I’m going to leave if I don’t win [Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/2020.02.03]

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Clam broth? (Here is clam broth) It’s the broth you made last time. Right. She just whips it up. (All-purpose broth) I should put Manila clams. Seafood. Boil water for pasta. (Add salt to help make the pasta firm) People who know how to cook boil the pasta while stir-frying other ingredients. (Stir-fry seafood in olive oil) White wine. (Add white wine to get rid of any fishy smell!) He ate, so I’ll make a small portion. (When the seafood is almost cooked) Add homemade tomato paste. That looks like a restaurant. Add one whole tomato. (Unbelievable impromptu home-cooked meal) That’s a home-cooked meal? – The ingredients are amazing. / – That looks so good. Add some clam broth. You couldn’t go anywhere else because you’ll be hooked to her food. Add some garlic. And peperoncino. Mom’s red pepper paste. You’re adding red pepper paste? – How interesting. / – To make it spicy. Get rid of the hangover. It’s hangover pasta. Yes, hangover pasta. Kimchi? She’s very creative with food. Great ideas. My mom’s aged kimchi. Rinse all the ground chili pepper away. Aged kimchi. (Chop, chop) It makes it refreshing and adds texture. The root part is good too. I should add it. (Root is in) That looks so refreshing. You’re a good cook. Delicious. (Add the pasta and boil a little longer) Add the pasta. You have to boil them together to add the flavor. Is the reenactment actor waiting for the food? Yes. Reenactment actor… (He’s my husband, but it’s so funny) Honey, are you finished? It’s done. I’m coming. Okay. What is it? It smells amazing. Doesn’t it look good? (Hangover pasta made with whatever was in the fridge) That looks so good. Of course that’s good. It’s in an earthenware pot. (How does the hangover pasta she whipped up taste?) (Spicy hangover pasta with seafood) That’s it. (He tries the broth first) (Wow) He said “Wow.” How is it? (Curious) (One more spoonful) (Wow) This is what I wanted. This? So sweet. Really? That looks so good. Delicious. (Slurp, slurp) (Wow) He’s loving it. It’s really good. Isn’t it? It’s very spicy. The kimchi makes it interesting. Taurine from seafood helps get rid of hangovers. (Slurp) That’s perfect for a hangover. It gets rid of hangovers quickly. You’re really enjoying it. (Even he wants some) (Whoever made this, it’s so delicious) (She’s really enjoying it) (Oh) That was dinner for me. You really enjoyed it. This is so good. Are you feeling better? Yes, this was just what I needed. When I was 20, my big sisters and I, the five of us, traveled through Europe by train. We were dying for Korean food, but in the countryside in France, they didn’t have any. But they sold tomato paste. So we got tomato paste, and the kimchi we brought got fermented, so we boiled it in tomato paste and ate it. It was really good. Five daughters? Yes, five daughters. I’m the youngest. (5 sisters) (Junghyun) It’s a huge family. (This dish brings back memories with her sisters) I was going through my old things, and I couldn’t find my first album. Really? Give me a minute. (Where is he going?) Huh? (Does he…) (Ta-da) No way. It’s been so long. Your husband had it? My father had it in his car. Really? My father-in-law has all of them. How wonderful. This is a great album. Which song was your favorite? Me? “Change.” “Change.” Not “Wa”? – Why not? / – I liked “Wa,” too. “Wa” was scary, wasn’t it? Yes. I heard you liked S.E.S. Or was it Fin.K.L? It’s a secret. What? – It’s a secret. / – Did you like me at all? My father liked you. When I was little, whenever he drove me to academies, he would play Lee Junghyun, Baek Zyoung, – Kim Hyunjung, Wax. / – Oh, you were a high school freshman when I was a singer. Cute. You were a student. A high school student. It’d be strange to have Lee Junghyun as your wife. I didn’t know this. What does it say? Pere. Right. – Pere, beri, dare. / – Right. I created my own language. My nation’s language. – Junghyun’s language. / – My persona was an alien. Junghyun’s nation’s language. I had all kinds of ideas. I was unique. Let’s see it. No, I knew it! Seriously! I shouldn’t have come here. (This one’s funny) (This is Junghyun’s language) (My name is Lee Junghyun) It must be embarrassing to watch it now. – She made her own language. / – I know. (She’s actually pretty good) (She’s going to feel so embarrassed later) I’ll make you a dessert. It’s the sweet po-caron. Done. I have a feeling that one’s good. – When it comes to the taste. / – Yes. It’s really good. (It’s so good I can’t keep it to myself) (Sprinkle some sesame seeds) That’s going to be good. (Will her husband like it too?) That’s it. Golden brown. It’s candied sweet potato ice cream sandwich. It’s crunchier than other candied sweet