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My name is Ben, I’m 24. I’m from Germany. My parents are Indonesian Americans But I live in London right now I’m an actor, a full-time YouTuber, and I write stuff as well. I found out about the Wim Hof Method probably like everyone else I found it on Vice, on the documentary And, I was at a time where I just came from a warm climate I lived in a warm climate for the last six years And the day I moved back to Europe I got ill immediately. I’ve had inflammation. I’ve had an infection in my tonsils So I checked out this website and I found Wim Hof Method I immediately purchased the App, started breathing by myself And it was only uphill from there. Fully in! Let it go! It’s all neurology. And you are in command! I’ve been doing it for three months by myself. I’m actually friends with one of the instructors. We live next door to each other So I’ve been practicing for 3 months in total, and this is my first workshop with Wim. I learned incredible amounts of information with this workshop. Today I learned insane amounts of information. There was so much going on They taught you so much! And there are a lot of things that I learned but Most of all, that this is the time I’m going to stop limiting myself This is the last time I’m gonna limit myself and my physical capabilities. Forever! I was a little skeptical. I’ve been doing the breathing for 3 months. It’s been giving me various benefits But I’ve never really gotten healthy. I took a couple of antibiotics last week and I still didn’t recover from it. I just asked Wim What could I possibly do to combat this? So he invited me over to stage, which was super cool! He made me breathe 40 times And then I suddenly pulled off 60 push-ups, which was ridiculous. I’ve never done 60 push-ups ever! And go! 1, 2, 3, 4 15, 16, 17, 48, 49, 50! After the push-ups with Wim, I felt incredibly high. I felt like I was on a little cloud. I was a little tunnel visioned. Maybe I am still a little bit now. This was like five minutes ago. I’m gonna incorporate this my daily for sure. I’m gonna do the breathing every day. I feel cold showers just wake me up. I feel like I’m a champion straight up from the get-go I wake up in the morning, I breathe, I feel aware, I feel strong And I’ll keep on doing this for everything I think! Easy, easy! I would recommend to people that you should keep an open mind towards everything in life But especially that things that involve your body And things that are so primal and so basic I think everyone should have an open mind about what happens to your body And how you can heal yourself from the inside Without any other influence from other people. So always keep an open mind And truly believe in yourself!

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  1. Is it necessary to breathe in that hard, or can I fill my lungs with air slower? I've noticed people sucking in super hard. I feel like I am not doing it fast enough.

  2. I wrote this 2 weeks ago. My first experiences with Wim Hof's method. It is all real. Looking forward to this year's winter.

  3. Three months into wim Hoff, exercise and breathing with cold showers, plus good supplementation of vitamins, enjoy nature, enjoy life. Cured 80% of my neuropathy pain damage caused by a vitamin b12 defecient for years and dokters never could find the cause. I'm not 100% healed, but the progress I've made… I've never felt this good in a long time.

  4. So How can you tell when you're affecting the immune system and body heat production during meditation? It seems like when you produce adrenaline during meditation, you can feel it, its unmistakable, blood pressure drops and heart rate increases, you can feel it. but how can I tell if I'm doing the other things?

  5. I love what you said about keeping a open mind because I am noticing when we stand in a belief any belief it is hard to be open-minded about the possibility of something better so I'm trying to be open-minded by not standing in any belief because it is what it is whether I choose to believe or not so from now on I choose to be open minded

  6. Amazing! I am looking forward to seeing your next video Wim!!! I've been doing cold showers since august 2018, it's been 2 months and wow!
    ps: Ben, you cheathed on the last 10 push ups 😁 But you did great anyway! Stay healthy guys!!!

  7. Thanks for the video! I am practicing myself and seeing already nice results, even though I can't do it everyday. Being outside in the cold in shorts and T-shirt for a half hour at 2 degrees celsius, for example, is a big success for me. Heading towards a stronger Immunsystem. Being a mom of two, that would be just great to stay healthy!! 😀
    Haven't been in a course with Wim (or an instructor) But I do enjoy the "fundamentals". It is possible to practice "from home". Would like to meet Wim though! I guess that would be interesting and lots of fun!!! 😀 Maybe when my little ones are older..

