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Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well. Today I’m going to do another
“Weird Funny Stories I Wrote As A Kid” because as a kid I really wanted to be an author and my favorite author Jacqueline Wilson
said that if you want to be an author you need to write
and just let your imagination go wild. So with that in mind I set up a yellow folder
to keep all my author ideas in and some of them are very entertaining
and very cringy. So today again I’m going to
have a look through this folder I’ve not looked at anything else in great detail so when I’m reading it to you it will be the first time
that I’m reading it in about 10 years as well so this should be very interesting
and I hope you enjoy. I’ve just had a look through my yellow folder and
I’ve picked out a few stories that I’m going to read today but I just wanted to point out as well that
I just saw a story in there that is 27 pages long. 27. So I’ll maybe leave that for another video because as you can imagine
it’s gonna be quite long, it’s gonna be quite in-depth but I’ve picked out 3 shorter stories
that I’m going to share with you today and the first one is called “Time Machine”. And apparently I wrote this on
the 20th and the 21st of February 2004 so it’s been a while, I don’t think I’ve ever read this
after writing it again. And I also drew some pictures at the bottom there
of some of the characters so there we are
and those are some interesting fashions. “‘Time is running out, I need answers before it’s too late!’
Louise dramatically announced.” “‘Maybe you shouldn’t leave your homework
till last minute then,’ Cissy pointed out.” “There’s 6 of us.
Kelly, Ashley, Sam, Louise Cissy and me.” “Kelly’s the leader of our gang.
Well, she’s a leader of nearly everything we do.” “What she says goes and when she said
she was the leader of the candy club,” “she was the leader.
She could rule the world.” I like that logic there
like if you think it, you can do it. “Louise wants to be an actress.
Need I say more?” “Cissy is the smartest.
She knows the answer to nearly every equation.” “She wants to be a marine biologist
or maybe an astronaut.” That’s like two totally opposite things like one goes right down into the water
and the other goes up. “‘Wouldn’t it be amazing to be so close
to the stars and planets?'” “she said dreamily the other day.
If you say so!” “Ashley isn’t as bright when it comes to school work.
She is when it comes to fashion.” “No prizes for guessing what she wants to be.
‘The next Naomi Campbell,’ she said.” “Sam and me are the tomboys of the group.
Premier league baseball stars, that’s us.” “A peculiar mix of people but all the best of friends.” Yeah that’s certainly a mixture of people
that I’ve found there. “We’re at school, it’s lunchtime
and the next period is English.” “As always Louise hasn’t done her homework
and has asked Cissy what she’s put.” “‘You can do that work perfectly well yourself,’
said Cissy.” “‘I wrote about the weekend before last, it was easy’.” “‘All I did was eat, sleep and watch the World Cup,’
Sam suggested.” “‘You’ve got to admit Cissy, the works kind of hard.
Writing about something we didn’t do.'” “‘Cut me some slack?”
Louise admitted. “‘Oh okay then but if Miss Robertson finds out-‘
‘She won’t!’ we all say.” “‘Oh all right, what is it you’re stuck on?’
Cissy asked”. “The teacher would never believe what we really did at the weekend. Too far-fetched. OTT.” “In fact she’d probably give us another sheet of paper
and tell us to tell the truth.” “You still want to hear this bizarre story?
Well, if you insist.” “It was Friday afternoon. We were walking back from
school talking about plans for going to the park.” “‘I need to do my homework,’ Cissy said,
‘It’s in next Tuesday.'” “‘Oh come on Cis,’ Louise whines,
‘It can wait.'” “‘I’ve got better things to do,’ Sam moaned,
‘Fashion Eye’s on the telly,’ Ashley groaned.” “Kelly got angry.