potato. (In one bite) In one bite. It tastes like burnt sugar candy, right? It’s better to eat it in one bite, isn’t it? Make it smaller. It’s really good. Isn’t it? I think that’s a nice idea. It’s sweet, nutty and cool. Should I do that? – But… / – Yes? – But… / – Yes? I… I like the first dish. The pasta. (She wasn’t expecting this reaction) I think this one might be a bit weak. (Dr. Bebi is very realistic) He is giving an objective opinion. He’s making a diagnosis. I think this one will be good. Should I go with this one? Yes. (She’s going with her husband’s opinion!) Okay. Honey, come here. I had this yesterday and this morning. Isn’t that like raising livestock? If I lose again, I’m running away from home, honey. She’s going to run away from home. She will? The one I had this morning had stronger tomato flavor, and this one has stronger red pepper paste flavor. It’s good. It is? Yes. I should put some rice in it. (Rice?) (5th day into the recipe development) (She is deep-frying rice) She’s deep-frying rice. You’ll hear sizzling sound when I pour the soup in. – Like sizzling rice soup? / – Yes. Film it, honey. It’ll just be your hands. (Bebi is filming) No, I can’t hear any sound. Let’s try this. Hangover pasta and sizzling rice soup. (Junghyun is trying the sizzling rice soup first) Is it good? Is it? It’s here. It’s so good! (It’ll be a hit) (Nervous) Honey, try this. It’s so crunchy. I think the judges will like this because of texture. They really care about texture. They really care about texture. (She’s a grudge holder) Texture isn’t important all the time. It depends on the food. Was that aimed at me? (Can I expect better texture this time?) (Can Junghyun launch her dish?) Up next is Lee Junghyun’s dish. Please set it up. Lee Junghyun! You must be nervous. I’m so nervous. It’s served in an earthenware pot. Look, in an earthenware pot. Don’t they have that already? Is that pasta? No? Yes, tomato pasta. The broth looks amazing. There are clams. Junghyun, please come up to the front. I’m nervous. (Don’t get nervous and go for it!) I didn’t work for ten days and ate pasta three times a day with my husband and came up with this recipe. In Western-style tomato seafood pasta, I added aged kimchi to make it Korean. The name of this dish is “Wa! Change to Hangover Pasta.” Wa, change. Wa, change. Wa, change. Please begin. (Savoring the smell first) It looks a bit like kimchi stew because there is kimchi in it. (Chef Wonil is kind as always) He showed it to the camera. That looks good. I’m curious. (Slurp) (Slurp) (Focused on eating, showing the top of his head) This would be a perfect hangover breakfast. (So nervous) (Inhaling with their noses in the pots) Today’s dishes are strong. (Agree) I’m in trouble. They are holding the pots up and eating. Excuse me, Seungchul! Lee Seungchul! You’re eating like you’re at a tavern. Look. I’m Samdong, madam. (Perfect) Finish that bowl and sweep the yard. Madam. Sweep the yard. Madam. They are scraping the bottom of the pots. (A sigh of relief) (It’s time for comments) I believe my nose should get runny when I have soup. Disgusting. (Hahaha) When Koreans have soup… This is the sound that should be heard. And I think this broth was perfect for getting those exclamations out. I don’t think I can beat that. (Worried / She won’t be easy to beat) Thank you so much. Thank you. Next is Chef Lee Yeonbok. First of all, it was delicious. It was delicious. (Wow) I just inhaled it. The crispy rice inside, it was crispy and a bit chewy. I don’t know how to describe the texture, but I couldn’t stop moving my spoon. It was delicious. Thank you. He had a meal. I like 100 things about it, but there was one thing that bothered me. And that is I had to use my chopsticks a lot. When you have a hangover, you get lazy. You can use a fork. He should drink less. (Hahaha) If you can use short pasta like orzo and make it possible to eat with a spoon, this product would score 101 points. Thank you. (Three great praises in a row) Lee Junghyun is getting better every day. Lee Seungchul. (Can she get praises from Lee Seungchul too?) I couldn’t believe it. The flavors, the collaboration of tomatoes and kimchi, that was really clever. Lots of people put tomatoes in kimchi stew. They do that these days. That’s the best thing for a hangover. Right. Tomatoes and kimchi. But one thing… (Here is the word “But” again) (Very nervous) Change the name. Okay. To something simple. Okay. It was delicious. Thank you. (She catered to their palates perfectly) You did it! This is a great idea. (Agree)

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  1. I really enjoy watching her cook – I always pick up a tip from her! KBS, please continue to show her cooking!!! I think she deserves her own cooking show!!! Lol

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