Inhale – DB Tha Girl

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Imma take a deep breath, inhaling all the
good stuff. I keep my faith strong, nevermind a good luck. It’s that boom bap on Fridays when life’s
a bit rough and too much but you know we gotta stay tough. Gotta go on living never think bout givin
up. Been drowning myself with liquor, think I
should stop. It’s a set up, they want us to get fed up
but Imma keep my head up even higher than the solar. Positive chi for the dreamer who’s she. I roll my weed in public it don’t matter
who sees. Indigo skies for the indigo child. I keep my actions in balance, I’m either
strong or I’m mild. INHALE I see them looking at me, smiling at me. I don’t know, but maybe in reality they
just laughing at me. Wondering why I’m alone on a rusty old roof. They probably thinking that there are so much
better shit I could do. But I’m just here with a pen and a beer,
with no limitations, we’re at best when we’re real. On a heavenly feel, like I’m lost in a field. But I just keep on wandering cause I’m in
charge of the wheel. Guided and I ain’t hidin,
I am open like my mind and, Enlightened, I keep the fire burning
With that green that we be rolling. On that nature feel, soul’s major meal. Secret conversations with the source when
you made your deal. So dont you ever kneel for nothing or no one. Light up and smoke one, get up and get gone.

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