Inhaler Essential Oil Blend for Immunity Booster, Motion Sickness, and Seasonal Allergies

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This is Rebecca Totilo with Aroma Hut Institute and I’m so glad you’re here today. Because you know what we want to talk about how to make aromatherapy inhalers. So aroma inhalers is so easy to
do and it really is just really enjoying the benefits and enhancements of
essential oils. So what we’re going to be doing is making three products today.
This is something that we do in our course for a certification and level two
because when you’re talking about the respiratory system of course inhaling
the oils is one of the best benefits and one of the best ways to get them into
your bloodstream and into your body. So really this is so easy we’re going to
just use some of these products (personal inhaler). This is a plastic one but this is the actual
inhaler. So you have the cover, the actual inhaler, the wick and then you have the
cap or the butt of the inhaler. These are available in Amazon, I’ll share a link
below for you to be able to get those. Now if you like the fancier ones and of
course you can get these that look almost like a lipstick tube, which you
would use a very very small pipette to get your oils into this. Or actually
could open it up to put your cotton wick down in that and have the oils in there.
Now it’s just a fun way to carry these holes with you and use them because that way when you get to use these oils you’re not sharing with the rest of the
world. It’s only for your benefit and it’s your personal space that is
actually going to be smelling these oils. So let’s look at three different recipes
I want to use. And you do not need a carrier oil for this. You only need to
use essential oils. So the first one I want to make is an immunity booster. Now I’m
going to be cheating a little bit because I’m going to be using an Aroma
Inhaler kit that I purchased at and they have the little stickers and things. So we’re going to put this right
on the cap , right on the cover and that way you won’t forget what it is. And
usually, when you make these up you can carry them with you for quite a long
time. If you know keep them out of the heat and maybe in your purse and
such, they last up to a year. I’ve had them last that long. Okay so we’re going to be
using the oils in here using them putting in a bowl. This particular
recipe (sorry I can’t talk) is four drops of eucalyptus. So we’re just
going to add those right in here: one, two, three, four. And it’s okay if you add an
extra drop. We need four drops of lavender: one, two, three, four. Again it’s
alright if you add a little more, a little less. And we’re going to also be
putting in four drops of lemon: one, two, three, four. And lemon is very thin so it
comes out fast. Now, this one is Melaleuca or tea tree so
we’re going to add three drops. One, two, three. Now for an inhaler we usually use
around maybe fifteen to eighteen drops of oil, you can add a little more if you
like. So we’re gonna drop our wick in the bowl and just absorb those oils right in it. Just get them just soak it up. and then just scrub it around. Now
we’re gonna be taking this and dropping it right inside. Oops! That’s what happens when you drink wine when making an aromatherapy products. Okay, so we’re going to put our cap on and just get that to go in there and put
our cover on like this. Okay, so this is something that you can carry in your
purse. This one is the immunity booster So you just inhale it and you
actually can close one side of your nostril and inhale deeply, maybe close the
other side and just take a deep breath and breathe
it in. So that you can open up your passageways help support your immune
system during the cold and flu season. Okay, let’s try another one. Now this one is an aromatherapy blend for motion sickness or if you have any
kind of queasiness, or feel a little nauseous. So this one’s going to be for
motion so we call it motion ease. So again, we’re going to take another
diffuser out. I had these packaged up for our class because I like to have them
all ready for them to go. When we do in-person training we like to have
everything ready for them. You can purchase your own for making them at
home though. So let’s see…This one is going to be coriander. We’re gonna be
using coriander, fennel, so that should be interesting. Ginger. Okay and let’s see
what else? Peppermint let’s get peppermint. Okay and let’s see what else. Well, that’s good enough. Let’s just go with those four oils. Okay so let’s see
how many do we want? Let’s do three drops of coriander. Let me
get another bowl here. So I do one, two, three, okay. Let’s do our fennel. Let’s
see we will need three drops. One, two, three. We like to use fennel in our cooking and three drops of ginger. One, two, three. Now, this was a recipe that was already done but we can make our own we can add less or add something
different if we don’t like those fragrances and this one’s peppermint and this one
is six drops. Three, four, five, six. So if you have a stir rod a glass rod or
something you are going to want to stir it up or mix up your oils together so you can blend
them. You want to check the fragrance make sure you like it because you might
want to add something else. Maybe a little bit more of something. Go ahead
and get our wick and soak it up. Get it to absorb all the oils and then we’re
just gonna take their inhaler and drop this right in. Okay, again we’re just
gonna put the cap on and seal this up. Let’s go ahead and (chuckle), it fell apart Mark…Oops! Okay, we’re gonna put the cap on! Gotta make sure you get the cap on and let’s add our label. All
right so this is when you feel like the room is the Titanic (I mean the Poseidon adventure). Okay so you’re gonna
take a deep breath to inhale. Ah, that’s so nice. It actually is nice fragrance if
you feel a little unsettled in your stomach or had a little too much wine. Love this one!
This is one you need to carry in your purse, especially if you’re
traveling you definitely, have that with you. All right, let’s do one more. This
one is for soothing those seasonal allergies. Okay so let me get a clean
bowl let’s go ahead and see what we can be use with that one.
So I think we’re going to use lavender we’re gonna do our peppermint and let’s
also do lemon for this one okay. So we’re going to use our personal inhaler again.
Yeah you know what if you don’t have this particular inhaler, you can also use
it as a diffuser blend. So you could do it at home as well. All right so let’s
see we want to add: six drops of lavender. One, two, three, four, five, six. And six
drops of lemon: one, two, three, four, five, six. Was that seven? Did you count? And
three drops of peppermint. One, two, three. Okay, so we’re in Florida so we
really do go through a lot of this (allergies) in the fall season when the trees are
changing – you know you start to feel the symptoms of allergies and
this is a great one to have. And you know just diffusing in your home helps a lot.
But for children going to school or college kids they can take this with
them. Okay, so we’re going to go ahead and just drop this in and cap it off. Its not wanting to go in a little bit. All right so let’s
go ahead and get our label. This one is called seasonal soothe. Okay and we’re
gonna have the recipes for you so you can get those on the bottom in the
description of this video, so you can watch it. Now that’s pretty simple. Of
course you can change it and adjust it as you like.
I have other recipes for you and according to the body systems, we have a lot of
ways for you to make your own blends in my book, Therapeutic Blending with
Essential Oil, which will show you how to make blends for over a hundred and
seventy common ailments. So you can make a zillion of these for all kinds of
things, using all your own oils. So one of the wonderful things about this is that
if you are missing let’s say eucalyptus, you could substitute it with another oil
based on our matrix here. So that’s the beauty of this book – helping you say oh
shoot I don’t have this one. Well, you can use another oil and still gain the
benefits of that particular blend. I hope that you enjoyed watching this video and
if you would please subscribe to our channel so you can watch more
informative videos like this one and visit us at if you have any
questions or comments. Thank you for watching.

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