Inhalation – BLUE BLOOD, exhalation – RED BLOOD! Valves of the HEAR!T!

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I’ll tell you now what happens to the valves of the heart at the EXTENT! Here, on the right, the pressure in the lungs is shown, depending on the time of the onset of inspiration. In the middle of the INHALA the pressure is maximal. And negative. That is, depression! Therefore. Here, through this low-pressure channel, venous blood retracts into the lungs. In this case, the TRIPLE-RELEVANT valve is open, and the valve of the LUNG trunk is opened. Unlike the right side of the heart, the MITRANAL VALVE and the AORTIC VALVE are closed during the inhalation! Because, the pressure in the lungs is less than atmospheric and the blood in the AORT presses on the Aorta valve and it closes! That is, when breathing only BLUE BLOOD sways, with a low charge of erythrocytes! Now I’ll switch to EXHALATION! At exhalation, when DIAPHRAGMA rises and presses on LIGHT, underneath in lungs, PRESSURE is above atmospheric. air comes out through the mouth and nose. and when exhaling through the heart moves RED with charged erythrocytes blood! Under pressure, the blood enters the vessel, which comes from the lungs Under this pressure, the MITRAL VALVE opens. And further for 8 strokes of the heart: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. every second triggered muscle MICARDC and pumps the recruited into the left ventricle blood towards the aorta through the open valve of the Aorta! That is, with an exhalation Only the RED BLOOD passes through the heart! blue blood does not flow when exhaled, because these valves and the valve of the pulmonary trunk and the THREE-STRAIGHT VALVE are closed because the pressure shown by the BLACK ARROW is higher than the pressure in the right atrium. so this valve is closed and the right ventricle does not pump the BLOOD! So, along with the RESPIRATION, there is also BLOOD-CIRCULATION! All the best! Learn To live long!

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