If You Recognize These Early Warning Signs, You Have Nutrient Deficiency

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You may be eating healthily, doing sports
twice a week, and drinking a lot of water and still have problems with your body. The reason for that may be a nutrient deficiency,
which means vitamins and minerals. Luckily, no nutrient deficiency occurs without
certain visible signs. Be sure to check these symptoms attentively
to figure out if you have a lack of vital nutrients in your body! – If you’re itching for chocolate (no pun
intended!), it may be a clear sign of magnesium deficiency. Raw cacao is rich in magnesium, and your body
might realize that it can get this nutrient from chocolate. On the other hand, you might just be a chocolate
lover! So as not to get confused, check if you have
other symptoms of magnesium deficiency: insomnia, agoraphobia (aka the fear of being in large
crowds), and smelly feet. Besides, a magnesium deficiency makes you
extremely ticklish, and that’s no joke! To get rid of magnesium deficiency, eat the
right foods. Almonds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, coffee,
flaxseeds, peanuts, and — right you are! — dark chocolate are great sources of magnesium. And some more good news: Popcorn contains
a lot of magnesium as well! Yay! – Do you have small bumps on the backs of
your arms? These are clear signs of vitamin A deficiency. This nutrient is essential for your eyesight,
skin, and immune system. Some other symptoms of vitamin A deficiency
are dry skin, frequent throat and chest infections, and dry eyes. You can get vitamin A both from plant foods
and animal sources. Try to eat more meat, fish, dairy products,
and eggs as well as red, yellow, and orange vegetables and fruits. And don’t forget that this is a fat-soluble
vitamin! Therefore, you should have a lot of whole
fats in your diet: avocados, dark chocolate, cheese, nuts, and olive oil. – If you start yawning in the afternoon and
regularly have a midday slump, you might get too little rest at night. Or you might have problems with your adrenal
glands. If this is the case, you should eat more products
containing vitamin B1: salmon, lean pork, green peas, flaxseeds, brown rice, asparagus,
and firm tofu. – Do you shy away from insects because you’re
the favorite choice of mosquitoes? On top of that, your bite marks are itchier
and much more swollen than those of your friends. Don’t worry! You can change this pattern. Mosquitoes’ behavior may indicate that you’re
low in vitamin B1. This vitamin puts out a smell that little
blood-suckers don’t like. You’ll find vitamin B1 in pork, salmon, tuna,
blue mussels, black beans, wheat macaroni, sunflower seeds, barley, corn, oatmeal, brown
rice, dairy products, and fortified cereals. Surely at least a few of these products will
be to your liking? – Imagine this: You’re falling asleep, and
you’re almost there in dreamland, when bam! Your leg jerks and wakes you up. Sound familiar? Then you have a lack of electrolytes in your
body. They are calcium, magnesium, and potassium,
and they prevent your muscles from jerking as you’re falling asleep. You’ll find these nutrients in seeds, nuts,
dairy products, leafy veggies, and even table salt. – You may notice small white spots on your
nails if you have zinc deficiency or your body doesn’t absorb this nutrient well enough. Other signs of this problem include acne,
loss of smell or taste, and prematurely gray hair. On top of that, you may scar easily, and it
may take longer for your cuts and wounds to heal. Zinc deficiency is a rare thing in the US,
but it still happens. Luckily, you can deal with this problem by
changing your diet. Try to eat more poultry and red meat, seeds,
wild rice, and oysters. If you believe that you have a serious zinc
deficiency problem, consult your doctor. There are many supplements that contain zinc,
and a professional will help you to find the right one for you. – Most people lose approximately 100 strands
of hair a day, and this is a perfectly normal process. But if you discover that your hair has completely
blocked the shower drain or your pillow looks like a yeti because of all the hair you left
behind after a night’s sleep, it should set off alarm bells in your head. Talk to your doctor about this problem because
the reason for bad hair loss may be a serious iron deficiency. This problem can also make you feel exhausted,
dizzy, and weak, your skin may look too pale, and you may suffer from shortness of breath
and chest pains. Also, people with iron deficiency often have
cold feet and hands. Luckily, iron deficiency can be eliminated
with the help of supplements and by eating the right foods. Try to eat more red meat, turkey, dark leafy
greens (such as spinach), liver, seafood and shellfish, legumes, broccoli, dark chocolate,
and quinoa. – If you frequently have a weird sensation
on your feet or feel your tongue burning, you might have vitamin B12 deficiency, especially
if these odd sensations are combined with dry skin, constipation, and memory problems. Vitamin B12 is crucial for your health since
it helps your body produce hemoglobin, which is part of your red blood cells. Without hemoglobin, these blood cells won’t
be able to transport oxygen to different parts of your body. Besides taking the necessary supplements your
doctor will prescribe if you have this deficiency, you can help your body get more B12 by eating
the right food. Try to have more beef, sardines, tuna, trout,
clams, animal liver and kidneys, and fortified nutritional yeast. – If your nails have become weak and brittle
and your cuticle health leaves much to be desired, you might have a biotin deficiency. Biotin is a B-complex vitamin, and its other
name is vitamin B7. Thanks to this nutrient, your nails grow healthy
and strong. If you realize that you have a biotin deficiency,
you can start eating more liver, egg yolk, yeast, dairy products, avocado, salmon, nuts,
seeds, sweet potato, and cauliflower. – Have your eyebrows become visibly thinner
recently? Don’t just ignore this problem in the hope
that they will grow back again. Thinning eyebrows, as well as puffy eyes,
constipation, appetite loss, weakness and fatigue, and intolerance to cold, may be signs
of serious problems with your thyroid gland. If you don’t take care of this problem, it
can lead to numerous complications, such as heart problems, infertility, goiter, and even
mental problems. That’s why it’s important to visit your doctor
to have your suspicions confirmed. At the early stages, you can help your thyroid
by eating sea vegetables and butter and avoiding raw cruciferous vegetables. Doing yoga, getting enough sleep, and cutting
down on your stress levels will all help too. – If you tend to bruise easily and suffer
from nosebleeds every now and then, you might have bioflavonoid deficiency. Bioflavonoids are compounds that make blood
vessel membranes (as well as other kinds of membranes) in your body stable. You can get rid of this deficiency if you
eat more colored fruit and veggies. You can also try taking supplements along
with vitamin C. The latter will help your body absorb bioflavonoids better. – Muscle and joint pain, red dots on your
skin, tiredness, and gum swelling and bleeding may be symptoms of vitamin C deficiency. This is one of the most widespread deficiencies
— and a very serious one. Vitamin C is essential for your immune system,
eye health, and skin condition. It’s also a vital component that helps your
body produce collagen. Without vitamin C, collagen doesn’t get replaced,
and different types of tissues in your body break down. The best sources of vitamin C are red acerola
cherries, chili peppers, sweet yellow peppers, parsley, blackcurrants, thyme, kale, broccoli,
kiwis, lemons, papayas, strawberries, oranges, and spinach. – If you suffer from bone pain, you might
have a lack of vitamin D. Other signs of this deficiency are frequent infections, tiredness
and fatigue, depression, bad wound healing, hair loss, and muscle pain. If you have these symptoms, you might be one
of the billion people all over the world who suffer from low levels of vitamin D in their
bodies. In the US alone, more than 40% of adults were
vitamin D deficient according to a 2011 study. The situation hasn’t significantly improved
since then. Interestingly, vitamin D works more like a
hormone, and each cell of your body has a special receptor for this vitamin. Your body produces vitamin D from cholesterol
when you go out in the sun. It’s true that you can also find this nutrient
in fortified dairy products and fatty fish. However, at the same time, it’s very hard
to get enough vitamin D from your food alone. Your doctor can prescribe you special supplements,
or you can try to go outside more often to catch some sunshine. Have you discovered that you have one of these
nutrient deficiencies? Write about your conclusions in the comment
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  1. amazing! Now I know about the causes! no wonder I felt better when I started to mind my diet and take supplements 🙂

