Ice Facial and allergic reactions: What to know before you go | Glam Lab

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hey guys it’s Joe and next up in the Glen lab I am trying out the night station as in Furman give us no ice reduces puffiness increases circulation and decreases inflammation but this facial will also tighten up your pores even out your tongue and giving you a glow and this facial is all done without any heat or extractions hence the horn ice facial I checked it out at Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa on the east side in Manhattan what the heck is going on with my face okay don’t freak out yike I had an allergic reaction I just want to put it out there that this saw is a trusted name in Manhattan for 20-plus years and this facial husband built one of the best in the world and after all the research I did luckily seems to be one of the only people who had an allergic reaction to the products in the facial but aside from red bumps slowly crawling down my face it was actually an amazing facial and my immediate results were pretty fantastic so he still really wanted to share this treatment with you [Music] [Laughter] so good for Chile – more beautiful and this is for sensible Center [Music] okay here’s the takeaway pay attention question exactly what is going on your face because if you are gonna spend money on a facial you do not want to end up with this to be honest I didn’t even know that much about the treatment itself I thought I was going in for something like a cryo facial and I ended up looking like Fiona from Shrek post spell okay let’s start price a one hour facial is one hundred and ninety five dollars that is pricey but for the results you would normally get it’s actually pretty worthless but for me personally the facial is a thumbs down there is such a long list of products that when I’m a face for the facial it would be almost impossible for me to pinpoint which one gave me the reaction whether you want to try the eye spatial or not at least I did so you don’t have to

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