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Allergies. They affect the lives
of many bitch-ass Americans. But according to a new study, the most common affliction
is hypochondria. Surprising results
from a new scientific survey of more than 40,000 Americans. The study finds that, while
nearly one in five people said they had a food allergy, only about ten percent
of Americans actually have symptoms
that suggest a real allergy. The data suggests that,
while 50 million Americans think they have food allergies, only about 26 million
actually do. I knew it! Half of Americans
who think they have allergies aren’t allergic to anything. Yeah. The only thing
you gluten-free mother(bleep) are allergic to is a good time. -That’s all it is.
-(cheering) “I’m allergic to gluten. I’m allergic to gluten.” And don’t get me wrong.
I’m not blaming Americans. I’m blaming the doctors
who overdiagnose them. Yeah. I was told I’m allergic to bees, and I know it’s not true,
because I eat bees every day and I’m fine. But, seriously, in Africa, like, food allergies
aren’t a thing. And I know you’re thinking,
“Oh, that’s because, in Africa, you don’t have food.” No, we have food. You racist. It’s just that rashes
are impossible to detect when you already have Ebola. Moving on, here’s some more health news. REPORTER: A new federal rule
requires every hospital across the nation
to post standard charges online for every item
and every service they provide. In the past, some hospitals
have posted only small lists or they’ve asked patients
to contact their health care provider
for pricing. But you can see here,
look at this long list. Now a requirement
for every hospital, and they’ll have to update
the list at least once a year. Yes, yes, yes. Finally, American hospitals now have to tell you
their prices in advance, which is a huge improvement. Hospitals are the only places that can surprise you
with prices. You go in, you get the surgery,
then, three weeks later, you get the bill
for a price of your car. Like, imagine
if you order Chipotle, and the next month
you get a bill for $80,000. You’d be like,
“What? If I’d known that, I wouldn’t have gotten
extra guacamole! What the hell?” Like, I’m serious. I really hope
this is the first step to getting America’s
health care costs under control. ‘Cause, when I first got
to the U.S., I had to have surgery
on my appendix, right? And then after I saw the bill
that came, I was like,
“You guys should’ve let me die.” Like, at that price, I could’ve
sent myself to medical school and then learned how
to take out my own appendix, charged myself $80,000,
and I’d be rich! (cheering and applause) This is a step forward. Moving on, this week is the Consumer
Electronics Show in Las Vegas. CES. It’s where tech companies showcase the latest
in futuristic nightmares. And this year
hasn’t disappointed. REPORTER: While
the Consumer Electronics Show is set to take Las Vegas
by storm this morning, one computerized companion
won’t be there. Take a look at the moment
a self-driving Tesla Model S mows down a robot
in the street. This Promobot’s damage
will prevent him from appearing
in this year’s show. (chuckles):
Oh, wow. A self-driving car
mowed down a robot pedestrian. And you know what’s funny
about this is that, as humans,
we’re so narcissistic we always assumed that, when
the robot apocalypse comes, the robots will be coming
after us. We’ve never once considered that robots probably hate each
other just as much as we do. Yeah. That car probably saw
the robot and was like, “Hey, WALL-E, kill yourself. Your mama was a Roomba.” (cackling) Also, is it just me
or does that robot look like it was trying
to get hit by the car? ‘Cause what is the robot doing
in the middle of the road? It’s probably got some
insurance scam going, you know? Like, the robot is just like,
“Oh, ow, ow, got me.” Gonna show up to court
in a neck brace, like, “I’ve been unable to work
and support my wife and three toasters.”

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  1. I had a friend when I was a kid who's saliva was like acid. She ate at our house once and her fork was bent and "melted" looking, she also had weird blue eyes, like they were purple looking and her whites of her eyes were purplish white. Her and her mom had no furniture at their house and moved a lot. She only stayed for the summer and left suddenly. She used to freak us all out and make us laugh by spitting on things and they would turn black or sizzle, one time a piece of wood started to smoke. I think she was a fuckin alien or something.

  2. Well, if you don't have healthcare, then you probably won't go to the doctor to get checked for suspected allergies. You'll just "self-diagnose" to stay on the safe side. Had tomatoes yesterday? Threw up tonight? Probably allergic to tomatoes!

    Got stung by a bee? Arm swells up? Allergic to bees! (I remember one contestant in ANTM season 1 seriously making that claim. Apparently she didn't know what a bee allergy actually is.)

  3. Racist white Tesla assaults colored Robot. On other news, Chairs Union demand equal treatment and to allow for positions on top of the Table. Vinegar creates a bitter argument over Honey's sweet economic forum. Also Strawberries, forced to wear cover for exposing their seeds. This and other news, when we return.

  4. Your gonna regret that last comment in twenty years when the robot me2 movement starts searching for your robophobic rhetoric

  5. I am allergic to pecans and it kills me, not literally, but also maybe not yet? I think it's because I grew up poor and in the country. We ate them from the trees everywhere and overtime my body stopped wanting to be so destitute? Like Bish, you are 30 and not that poor now…stop.
    My Grandmomma made authentic Georgia pecan pie. Now I can't eat pecan pie at Christmas, but I think I just need an epi pen, her recipe and go to town.
    Also, pecans hurt on the inside and coming out too.

