“I’m Allergic To Simon Cowell” Angry Viewer Calls The Studio With A Complaint! | X Factor Global

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now it’s been front-page news today that
Michelle Hall 42 has a phobia against you Simon that make you feel obviously
doesn’t know me we have tracked her down now this is really important detail that
you guys need to know Simon you have a gagging order for this part of the show
you need to keep it zipped zilch no because if you speak you’re obviously
going to affect her making you’re gonna make a vomit so so let’s speak to her
Michelle Michelle it is great to happen on the line I have a question for you
number one how does your phobia affect your life well I have to go into another
room and watch TV but my children love what’s in X Factor so if they’re in the
fitting room I have to go upstairs or if not my husband has to take me out either
reveal this pillow science see the X Factor what about work I mean this must
be really debilitating for you it is because I work in a shop where sell
newspapers which is the place was a bad day so I ended up on appeal serving
customers for the newspaper they thought I had to turn away and flip the page
across to the customers don’t be exactly the big boys that really gets to you
it’s whether it’s happened about 10 years ago we know goodness it counted back we connect so
you are suffering them to be honest with you you have been suffering for a decade it’s not just when he talks is when you
just see a picture of him is that correct
oh we sure is there anything that you like about him is there anything that
you like about Simon no really thanks for watching

52 thoughts on ““I’m Allergic To Simon Cowell” Angry Viewer Calls The Studio With A Complaint! | X Factor Global

  1. Simon is stupid, but he needs to be funnyer and don't be rude to his judges and respest the if they say YES OR NO!

  2. Pfft. Simon's the best. Unlike everyone else, he's smart and has a good taste. The others pick people that can perform but have no talent(If you get the point). At least Simon gives them a big fat no😂. The point is, Simon's the best judge.

  3. That his character, although sometimes simon his wording is hurt doesn't mean his bad,he just only a frank person.

  4. Simon is a very truthful person. Potential contestants know this going in. he knows what he’s doing and is a proven front runner in the music profession the world over. IMHO he is a sexy man as well! i always find truth and straightforwardness one of the best attributes in people. ~k~ 😎

  5. I love Simon!! He is awesome at what he does and if people can't handle him as a judge then they shouldn't go on his talent shows.

  6. I understand why Simon was hated. But he is come a very long way in this last decade. Showing us often a much softer side and a much more human and compassionate side. I was not a fan of Simon Cowell. I really enjoy him now and I've seen him give a lot of people a chance that normally would have been sent home. So I suggest she take a Prozac and an extremely large chill pill and accept that people change and she's taking this a little bit far or is in search of a little bit of attention.

  7. This just goes to show that there are all kind of nut cases you go Simon maybe this woman will get the help she needs

  8. OMG! I love Simon. I loved him even when he was a big bad meanie. He's honest!! How can anybody not love honest?!?

  9. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Simon Cowell ma favourite judge but sometimes is altitude makes me scared and he got big heart though…..😙😙😙😙😙

  10. I feel bad for this woman. She has a legitimate phobia and as silly as it may seem to other people, it is/was very real for her. And Simon is sitting there making a joke about it getting the audience to laugh. Phobias aren't a joke, especially if they are debilitating / interrupts your daily life.

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