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everybody so I promised you the quickest ever resolution for anxiousness so this is going to be an inhaler blend it’s really quick to make free blend it you’re gonna love it all right you guys so we are back and I am making the fastest relief for anxiousness those anxious moments overwhelm nights when you can’t sleep you’re tossing and turning one blend it’s called peace and calming and if you look at your screen you’ll see the ingredients so you may be able to play around with making your own piece of common blend but I feel like this one is blended perfectly so I’m using that and I’d love to hear from you guys what I’m going to use that similar piece of coffee so once you look at the ingredients up there you think they’re coming and so I’m making an inhaler guys know I love inhalers especially for emotional support issues and so we’re just going to place that in on top good you immediately Park a call now people call me so you can use this to relax to go to sleep to prevent an argument your mood I you know I’m I don’t even you try to recreate it so when you’re making your inhaler just take the tweezer and swish it around you can also do the drop by drop method where you just put the organic cotton swab right in the inhaler you just drop the oils right in here I like both ways but this always like it’s nicely so much and this thing will last for months so you put it right in there what I love about our tailors too is it’s really personal so if you need to get some sleep and you’re not feeling so great you can pull this out use it and not bother your spouse with the one that they may not want the aroma or the effect they may be sleeping like long so this is how you do it and it just goes this is for somebody else oh I can’t put it up in focus but breathing in okay and it’s great to do a nice deep cleansing breath with that so if you haven’t seen my videos on that go take a look in fact I’ll probably pop a link in here so that you can see one of my videos where I’m showing you how to do the deep cleansing breath so that’s a great thing to do with this start winding down you guys around 9:00 p.m. which I have not done tonight I won’t even tell you what time it is while I’m recording this but it’s a great thing to do to start winding down and this is a good one to use to help you to do that if you especially if you struggle to kind of have a bad night alright I promise you to be quick and easy it is so enjoy and let me know how you enjoy it take care

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