Inhalers for COPD with Krishna Rangarajan, MD Lawrence Pulmonary Specialists

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Lawrence Memorial Hospital now brings you Better Health. Inhalers are really the Main state treatment for COPD. The reason why we use inhalers is mainly to improve quality of life to try to reduce hospitalizations and to allow our patients to breathe easier and to be able to do more on a daily basis. And our inhalers they will improve your lung function but, that they do not fix the COPD so we look at inhalers on two broad categories a long-acting inhaler a short-acting inhaler and with our long-acting inhalers what we’re looking at is trying to relieve your shortness of breath and your cough through the course of the day. On the short acting inhaler we’re looking at that patient was really having sudden shortness of breath that’s really affecting them right now. Whether thats related to something they just did or the heat or anything like that and that short-acting inhaler will help you to get rid of that shortness of breath in that immediate time . When we try to go towards nebulizers is in patients who are having trouble using an inhaler whether it could be from other reasons like arthritis or anything like that or also in patients who are really short of breath and you are at that point in time where you don’t have the ability to take a long enough breath in to use the inhaler and that’s what a nebulizer allows you to take that medication over a longer period of time.With an inhaler using it right and not breathing too fast which can be frequently a problem is very important. People tend to think that I have to take this inhale it really fast and I have to push it and sucking as hard and fast as I can what we actually find is that you need to slow your breath down so that we’re getting the medicine down to the parts that your lawn where it’s going to actually do the most benefit.

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