  6. not hypochondria, just not knowing the difference between a true allergy (the immune system goes to war; you could even die)) and an intolerance (digestive system freaks out; not life threatening)

  7. Love you Trevor! ALSO! …the food source (GMOS, Pesticides) affects the increase in food "allergies". We need to stop MONSANTO!

  8. this made me die
    Trevor: but seriously in Africa like food allergies ain't even a thing. Now I know your thinking " well that's because in Africa you don't have food", no we have food you racist its just rashes are impossible to detect when you have Ebola.
    actually funny story my friend broke his arm and we wanted to take him to the hospital and he said no I'm good i don't wanna pay 100,000$ for a cast lmao

  9. gf sensitivities don't exist lol gluten allergies and celiac diseases do obviously. most people feel mildly like crap after eating bread is because of the commercial yeast. slowly leavened bread with long living yeast strains are what we should be eating (sourdough is amazing). because the body can't properly ferment shitty commercial yeast. it rises too quickly to keep up with consumer demand for wonder bread. buy local slowly leavened bread and watch how quick your 'allergies' stop.

  10. Im also suspicious (but respectful) of folks and their allergies. Most have never been tested for anything. Once long ago I ate cooked crab, just crab. Later that evening broke out in horrible hives all over face and neck. Scared me off crab until weeks later news reported high mercury counts in that seasons crab. Been eating it ever since no problem.

  11. Makes me wonder about the food itself I honestly don't believe it's 100% food. That or it's pumped with to may chemicals.

  12. Omg what is this? Trevor, this is spreading very horrendous information. Okay actual people who know something, know but when you have a real allergy and you consume stuff that don't work for you, you actually die (anaphylactic shock). I died twice almost, only the hospital intensive care saved me. – Besides these food allergies where this came from for me, you also can have very serious allergies for animals, dust mites and more- and they have a incapacitating effect.

  13. I recently started attending a funeral service school and the first rule we learned in ethics was that it's a law in NY to give prices over the phone to any one who calls and asks for prices even if they are not looking to make arrangements. Anyone who comes in we give them a paper with a list of prices (that we go over with them and/or that they take with them) of the funeral home expenses because not all homes charge the same prices so people do like to look around and we are required to tell anyone the prices at any time asked. Apparently Funeral Homes will get "secret shoppers" as well to make sure workers are adhering to the proper laws and conducts and the most common one is calling and asking for pricing. I wondered why hospitals didn't do the same.

  14. This is so ignorant I almost want to stop watching The Daily Show all together. I have severe food allergies including peanuts, tree nuts, soy, apples, and peaches and yes I went to an allergist and had a skin and blood test to confirm. My food allergies literally effects every aspect of my life and it is very socially isolating.

  15. True on the African Bit… We got more important issues than allergies but I've noticed a lot of city folks getting weird western diseases and allergies… Yeah, the KFC chicken and domino's pizza be doing its thing….

  16. My mental health meds are necessary. My condition is not from lifestyle so there’s nothing I can do about it. If I don’t get my meds I will cost a lot more from my symptoms going out of whack. I am unfortunately one of the lucky ones. Honestly the lion’s share of my financial means is because I chose not to have children. I can only imagine how heartbreaking it is for people who want to be parents and have to make this decision for $$ reasons.

  17. Imaginary? When the goddamn AMA and study of psychology stop unlawfully making 80 subject test groups of unknowing patients they and the fucking pharmaceutical industry make humam lab rats out of and money off of you can holla back about imaginary allergies and phanthom hypercondria. Until then miss me with that bullshit

  18. Jon Stewart's son nearly died from Celiac Disease and he's using the platform Jon built to try to convince people that it's all made up. Jon Stewart needs to come back and boot him off the show.

  19. And I just keep thinking that here in Germany, thanks to universal healthcare, I paid a whopping 30€ (35$) for the removal of my appendix.

    And that was only because every day you spend at a hospital they charge you 10€, I'm guessing so that homeless people don't pretend they're sick just to sleep somewhere warm for free and occupy beds.

  20. As someone who could actually die eating shellfish after my asthma and shellfish allergies co-developed in adulthood, I miss the HECK out of lobster and crab, so it agitates me a little when health-fad-nuts make things more difficult for those of us who have real allergies by making us all look like liars and assholes. Also, I’d eat the hell out of that crab if I could, so for Christ’s sake enjoy it on my behalf if you can (if you like it) and stop yer bitchin’.

  21. Lmfaoo "self-driving car mows down robot pedestrian" 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 .. but I'm mad they gave the damn robot a eulogy! and read the story like a hit and run murder lol smh these people man

  22. I feel like lying abt allergies just makes it hella hard for people with actual food allergies being taken seriously

  23. Yes, some people say they are gluten intolerant when they are actually totally fine… And then there are those people like myself with Celiac disease. Definitely not faking that, I have blood panels to prove it. Gluten messes me up bad. I did not choose this!

