In der Schule bewusstlos geschlagen | Reallife Story feat Beatsky

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[Music] welcome to a new release story employee I offer I have to moderation now in retrospect was added because we then more because We then several stories behind each other and added that now been a bit confused is on definitely link to her very and very up in the video description to each Subscribe case puts out there wants I said once we go Today comes the history table tennis kicker what you have to say to you escalation you insinuate error half yet again just now was captured again about talk because actually this is subject but something else that’s just in front of it that happens I’ll never do so really times talked about the table that something very is normal and was the table tennis have played I have not again so I do not know if he at all the new perhaps even so was or playing table tennis table tennis racket of played yes plates among others or run or we have definitely case, a flat run, it was not because really but I understand the link draufgesetzt been worse once fantastic it was who in any case We then bid on the table overturned we have there and is are definitely flown table tennis racket they have thus each other off we hope, of course, only shit built and there really have to return to the the suspect in, I could not prevail and yes we just really so shit is that is that I have again fully charged in Germany because it’s really escalates We were partly andré so berlin come this shit built so also is actually main story because what is broken and that We were the stand illustrates the cavalli deserve and that we were the kicked Tyroleans we because we noticed stones with again have thrown are hurt again was and it was we were from table tennis referenced cellar due to an injury visitor says I believe would not be possible definitely love the ceiling made us accompanied one has to know the table tennis, the right at our gone was saying just yet door to the staircase and rape and table tennis cellar In any case, I do know we are so right as we said had was adrenalin 85 we are really trend hochrhein here to write so yes to in any case and covers us out accompanied and gave us made of the room I do not know so I can see what’s going on thrown so we have reason was indeed above you have shit built they were part of the needs so times a some take because I was there not quite in musing we ask what is it so what I So not know yet are the stairs gone up us we have so I am somehow voted yes they gefetzt we have have we discussed so talk and then if we have a bit high felt so so everything blurred perceived and then at some point because they gave me never said 45 minutes away that has stood on the stair so I know I believe there you need to somehow take that is I think I even in the moment looked away he values ​​her head against the paced brought disk where I thought arguing so fun seems to be over as have argued yes, I was definitely case nothing so I have been mad ’cause and then rebuilt shit we have the yet forfeit found and he has have felt our PERKINS Schwickert you probably quarreled somehow art we had the head that was probably would on purpose from the responsive to fully taxed as thinking We the head against the disc beaten then water well aware that had not even noticed seen as you then hot or was it yes that is now full of actors I have also not really as serious advances seen then I will but other gone and I have felt it so really noticed or the dekra do nothing more but I think I even an eye on So’s normally when one is something going on the eye occur is also a bit moved but you still away but I have to been definitely is there in any case it was gone then I also have the Sun then I have in fact only are more likely to we realized location and the then sincerely sorry to the key so then stop , the court also himself fully shocked and had so much jehova written what are you doing and I wanted myself with even the the auditor I have had since I believe packed or so but I remember that seen it has teacher yes exactly Namely, the value was because I White would not likely I know what I do I do it there a unconscious person you’re back we get the phone was this saver who can myself with each other oh no here is set Kristeva any case can then teach in the moment where I think I have I had him, I packed I suspect do I wanted him not actually really beat because he already a deliberately wanted to eat their To take care of anyway, I was pretty upset and then came in any case the teacher the moment came just simply been so bastian was thrashing and then he only realized and then you would probably just want to understand how now was that there was a ground on which the station hey what’s going on and so and now that even now but not realized in any case had the mountain, she is aware that one knows not even what to say what I then made exactly I did think you can relatively quickly ne back to you moment I was not there no idea have you had time to know but she has I bowed as durable even disgusting definitely high sick room classics kolberg on Copts after back in the classroom because there’s Do not miss anything no matter what’s going on, I myself could not care you go back to teaching in luggage so that’s pupil should I picture win because somehow the whole hand cut open and let him return all I think it was actually blanket never held accountable therefore actually data loose one was about that one also makes the train when that somehow was declared one week school banned or so one would have quiet times can one lead so I am to you and So you think hanging position I believe in we were once someone suspended and that takes no more ruled that the neighbor crass Why I do not know he also wants again such a thing when we shit then build directly right now mother call or so and teacher yells around that since the ears rausfliegen and if one is knocked out of us then yes nothing happens stood especially since further it burns me to get this continues the watch when it burns then I say modest and we kick no no Burns will then be yes before before criminal video I bring swear of Qatar precisely brief note I ‘m not handicapped that was really smoked only to parties or times I’m just rinke harvester so if in combination with alcohol always hot dogs from his bag holding shopping just because of themselves Bought easy but it noted that you come’re right now still times summon tripod on the tape seen which makes the view looking straight week so good you start to tell peeps like I heard something on so had an open mouth so reduced as on the head which I then bought what is this here between false this is new he has quite old he just pretty Bought now that I have bought which is of course one then thank I myself for watching and 6

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