very simple to remember. We’re gonna use this great
inhaler, I love these inhalers. This is a reusable inhaler, very easy to use over and over again. When you make this, assuming
your oils are fresh, it can last for a couple of months. All you do is you put a
cotton wick inside the bottle, I have one in there already, and then you drop your drops of essential
oil right onto the wick, and you close it up and
you can use the inhaler. It’s so easy. So, all right, let’s start
with five drops of tea tree. ‘Kay, we have, one, two, three, four, five. That just came out really
fast, but it was five. Okay, beautiful. Then we’re gonna add
five drops of lavender. We’re just dropping them
right onto the cotton wick. It’s really easy, here we go. One, two, three, four,
five, okay, perfect. And then I’m gonna use cedarwood. Five drops of cedarwood. I love cedarwood for opening up sinuses, reducing allergies. It’s very calming. So I’m gonna just screw the top back on, and tuck it right into it’s little holder. Then you’ve got the top
here, and voila, super easy. So let me tell you about
these essential oils and a little bit about the webinar, too. So the tea tree essential
oil is perfect for allergies, because it’s gonna help reduce infection, it’s going to help reduce congestion, and calm everything down. You know how when, sometimes
when you get allergies, you then get a cold afterwards? Like the allergies have
reduced your resistance? That’s where tea tree comes in, it’s very supportive
to your immune system. Maybe if the issue is
that your immune system is weakened, and that’s part of why you’re getting allergies, this is a great oil for you. Then we put in the five drops of lavender. Now lavender’s great
because it’s gonna calm down any inflammation that you have
because of sinus congestion. It’s also gonna support your immunity. It’s gonna reduce any
potential sinus headache that might come from
allergies, very helpful. Plus it’s soothing and very calming, and allergies are so
agitating, aren’t they? They’re irritating, they’re annoying, sometimes they’re even embarrassing. So lavender’s a great oil
to have in that blend. Then we have cedarwood. I already mentioned that
cedarwood is very calming, it’s a base note, and
it is one of those oils that just feels so nourishing
to the respiratory system. It’s again, going to really
help reduce congestion, inflammation, and it’s a
sweet one to use at night and for calming. So in the webinar, and
actually I’ll put the link for this free webinar,
Reduce Allergies Naturally, below this video in the description, so you can check out the
webinar, it’s about an hour. I go into a whole system
for reducing allergies. I teach you five blends,
this is one of them. I go into the properties of every oil, and I also present a system
for working with your body long term, to resolve allergies. It’s a system about nourishing and protecting your vital energy. It’s one that we use at
Aromahead very actively. I think you’re gonna really appreciate it if you wanna look at some long term changes and improvements to your health. So definitely check out the webinar, make this inhaler and let
me know how it goes, okay? All right, take care. See ya on the webinar, bye for now.

11 thoughts on ““I Want To Feel Better NOW!” Essential Oil Inhaler for Allergies

  1. I used to suffer sinus infection constantly, I bought a Navage and haven’t had issues since.. I LOVE essential oils,,, I never know which brand to use or diffuser to purchase- side note, do you have a book? Also you really should make a cd or video just talking to help with relaxation or sleep lol your voice is so soothing ❣️🤗 Have a blessed day…

  2. Thanks for another wonderful recipe I have used a fair amount of your recipes thanks Andrea xxx❤️💐🍀

  3. Thanks for posting this Andrea. I'm going to forward it to some oily friends to consider signing up to watch. I signed up again, I think this is my third viewing. Repetion, repetition, repetition! It's great information, and I really enjoy your videos and webinars!

  4. Thank you I was struggling to find relief for my sinuses. Been sneezing and blowing holes through tissue since Friday. Thank you for the oil blend. This works, I experience instant relief.

  5. I’m wanting to stay away from lavender and tea tree… what would I substitute them with and would I use same number of drops?

  6. Very helpful! Have you ever tried an aromatherapy inhaler that goes trough the mouth? Like a FUM?

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