23 thoughts on “I’m Allergic To Water

  1. Josh you make me laugh with every single new video you make. You get me through my depression.

  2. The reason why more people have allergies these days is because genetically modified, chemically treated foods destroy our gut flora and digestive enzymes. Corn is heavily modified and has been linked to causing Celiac's disease because it's cited to poke microscopic holes in the gut lining. Our digestive enzymes are depleted as a result of leaky gut. Mice with peanut allergies were injected with the missing digestive enzymes for peanuts and it cured them.

    I'm curious what is in the eggplant that you're allergic to because it can't be solanine.

  3. My cousin is allergic to eggs and his mom said well I don't know what to do if you can't eat eggs

  4. If you saw my video from last week 👉 this is the "final product"…60 seconds of standup comedy after seven months and thirteen performances 😉

    According to YouTube analytics only about 1k of you watched that video to the end—and for you, today's video will be a repeat. Sorry about that. I wanted to make sure more people got to see the actual finished jokes.

  5. I know you have questions (HOW DO YOU SHOWER etc) and they are all answered in this behind-the-scenes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60lHqQmibcc

  6. Hi Josh!
    To be honest I didn`t watch your last video. I don`t know why – perhaps I got too many notifications that day…
    The title of this video on the other hand was a different story. First I laughed and then a lot of questions went through my mind.
    -What is water allergy? -How do you drink water? -How do you take a shower? -What happens when it rains? 🤔
    Then I saw your video from "behind-the-scenes" and discovered that you already had an answer for every one of these questions! 😄 Thanks for posting this as a separate video!

  7. I'm allergic to stupid people, which is why I get patches of red on my face every time I go out to the store…or it could just be eczema. I'm not entirely sure.

  8. My boyfriend is allergic to water too!! He itches and has muscle spasms. I’ve never heard of anyone who has his allergy besides his mother

  9. I have a lower leg disability that hurts after i walk a short distance and I have had doctors say that it would be a good idea to have my foot amputated slightly under the knee but I have found and option called the exosym that is an orthosis and acts like a prosthetic and now I can run and jump but is really expensive and not covered by insurance and it only lasts 5-7 years before you have to get another one. It also looks a little bulky and I have had people ask what happened sometimes I get fed up and just say I was born Sense I have this disability sense I was born. People like you and Nick Vujicic really inspire me to do more.

    Ps sorry for rambling.

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