  24. Gluten intolerance is real, but it’s rare. If a real doctor, with a medical license and everything, diagnoses you, then you have it. If not, you’re just following a fad. If you think you’re allergic to gluten, but you can’t tell me what gluten is, you’re not.

  25. Yeah, If you only test on the IgE, then you only see the reaction on THAT blood marker. However, you CAN react to things that don't show up on that test. You just aren't going to die. So, you technically can't call it an allergy, but you can call it an intolerance. This is not a new concept, and it didn't start because of a fad.

  26. loved that part about food allergies! My impression is the same, overacting, overreacting, dramatizing and overrating food allergies is very a brand in the states!

  27. My motorcycle accident cost me as much as a house. As soon as the sent me home they called threatened to take my home and two cars. My auto insurance and medical were fighting for who to pay. Glad that was straightened out. Sad part is my body was broken everywhere and they didn't even let me recover first.

  28. Uh, Trevor, some people who are allergic to gluten have some pretty serious symptoms. I know people who could die if they even breath in a room with a baguette.

  29. American's lifestyles are different to many countries, the Chinese have more allergies than us. We've been sold on processed food, GMOs, black box meds and fossil fuels that eat away at immunity and protective metabolic systems

  30. I have a shellfish "allergy", an onion "intolerance" and a caffine "sensitivity". Different things, but I just say I'm allergic to all 3 because they are all unpleasant and it saves the time needed to try explaining the difference. I do however, label them correctly for any medical personnel that treat me.

  31. I was given a comprehensive allergy test that claimed I had none; but Pine Trees make me deathly ill. I have concluded these tests are not always conclusive or accurate.

  32. The thing is there is a difference between allergy and intolerance, and an intolerance is still very problematic

  33. That moment when your trying to figure out whether the tumblr post about the robot thing stole from the daily show or the daily show stole from the tumblr post

  34. Trevor said that he had an appendectomy (appendix removal), but he pointed to the left side of his body, no the right one (pun intended). I am from the Southern Hemisphere, too, and I can attest that our appendices are on the right side of our bodies. And the big question is: did he really have the surgery, or he had some other kind of surgery? However, if he had his appendix removed but the surgeon entered on the left side, that might explain the expensive bill he received. I am just saying…

  35. Wow imagine faking allergies. These things fucking suck and I don’t get why anyone would want to fake them

  36. I have an intolerance to garlic. If I eat it, I get nosebleeds, vomiting, headaches, and malaise. If I say I have an intolerance to garlic, people think "oh a little bit won't hurt" and they put garlic in my food and I get nosebleeds, vomiting, headaches, and malaise. If I say I'm allergic to garlic, people don't put garlic in my food, I enjoy my food, and my week isn't wrecked by some condescending doucheparade who thinks they know more about what I can and can't eat than I do. Control for people with food intolerances that they are forced to call allergies so they can eat safely and run those numbers again, it'll be a very different picture.

  37. Man. Wouldn't it be nice to have hypochondria as your only illness? I wish I had hypochondria and that all my illnesses were fake. I wish my bipolar disorder was made up in my head. I wish I didn't have a bum ass thyroid from Hashimoto's at 23 years old, since I was 17. I wish my eating disorder was all in my head. Imagine having the luxury of making something up to feel special. The illnesses that make me special are things that absolutely destroy my life and I get treated as a psycho outcast not someone who needs to order gluten-free bread out of restaurant.

  38. Trevor, food allergies are a Real Thing. Every time someone serves me cauliflower I feel like puking. When my parents forced me as a kid to eat it I did puke. Now if that doesn't qualify as an allergy then I don't know what does…

  39. US might be great. Nearly every country has a better healthcare system than the US. Canada, the European countries. Maybe just adapt and change and get better.

  40. All the people that say they have to be gluten free…you dont know what that's really like. 80 percent are just diet fad people. 20 percent actually cannot tolerate gluten. Even some nausea medications have gluten meaning if you dont get affected by taking something like zofran you a lieing ass bitch

  41. You payed $80k for an appendix removal? It would been cheaper to fly to Europe and have it done there for € 2800 or has the $ devalued so much since Trump?

  42. I've had the pleasure (or displeasure) of experiencing health care in other countries, first hand. USA has the highest prices, but that does not mean better. Australia was the most like American health care, but about 10 % of the cost. Prague (Czech Republic) and southern Wales (UK) seemed like some sort of time warp back to the early 1970's. Doctors in southern Wales were baffled because I knew my blood pressure and blood sugar numbers, and they were surprised that I continually asked for updates on my stats and condition. They also seemed taken aback because I knew what was medically wrong with me and how to fix my medical issue. A doctor in south Wales (UK) referred to a staph infection drug I asked for as 'voodoo medicine', when in fact, the drug has been used for 40 years, is on the World Health Organizations list of Essential Medicines, and costs less than $10.

  43. I'm so glad for our health insurance. For 55 eur a month I have everything covered, apart from needing to pay extra for some prescriptions.

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