Iguacu Falls

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I started my Argentina adventure in
Buenos Aires. Then took a quick two-hour flight to Puerto iguazú. I’ve justarrived in iguazu and a group of us are gonna head to the falls right now. At 270 feet tall and 9,000 feet wide Iguazu falls is one of the most
spectacular waterfalls in the world. We started the next morning with what I
thought would be a relaxing boat ride, but it actually turned out to be an
adrenaline pumping adventure. We spent the rest of the day on the
various trails each with a different view. We had an awesome time today it was so
beautiful. I’m so glad that I came. Tonight we’re gonna go out for our
friend Brody’s birthday. A trip to Argentina wouldn’t be complete without a
steak dinner and some red wine. The final morning, I stopped at the
triple frontier view point. We’re in Argentina. And then right over there is
Brazil and then that is Paraguay, which is so cool because there’s not many
places in the world that you can see this so this is so amazing. Thanks for watching please subscribe for more videos like this. And I will see you in the next one!

4 thoughts on “Iguacu Falls

  1. Wow, Iguazu Falls looks absolutely beautiful! I would for sure love that excursion! The boat ride looked epic; getting wet is the only way to truly experience the waterfall, haha! Seeing three countries at once would be so cool! Awesome video, Jamie! This was a fun one to watch!

  2. It looks wonderful! it reminds of the time when I was in in Basel, watching river Rhine flow through Switzerland, France and Germany. Friday has just become my favourite day of the week! 🙂

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