Infant Direct Oxygen MP4

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No Audio There some instances where you may go in to assess your patient, and find the patient to be be cyanotic, or blue in color. And need respiratory support while it may already not be on respiratory support. In these cases, it is important to act quickly to avoid cardiac arrest. First, you would want to turn your oxygen up on the wall as high as it will go. You should always have an Ambu bag and face mask set up in your room at all times for any patient of any age. Grab the Ambu bag. Pull the green tubing. It could be any color, though, depending on your facility. Place it at the patient’s nose, and with your other hand make a “C”, or in a cup-like form. Hold it so that the baby gets one hundred percent oxygen at the most liters per minute that our deliver system allows. Call your physician at this time. No Audio No Audio

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