‘I’m the leader and I say we go.'” And that’s the end of the story. I’ve spent so long talking about all the characters that
we’ll never find out why it’s called “Time Machine”. This next story is called “Shocking Stories of Our World”
and I’ve wrote it like a newspaper article. And my favorite detail here is the little stamps
down the side of like mobile phones and flowers…yeah. Okay so this one is “Shocking Stories of Our World:
Smoking Almost Killed Me by Matt Brown”. Now if you listened to my last video
there was a story with Flower and Willow and I basically demonstrated that I know
nothing about asthma, so this could be interesting. How did smoking almost kill Matt Brown?
Let’s find out “When I was 15 everyone thought it was cool to smoke
because we were underage.” “I’d never tried it before because I knew of a man
who died of lung cancer,” “which was caused by his heavy smoking.” “We were playing truth or dare and I accidentally
told them I’d never touched a cigarette or drank alcohol.” “One of the boys, Frank, laughed.
He said ‘Well now it’s time to start.'” “He dared me to drink a whole pint of Guinness
and smoke a whole pack of cigarettes.” “I drank the beer no problems.
I thought I’d got away when everyone cheered like mad.” Because he drank one pint of Guinness?
Okay. “But they hadn’t forgotten.
They passed me the cigarettes.” “I noticed the words on the side,
‘Smoking Kills.'” “I couldn’t believe
I was about to put myself in hospital.” “I have really bad asthma-”
[LAUGHTER] Not asthma again Kate, we’ve established
you know nothing about asthma. “I have really bad asthma
and one puff of the cigarette and I had an attack.” “I left my inhaler at home
so it wouldn’t spoil my night.” Those inhalers, they really really
put a dampener on any night. Whoever goes out and says
“Well it was a great night,” “but Matt took his inhaler with him
so it wasn’t that great”? “I left my inhaler at home so it wouldn’t spoil my night
It was a lifesaver I didn’t have.” “Luckily I got to hospital on time
and made a full recovery.” “I don’t hang about with Frank now, he nearly killed me.
I really am lucky to be alive.” I think maybe once I’d
made the newspaper columns up I realized that I really
didn’t have much room to tell this story. I really really hope I had more in mind
for that story than just that because that was pretty underwhelming. So hopefully this last story’s good,
it’s called “Puppy Love” and I seem to be simplifying fractions
down the margins of this one so I’m wondering if I was writing this somewhere where
I shouldn’t have been, like Maths or somewhere. “‘Where are we?’ a desperate voice asked,
‘Is that you Scamp?'” “‘Listen, I can hear someone coming.
Yelp as loud as you can,’ another voice instructed.” “As seven pups barked like mad at another car
on the cold hard country road,” “Muffin, the eighth, sat in the corner
of the roomy damp cardboard box.” “While all the other puppies had been asleep,
the chocolate colored Labrador had been wide awake.” “Molly’s mom and Molly had been over the moon
when Muffins mom and dad Minstrel and Sooty” “gave birth to eight healthy puppies.” “Molly’s father though knew
they couldn’t afford to keep ten dogs.” “Muffin was sure he was a nice person really,” “but knew it was impossible
to have so many yelping bundles of fur.” Yeah he’s a nice person really
but this is very clear animal abuse. “Molly at 7 years old didn’t realize
that pets needed more than a cuddle.” “Her dad said two dogs was the limit so Minstrel,
her brown Labrador and Sooty, a black Labrador” “were the only pets in the Marshalls’ household.” “When the puppies were born four of them,
Domino, Nemi, Suki and Brownie, were black.” “Three of them, Scamp Lucky and Sweep,
were black and brown.” “And Muffin, like her mom,
was the only fully brown pup of the litter.” “Minstrel, though she didn’t want to admit it,
felt quite attached to Muffin because of that” “and out of the lot she was her favorite.” “She was glad that’s one of the puppies
followed in her footsteps.” “Now, like the rest, Muffin was gone.” “Though only a day old,
Muffin was the wisest of the litter.” “He remembered Mr Marshall
scooping them all up carefully” “and successfully dumping them