  8. Cuando hace flexiones, mantiene la respiración, pero, ¿lo hace después de dejar salir el aire? ¿O lo hace cogiendo aire y manteniendo?

  9. The sad part is that he has become commercialized just like a new iPhone on the market! His work shops is going to cost a fortune, and he is going to start making a lot of money through his lectures…. This happened with the secret, and others…. Everybody wants a piece of the pie!

  10. When you said you had inflammation issues that couldn't be solved with antibiotics, you answered that with being able to do push ups. I still don't understand. Could you explain?

  11. the first time I started to breathe i could hold my breath for one minute and half. after about 50 days I could hold it for 3 minutes and half and I almost couldnt believe. anyone has similar experience?

  12. Son of a bitch I wanna meet/train with Wim. Dudes awesome. I’ve been breathing his method and cold showering for a little over a month and the once unbearable pain in my neck that never went away and held me back on a day to day is nearly non existent now. And hitting 3:50 of no breathing during the third round of the breathing exercise is an amazing feeling too. It really takes you somewhere.

  13. You moved to Europe from an exotic place and got sick? Well, it’s because you don’t belong here. Simple as that,

  14. Are Wim's followers sworn to secrecy? They always say they experience many benefits but never name more than one or two. And this guy says nothing about inflammation.

  15. Интересное видео;хочется больше обучения получить от Вим Хоф;огромное ему спасибо и браво!!!!!!!!;

  16. I've been breathing my whole life. Interesting stuff. Marketed well. Everyone is looking for some – thing to set them free. If we only realized that thing is already inside of us. We don't have to practice a method, or go to a workshop or become a trainer or teacher. Your light is already shining inside of you, you just have to look.

  17. What the hell people in Africa are gona do, where to find a cold spot? The blue areas in the world have the higest number of people who have the most longest life. That places are the most hot with no cold near by….

  18. This stuff is a muscle you grow it do keep in mind it's like push ups or lifting too you can overdue it an get hurt it's good too start light cold exposure an move up comfortable if you make your body shiver threw stuff your not really working out that muscle you whana try too become comfortable in distress or find discomfort wile seeking discomfort that's wheir I think that champion feeling comes in when you go for things you don't whana do like im all for cold showers but it takes alot of pushing too do it right after waking up but once you really get into the hole thing it's only bad right when your body temp changes but once you become comfortable in the cold you can clear up your mind and feel warm from the inside through focus im so glad I got into it being 18 cause it's primal simple stuff that should be taught in school

  19. Although I was able to stop bronchitis from turning into pneumonia with antibiotics, I never stopped doing my breathing excrecise, even when interrupted with coughing fits expectorating all kinds of thick phleghm. I feel certain that the breathing exercises has helped my recovery as it would in keeping with my past to still be having coughing fits this soon after the acute stages of bronchitis. I'm on day 8 of a 10 day course of Doxycilin, my breathing is clear and deep with no coughing! I swam 1/4 mile last night and felt winded but great..
    Thank you Wim Hof, I haven't missed one single day of the breathing in about 8 months now and I love it so much!!!! Bless you, sir for bringing this to the world.

  20. I’m just a beginner at this. I’ve been on a year long journey of nutritional health resulting in 100 pound + weight loss and numerous health issues cured. I find myself still in search of something. I began the breathing and noticed from the very first session a huge increase in urine production. I do believe this to be either of two things. 1. Stress relief allowing the kidneys to relax and filter blood more efficiently. 2. Outflowing of inflammation from my body. This seems to happen with every session with me. I am thankful for whichever it is because I feel great. I am hopeful for a relief of adrenal fatigue which is what I try to concentrate on during my sessions.

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