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I get a knock at the door, and here are two guys in a suit. “I’m from the FBI.” The first thing I have to say is, “What took you guys so long?” I told them the truth. I was gonna make my own IED, and I was gonna set it
across the Islamic Center over in a bank’s parking lot,
and I was gonna dial it in. And just watch the show. Growing up, I saw a
movie, and it was “Rambo”. [Clip]: (gunfire) Rambo was tough, respected. [Clip]: “Come on! Move it!” He had intestinal fortitude. I said, “That’s what I want to do.” I went off and joined the Marine Corps. I wanted the action. The first time I got shot at, I remember looking at my watch and I says, “Man, this time last year,” “I was in English class.” But I fought several
times in the Middle East, Desert Shield, Desert Storm, South America, Philippines, Somalia. I think the worst things that
I have seen is dead children. I had to suck it up. I had
to be there for my guys. Each one of those tear drops stands for a confirmed kill. I stopped adding after 26. What I was taught in the Marine Corps, “Just own it, and then let it go.” But there comes a time when
there’s too much of that, and you can’t turn it off anymore. [Interviewer] I want you to
give me a window into your state of mind at that time. One time, my wife and I went to a DSW, and I saw, in the
distance, these two women in black burkas. In my store. I cried as I prayed for
enough strength to go over there and break both their necks. I was just angry, I was just full of hate and it just fed off itself. At that point, I was
drinking a half gallon of vodka every two days. I had devised a plan: create
my own IED, homemade bomb, and I was gonna set it off right outside the Muncie Islamic Center. 200-plus killed or
injured, that was the plan. I saw an opportunity to do one last thing for my country. This was my rationale. I knew I would end up in a federal prison with a needle in my arm, I didn’t care. My hatred of Islam, it was the only thing that was keeping me alive. So one day my daughter comes home, second grade maybe, she was telling me about this little boy
who sat across from her. His mom came to get him. She said she had scarves on her and she had a dress all
the way down to her feet, and you couldn’t see
nothing but her eyeballs. At that point, I snapped.
Started spewing things out of my mouth that should never be said in front of children or anything. She didn’t say anything, it
was the look on her face. I remember my daughter
looking at me like I was absolutely the craziest person
on the face of the earth. She was my little buddy, she
used to say we were road dogs. I know, I saw it in her eyes, I made her question that love, and that’s when a light bulb came on. I decided to give the people of this community one more chance. So I went to the Islamic
Center, see a gentleman in a shoe room taking off his shoes, he looks at me and he smiles. He said, “Can I help you?” And I said, “Yeah, I want
you to teach me about Islam.” So he went and he gave me a Qur’an. “Read this, come back
when you have questions.” So I did, and I would
see things in the book, I’d be like, “There it is,
I got him right there.” “Explain that to me.” And they would. This was a kind of awakening. Long story short, eight weeks after that first day I stepped
into the Islamic Center, I became a Muslim. I am a Muslim, a veteran,
and a proud American. I had learned that I was completely wrong about everything that I felt. You know, Judaism had a message,
Christianity had a message, Islam had a message. Funny thing is, though,
it was the same message. It was about peace, and it was about love. [Clip]: “Please join me in
welcoming Mr. McKinney.” [Clip]: (applause) My big thing is, now, to stop the hate. [Clip]: “Nothing good has
ever come down to hatred.” I’ve done too many things. I’ve hurt a lot of people.
I have to live with that. But if I can stop
somebody else on the path of non-forgiveness, I won.

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  2. So, let me get this straight. This guy was so full of hate he was thinking crazy thoughts, and found himself very comfortable becoming a Muslim? Does anyone else here see a connection?
    This isn't a "See how great Islam is!" video. Its a recruiting video for haters. Like Islam will point their hate in the "right" direction kind of recruiting video.

  3. here's a man that planned to kill many people with a bom and then figured islam was the right faith for him. Now he believes that unbelievers should die.

  4. This video make my day really so heart touching 💖 aslamalikom to all muslims who reading my text may Allah bless all of you .. may Allah show the true path to all . Love from india💕

  5. Its a message for the ones who hate us we are the victims of outrageous crimes and some of my brothers got murdered by Christians if god wishes us to be victims then god is also pointing at the ones who did this crime please my fellow friends from out and in this religion stop killing gods exalted work he created us to illuminate each other not kill and spread fear at each other

    and may god illuminate your hearts

  6. What an amazing brave man he is and what a beautiful and moving story. learning about religion outside of faith has taught me Muslim, Jew or Christian you all pray to the same god and anyone who teaches you different is either ignorant or a divisive liar.

  7. i dont think i'll ever be a muslim put i have respect how their women are conservative by not showing skin unlike women here in the west. also how muslim men have facial hair unlike christian/catholic men.