in the box in the middle of nowhere.” “All poor Muffin could think of now
was his worried mom and dad.” This is starting to sound like “The Aristocats”. “When Molly woke up in the morning
she ran down to her carefully made puppy basket.” “Not one of the pups was there.” “She looked all around the house but
there wasn’t even a yelp from noisy little Patch.” “‘Dad,’ she cried really upset,
for these puppies weren’t even a week old.” “Lots of really bad things could happen.” “Mr Marshall came down
to see his daughter weeping gently.” “‘Molly, we talked about-‘
‘How could you?!'” “‘You said you’d sell them, not take them away
when they’re 17 hours old.'” “‘I didn’t even get to say goodbye,’
his hurt daughter sobbed.” “‘Look Molly, I didn’t want you to get
too attached to them. I did this for the best.” “‘Oh Dad, you should have taken them to an animal
sanctuary, not the side of Hillsborough Peak.'” Okay so the daughter knows
where the puppies are? “‘I’m sorry Molly, but-‘ he got cut off
as his daughter ran upstairs too upset to speak.” “Meanwhile Muffin felt he should no longer
sit and pine in this damp cardboard.” “‘That’s it,’ Muffin cried to the pups,” “‘There’s no use sitting waiting for
someone to find us, we must find them.'” “Suki wasn’t happy though.
‘I object ,’ his silky black sister protested,” “‘It’s all very well you having a brown coat
but our paws are going to get muddy.'” “‘It won’t show up on you.’
The pups barked in agreement.” “‘Oh shut up sis, we look a mess anyway,’
said Domino.” “‘Would you rather have a clean coat
or get home?'” “‘Well,’ said Nemi,
‘I guess we can get a bath when we get home Suki.'” “But Suki was determined.
‘Mud is dirt.'” “‘Why do you think we were given up in the first place?
They didn’t want a bunch of dirty pups.'” “Some pups started crying at this remark.
How could Suki say that?” “‘Well you stay behind if you really feel that way,’
said Domino sniffing back tears,” “‘but you’ll be all alone.’
Not even Nemi stayed to keep her sis company.” “They each scrambled out to go home.” “Meanwhile Molly’s dad decided
he needed those pups back.” “Molly’s mom, Molly and himself
climbed in the car.” “He drove them to an empty box.
Nothing there except for a pining Suki.” “‘It’s Suki!’ Molly cried.
The pup licked her face.” “One down, seven to go.”
And that’s the end of the story. So it seems I was very good with coming up
with the premise but I didn’t really go any further. If you want to know what happens next,
I suggest you watch “The Aristocats” by Disney and imagine dogs instead of cats
and maybe it would be something like that. So those are my 3 stories for today, hopefully the 27 page long one is going to be better
because I’m really looking forward to that one I’m gonna save that one
for it’s own little video and yes those are my stories for today. And it seems I’m much better
at developing characters in that one but developing stories maybe not so much. But if you have any stories you want to tell me about
down below, do let me know. If you have any comments you want to leave,
again just let me know and thank you so so much
for watching everybody, cheerio! [SINGING]
I know who I want to take me home [SINGING]
I know who I want to take me home. [SINGING]
I know who I want to take me home, take me home. [SINGING] Closing time, every new beginning
comes from some other beginning’s end.

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  1. This made me laugh and there’s the asthma theme again 😂 Btw that’s a great song that you end up singing at the very end. Random but good son either way.

  2. K the ending was the best part of this video, oh critiquing your story was good if not a must, but jazz hands again…if you insist on waving at least do it like a Royal. The ending was really good, loved it, how you went about picking up as though you forgot to turn off you recorder, that was very professional. You may want to throw in some out takes; mistakes you made that were funny or not, but a short of out take would be nice after cleaning up and singing or just humming at the end of your shoot would be good!

  3. How in the world did I miss this gem?!!!! … Time machine..!!.. ugghhhhhh…. Molly’s dad was a spoon!!😂

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