Inhalers for Young Living Essential Oils

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Thanks for checking out my video For those of you that don’t know me my name is Kate I am a wife, mother of two and a woman on a mission to help other families rid their house of toxic chemicals and replace them with some goodness!! so I am a Young Living junkie! Check out some of my other videos on why I only use Young Living Oils Today is going to be a real quick video. I am just going to show you how to use an inhaler. So it is not an inhaler you are thinking – it is not an asthma inhaler it is an essential oil inhaler. So it has this part and a cover this little thing sticks in there and then you put the bottom on so I will show you guys how to use these – they are super easy I love to use these with kids because you give a kid a bottle of oil – not a good idea its going to get all over – they are probably going to dump it NOT A GOOD IDEA Roll-ons even.. my daughter – she will put the roll-on entire body and then just be a grease ball – so these work really well for kids its super easy! I am just going to put this part into the lid and screw it on – drop in the cotton ball .Today I am going to do Citrus Fresh and Lavender which is a really good mood booster. Both of these oils come in the starter kit they are really great oils. I am just going to do one or two drops of the Citrus Fresh and mix it around and then I am going to grab my Lavender which is one of my favorites oils to blend. So the citrus really boosts your mood – makes you a little happier and the Lavender is really good for calming and relaxing So a calm happy person – right!? I don’t know if you can see that but I just put one drop in there. Then you just put on the lid and guys – that’s it! How easy is that!! and you can just shake it around it smells so good!! It has little holes right there so you can just smell it – take it where ever you want The great thing about this for kids is you can give this to them and its theirs they can put it in their backpack – they can put it in a special spot in their room they can do whatever they want with it because you really can’t mess with it – if you want to change the scent or they have had it awhile and it has stopped smelling so strong you just take the bottom off and put more drops in. its really awesome! thanks for checking out my video and I hope you have an awesome day Grab these on Amazon! Love it – Bye!! Young Living Member # 10374453

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