  2. That's funny that they say that vitamin A deficiency may result in dry skin, eyes, and bumps, because too much vitamin A will do the same. They mention carrots as a source for vitamin A, but that is a pro vitamin a. Other types of vitamin A can be rich in meats, like steak. Vitamin A promotes collagen regeneration; which, is responsible for giving us glamorous skin. Throw out all of your useless acne creams, and start using Retinoids. Theses are basically synthesized versions of vitamin a, and they can help get rid of scars (cream forms). Acne will get worse before it gets better. This is because the vitamin a is absorbing into the dermis and shrinking oil pores (the suckers that cause acne) and literally push lipids to your outer skin. Over a course of about 6-8 months, it will clear up your acne problems inevitably. Less than 1 in 3 will need to continue treatment down the road. This is simply because of genetics. Try the course again, and say goodbye to those embarrassing suckers. By the way, I'm just an intrigued viewer, I do not endorse any specific company. Talk to your doctor about vitamin a. Good luck!

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    Problem Solved.

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  7. My iron got so low that it caused Alopecia Universalis (no body hair at all). I am definitely trying to eat better now.

  8. Eat liver, liver has everything you need you'll be good! Eating nose to tail is where its at like our ancestors.. Oh yeah don't be vegan unless you want to fall apart and take a bunch of supplements.

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  11. Low thyroid is no longer treated by the nhs in the uk. You have to be practically comatose before they consider you might need help. It's mostly women who develop hypothyroidism as well, so doctors generally dismiss the symptoms as age related, depression or obesity related.

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    Good general pointers, though, they needed to include mental/emotional stability in the list of things that indicate deficiencies.
    They do eventually get around to mentioning some fresh produce.

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