Improving Quality of Life for Asthma Patients

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As a patient partner I contributed to
the project in many ways. Principally, basically, I am a Latin patient partner,
so I represent the Latin population and the Hispanic population, and as a
patient I know all the cultural and linguistic aspects of the asthma
patients that are Latin or Hispanics, so that’s how I contribute to the project. Also, I have reviewed a lot of concerns, forms,
questionnaires, videos, and all the other information that is given to
the patients on the project are also passed through all of the
patient partners, and it’s very interesting process, a very enrichment one. This study will improve my quality of life. After, if it finishes, and I will get
I will apply all the results, and the knowledge that has been created
has been known and published. I will use it on my own life, and I will apply it
definitely without a doubt, and also currently by participating as a patient
partner I have learned a lot about asthma, even things that I didn’t know
before. So it’s currently it’s changing the way I see asthma and how I interact with
other asthma patients, and all the implication of being an asthma patient has.

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