  8. He's a weak-minded person, that's why he is still drinking, and doing drugs…. Look it up people this man is a fake to the American people the Christian people in the Muslim he just wants his 15 minutes of Fame ……. What year is the FBI and even the Muslim Nation why you don't trust this dude, his own family don't trust him………

  9. Ask him why he still shooting dope in arm????? He is a fake people!!! He takes from his new brother and sister, any shooting in his arm, he is a fake…

  10. He's probably looking for a 9 year old arab girl to use, that's why he converted, a pig doesn't belong in a dog kennel, go back to swineland

  11. YOU ARE A rank idiot>>a revolting unread fool
    There are many other passages of the Quran or Hadith that would have most of us either laughing or in horror, but I promise you that many of them will have little effect on the average Muslim. These include passages of torture, murder, unscientific nonsense, racism, Anti-Semitism, etc.
    And (as to) those who disbelieve in and reject My communications, they are the inmates of the fire, in it they shall abide. – Koran, Surah II: 39, "The Cow."

    All infidels go to Hel, even Pagans Christians and Jews. This is one of the most repeated themes in the Koran.

    O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes for them a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people. – Koran, Surah V: 51, "The Food."

    So much for tolerance and that middle-east peace plan.

  12. Allah brings to his Deen whom he wills and he removes from it whom his wills. If you truly desire knowledge he will send it to you by means you will never comprehend.

  13. Can muslim converts answer this >
    As muslim, now i am sure, you can justify mohd following 3 acts.

    1. Mohd marrying 6 year old aisha and consumating at 9

    2. Mohd marrying hiw own daughter in law, when he saw her in a state of undress , as mentioned in shahin hadiths

    3. Mohd raping safiyah on her wedding night , after not only killing and torturing her husband , but after beheading her parents, cousins and her whole tribe , as in shahin hadiths .

    As a non muslim, would he have accepted those acts ?

  14. Islam goes against everything Americans have learned all their lives! And Islam/ Muslims (something) do not belong in a Christian country!

  15. Allah Subhanahu wata'ala touches every heart Allah wants without permission and change it whatever direction, no matter how tough or weak you are..

  16. Allah is murderous violent and evil. Just like Satan. That is because they are the same being. Satan wanted to be god. Now he is worshipped by millions who follow him blindly. Surah Al Anfal 8:65. He wants u to kill people who don’t understand. Satan in disguise.

  17. That fat fake military Muslim
    Is a deceiving liar. He watch a
    lot of Rambo movies. Each one
    cowardly acts. STAY OFF THEM

  18. I also did the same thing I hated the prophet more than my life
    Now I am a muslim ✌️✌️

    No point of hating someone whom we don't know about its always media diverting peoples mind 😂🖕media

  19. Umar ibn khattab went one day to kill the prophet muhammad (peace be upon him) and straight away he reverted to islam so i believe anyone can revert to islam and anything can happen. Even donald trump can revert to islam, but some people are blinded by hatred, by the shaytan.

  20. I am happy, u found peace in this religion, but why many people become terrorists from islam? Why do they want to kill people who follow god by name other than allah?

  21. He didn't convert to islam. Islam is not just believing in the existence of Allah and the prophethood of Muhammad (sallAllahu aleyhi wa sallam).

    Don't get me wrong, i do not want to hate on him or anything (may Allah guide him and give him wisdom and understanding).

    He thinks that all script religions have the same message and that islam is mainly about peace. But the main message in islam isn't peace.
    There can not be peace if we don't live under the law of god and tolerate each others faith. There can not be total peace as long as gods laws are not established on the earth!
    There can not be peace between mankind as long as there is injustice on the earth.
    The IS had the monotheism but they did not have justice and mercy. Some countries have peace but they do not have justice. You need both (the laws of Allah AND the islamic justice) for a perfect state where all can love together peacefully and without hunger or poverty.

    Islams main message is the pure monotheism: there is only ONE god and you should worship and serve ONLY Him and He ALONE is the one who has the rights to create laws (not the kuffar or the mushrikin or Erdogan or Gaddafi or any human being) and He ALONE is the one to be worshipped and obeyed and praised.

  22. alhamdulilah now we have the white majority converting seeing the light, glad to see this change in them. they've truly done the research it seems.

  23. Can't u see the clear examples of Umar Ibnul Khattab…When he went to kill Rasullah S.M. he went with a rasied cutlass…But before he reached his mind changed…Allah is the only God…

  24. you know, I cried accidentally when i was watching this video about your story of converting to Islam. Congratulations! Islam is a religion of Rahmatan Lil Alamin.

  25. His story is like Umar Ibn Al khattab one of the most influential leaders in islamic history. Its acctually so amazing.

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