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Myers a little bit of a month today but not going to worry about my hair like you know the really relaxed and i want to show you what the girls over and I think it looks super QB call that you need to be an extra ticket so I can show much guys are wearing i notice being super simple but i always try to like coordinate but this is like a dark-colored a huh sounds silly but holy so cute he was like a little lady in her skinny jeans and a black shirt and JJ she has a baby doll gasps shirt with some little old maybe star appearance you can’t really see the stars from North look like that and then i got these little buttons they used to look so nice and fresh and perfect and somebody must have been be crazy you might have been greatly upstairs rather than wait a minute before i saw any of you can focus better be people and brad reed I wasn’t sure about this poncho situation but a little big but you know what it’s like to go i also just uploaded my of adoption updates and I wanted to believe I said the baby in the Barbie things behind she needed to put your clothes on before she’s on the vlog you can’t be a nudie cutie going to get a dress code I had a really cute headband and so to take that and they took it off but i want to thank everyone who has donated first possibly fundraiser I’m gonna have your name pop up on the side of the screen right now 10 st. do we have already raised nine hundred and eighty dollars for a little house so home thank you your guys’s messages your comments your just your generosity thank you for all of your help him and I already kind of planning a couple of things to give back to all the people who donated we’re going to be entering all the people that donated into a private giveaway that they have an opportunity to kind of in something cool as well and they were so generous and so kind i guess that all of these people thank you thank you so much for all your help I mean 980 dollars that’s amazing thank you thank you thank you so let’s get started with this day and let me know in the comments what is your favorite part of your day so far Sulu brother from those are gummy Cola is that he’s going through the Christmas home maker magazine just tell me what I didn’t make it for Christmas next year you know and so we need to start getting back to you when you’re saying that he’s 41 how to get here but also made interviews and the home side and feel like I don’t like preparing for like blood to show up the you like glass down I hope is what what your body when you want to get with the bar up what he’ll have now now put it there’s the door yeah negative unloaded somebody was a freak you know Here I whoa boy what a box but you can be crazy she was your nap are you ready to be a nice person you feel better and me feel better that is a good tool to get high indian propagated giving it i feel like my stuff gonna be like putting back the best can you do it back when you can have mine here o.o what do you think is a firstborn daughter success yeah we are going to my grandma top yet and decide to spend the time of their and one conducted daddy and one thing I don’t have to sound really weird anomaly meet or maybe only be I have a lot of sciences you probably know like girl you always conducted and I never have a cold like I don’t have to bet on anything you might like some the work hours are monday i noticed is one of my favorite ever chocolate and I felt like I wanted to pick me up i would eat chocolate and one like minutes after we need to talk about my nose for like four and i did a bunch of research today I read like the kind of articles and there’s a lot of information on chocolate that is if you are allergic to one side chocolate to attack feels chocolate or you take a bite of it ordinary to know this take a bite of it and if your nose runs in less than 25 minutes you’re allergic to one of the three components within chocolate there’s like I’m not allergy a plurality or we would want to see your name in OC Manny’s yeah yeah we’ll give you do matters in your arms yeah Manning and pop from mere rumors yeah if you’re getting any of pop all the month Oh Jackie well with a little bit of a bump because you need told your shoes little words in you look like Bradley as a baby real quick yep yeah but put a dress on you get mad like you Matthew that was my kids moms graduation that you from making what we’re lost my place two years old that you have thought such as close to your roller never got my grande that’s like that really keeps you gonna do you cook any piece of junk i pay 99 going and going ok maybe some new ones were kind of that pepperoni or cheese ok that’s a good idea i would love some people believe that was my same here you’re such a good chef having a little Thursday keep the five put that to you they could you get some jeans a little one right there making and out here right now and down hold you again and again oh great jewel more animal no problem you must be one donkey want is a nice for you someone anyways guys are amazing at my grandparents house everybody is classed up including Micah and I am finished editing the vlog but guys I’ll get it also thursday and we see you tomorrow

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