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A very warm welcome to this episode and today I have brought you to 39th Delhi International Trade Fair And today in this episode I am going to show you that what things and products you can buy and also the countries participating here and the most important information that where to come and how to come Everything will be there in this episode and for now I am going to show you the information that you can see on my back So this time there are four important halls that you have to remember And the first one that right now you are able to see on the board is Hall no. 7 which is of government Hall no.8 is Income Tax Hall no. 9 and 10 is foreign participants So if you are interested in foreign items and participants and you must go to hall no. 9 and 10 Hall no. 11 is for consumer’s durable So if you need anything for house hold then hall no. 11 is for you Hall no. 12 is for Indian states So if you want to visit the pavilions of states of India then you should visit hall no. 12 And if you want to visit SARAS then visit hall no. 12 and few hangers So these are the halls that we are going to visit And I will give you the full review of Trade Fair On day one and the time right now is 9:30 and the fair is open So let’s go and explore India International Trade Fair 2019 Let’s go So right now we are going to start with foreign participants which is hall no. 9 and 10 So let’s go and explore foreign participants So I am going to start with Turkey in international pavillions and this a pavillion which you will always see whenever you visit trade fair And they have the lights and these gorgeous items as well And its told that these all are handmade All these are are handmade And the lights that you can see over here Are all handmade as well And that’s the reason the prices over here are quite expensive obviously because of Import duties, Customs Etc. So make sure to visit this hall whenever you come here and explore the the things here and also buy them if you wish to A thing I found really interesting here is the footwear they have made which is of ceramic So as they are telling me this is for 800 Rs ( Approx. 11 USD ) And is handmade So these are the different things that you can buy from here So right now I have with me is Mr. Harula from Istanbul and he is the one who come. I think you come every year right ? Mr.Harula: Yes, Every year I come since 20 years Everything is handmade and made up of Murano glasses and wave ceramic All are handmade. No machine is used Raj: So what is the range in Indian Rs. ? Mr. Harula: The range starts from 500 Rs. ( 7 USD ) to 20,000 Rs. ( 278 USD ) Raj : And what about these lights. These lights are very interesting you know Whenever we visit these lights are the main centre of attraction As far as your stall is concerned and we have been observing this from past few years. So what is the price range of these lights Mr. Harula: So these lights are available in 3PC, 5PC for corner, centre and balconies And all is Handmade. No machine is used Its a little expensive since the colors used are natural. These are made of Murano glasses and are only manafactured for Turkey Raj: So all of them are manafactured in Istanbul ? Mr. Harula: Yes, I am the manafacturer Raj: So what is the starting range as far as lights are concerned ? Mr. Harula : The 5PCS are for 12,000 Rs. ( 167 USD ) And the table lamp is for 4,000 Rs. ( 55 USD ) Small table lamp is for 2,000 Rs. ( 27 USD ) This Ceramic vase is for 1,500 Rs. ( 20 USD ) and the Sufi is for 1,500 Rs. ( 20 USD ) And shoes are for 800 Rs. ( 11 USD ) I’ll show you the shoes.. This shoe is not only for table but for hanging also So this is something interesting that I am seeing over here That if you want you can hang it also. As you can see that they have got a point over here So these are small little pretty interesting things So do come over here In this hall to visit Turkey and meet Mr. Harula who will be here So if you are interested in Turkey I think you should definetely buy Make sure to come here and get these Turkish souvenirs So let’s move on and see what else is interesting in the international pavillions Let me give you an important information IITF’s tickets are only available at Metro station And that to be on some selected Metro stations So make sure to buy tickets before you come Secondly, If you want to purchase tickets online then you can purchase it on If you want the tickets in Pragati Maidan Itself then please note that you CANNOT get tickets in Pragati Maidan So ladies if you are interested in jewellery then also you have a good variety of options here Right now I am standing at the stall of Turkey And here you can see this variety of jewellery which is artificial So everything is available here Let me ask the rates of it to give you an idea And the necklaces are also here Raj: Excuse me what are the prices for these necklaces ? Exhibitor: *INAUDIBLE* So as they are telling me it starts from 2,500 Rs. ( 35 USD ) to 10,000 ( 140 USD ) So here are few interesting rings I can see over here So if you are interested in rings do come here There are some unique kind of rings that usually you cannot get in India Raj : So how much are these rings for ? Exhibitor: These are 500 Rs. per pc. ( 7 USD ) These rings are quite unique and the designs I am seeing over here are generally not in India The range is from 500 Rs. ( 7 USD ) to 3000 Rs. ( 40 USD) So ladies if you are interested in imitation jewellery Well, Previously I have shown you alot of imitation jewellery in the videos of my channel at alot of places whether its Delhi or Upcoming episodes of Jaipur But for now the jewellery I am showing you is from Iran So in Iran they have bought artificial jewellery like this I feel that the ring is quite unique and the price for it is 1,500 Rs. ( 20 USD ) And there are many other designs as well which you can see These designs are definetely unique


  1. The fair is open to general public from 19th to 27th Nov
    Tickets rate (Except Saturday and Sunday)
    (online) children₹40, ₹30 offline
    Adults ₹60, ₹50 offline
    🌐On Sat, Sunday ₹120 adults ₹60 adults
    Available online on book my show
    Offline at any metro station except Pragati Maidan

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    Aap hmesha bahot hi spacial jge pr jakr vedeo bnate hai sir…chahe saaman ssta ho ya na ho mgr andekhi cheeze dekhne ko milti hai sir aapki vedeo me.. i love this chanal

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  4. Well done Raj Bhaiya…
    But ek baat samajh nahi aayi Turkey jaise hai idhar, vo to india ke khilaf aur pakistan ke kupaksh ke raha tha….
    Aur aap bhi sabse pahle ussise jakar chipak gaye…

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