Inside Amy Schumer – Allergic to Nuts

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Yeah, well, that’s why
they call it charity work. Because it’s work. It’s work. Good evening,
ladies. How are you
doing tonight? Really awesome.
So good. My name is Devon,
I’ll be taking care of you. Start you off with anything
to drink? Uh, water’s fine. Water’s perfect. Great, so we have a few specials
in addition to the menu– Listen,
before the specials, I have to tell you
I’m allergic to nuts. My meal cannot have
any nuts in it. She’s insanely
allergic to nuts. Got it, no nuts.
Not a problem. We accommodate
allergies all the time. I’ll tell the chef. No, I’m serious. It can’t have even
been around nuts. Cashews, pecans– Pine nuts, peanuts. Yeah, doughnuts, cronuts. Almonds.
Lalmonds. Dalmonds. I understand. So our specials are– Oh, actually, some of the bread
might have some nuts in them. Oh, my God!
Are you serious? I can’t believe
this is happening! Oh, my God, oh, my God,
oh, my God! What is this? Oh, my God, it’s a nut! It’s a little nut! What did we just say,
Devon? Is this (bleep) “Memento”? Are you an f-ing
goldfish, Devon? Are we in your fish bowl? Oh, look, a little
plastic treasure chest. (bleep) you, Devon! Do you know what would
happen to me if I ate that? Her face will swell up,
she will turn purple. She willose oxygen. Have you seen “Gravity”?
I did. Was that your favorite part, when they lost
(bleep) oxygen, Devon? Yes. When I die,
it’ll be your fault. You’ll have to go to
my mother’s door with a folded American flag and say, “Thank you
for her service. I’m Devon,
your daughter’s killer.” Look, I’m really sorry
about the bread. I swear, I will make sure
that your meal is nut-free. Thank you so much. Okay. Uh, so our
specials tonight. I think
I know what I want. Oh, yeah, me too. What do I want? What doIwant? I’ll have– I’ll have the nut–
Oh, no. The arugula salad. I’ll have
the arugula salad. Are there nuts
in that? No. (sighs) But I will triple-check. Nice job, Devon.
Thank you so much. Thank you. Aw, he’s sweet. Two arugula salads. Are there any nuts
in those? Nope. Great. ♪ (girls screaming) No! (shrieking) No! No! What did we say?! What did we say?! Everything all right here? No!

100 thoughts on “Inside Amy Schumer – Allergic to Nuts

  1. "You'll have to go to my mother's door with a folded American flag and say 'thank you for her service' " hilarious!

  2. I don't get it, allergies are fucking dangerous. And while people won't die from intolerance, they will spend next two days on a toilet having stomach pain. It's not crazy science, just accept it.

  3. Ok this is funny but a peanut is not a nut it is actually in the same family as beans and peas that are called legumes

  4. I love how my death is a nuisance to people. It's like those people who would get annoyed that someone pushed someone else in front of a train.

    I can get anaphylactic shocks that puts me in ambulance, so its a pretty big deal for me. Before I was as severly allergic as I am now, I just winged whatever food was probable to have nuts. Then I ate some bread with nuts in it, which at the time was unheard of for me, and was just told that "uh like 95% of the bread that's made has nuts in it", which sounded like an unreasonable number to me, but whatever. After that I ate some sunflowerseeds on some food that had been roasted in walnut-oil, and then someone just told me "If you're so allergic to nuts, you should've asked if there were nuts in that"

    So, I started asking if there are nuts in ridiculous things just because people thought it was my fault to get an allergic reaction from things I didn't expect to have nuts. So even when I'm ordering a pizza people are like "OMG haha why are you asking if a pizza has nuts? Ofc pizza doesn't have nuts". Dude, I got into an ambulance from a SOAP. A fucking SOAP. If I can't trust soap I can't trust anything. That's my bar, everything is relative to how much I trust soap.

    I mean jeez, I'm just trying to live man. Does it really make your life that much harder that I add a three-second-line of "Oh, are there any nuts in this?". Is that REALLY what just ruins your whole day?

    The reason I'm persistent is because people don't really care to look it up either. I ate one dessert once, made sure to ask there were any nuts in it, and they said "no". I took one bite and immediately felt a reaction and asked them to make sure because if so I need to get to the hospital now. They assured me it had no nuts and I thought "Maybe I'm being overly sensitive, might just be psychological". Two minutes pass and I'm like "nope, not psychological". I ask them to show me the boxes of the ingredients, and the chef confidentely hands me one of the tins in which chocholate-sticks are kept saying that there are no nuts, maybe traces of nuts. I take the tin in my hand and in huge font it says "HAZELNUT CHOCOLATE-STICKS". I don't understand how anyone who is literate could possibly miss that.

    So that's it. People just love trying to make it the fault of the person with an allergy. Yeah because I love having this deadly allergy hanging over my head all the time, makes my life so wonderful. When I didn't ask people thought it was my fault for not asking. When I started asking people got annoyed that I was asking. And even when I do ask people don't even really bother to look it up. At one point I've got to ask, when is it the person who does not have the allergy's fault?

  5. I really love this guy. He looks so good. Definitely my type. I just wish I could do many good things in this life and hopefully in the next life I can have a life partner that looks like Devin.

  6. Besides just not being funny, I've never understood why people think food allergies are to be mocked.

    And peanuts aren't nuts, they're legumes.

  7. Why the fuck is everyone allergic to nuts now? This skit is spot-on.

    Don't shelter your kids and they won't be allergic. You know, like we did for the first 10,000 years of humanity.

  8. How dare she ridicule life threatening allergies. My son nearly died from anaphylaxis due to nuts/peanuts in September. It is NOT a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Food allergy kills! Is she not aware of the children who have died in the USA from this?

  9. Wow….its so unfunny how low the quality of "comedy" this sketch offers. This is one of those cases where the writer has entered their own tiny bubble, and is out of touch with the audience…apparently.

  10. i have been binge-watching Amy Schumer clips on YT and CC for the past 3 days, havent answered my messages or calls, have only been outside for food, i have never been happier, i want at least 5 more days of this! see ya in some other vids! LOL

  11. even her fellow actors want to kill amy schumer….why has this woman singlehandedly united all the dorks in the world and created a keyboard batallion that wants to kill her? she's meh funny and might steal a joke from now and then, but that no reason to want to kill her

  12. This is the most unfunny piece of garbage on Youtube, holy shit. People with tree nut and peanut allergies are at risk of dying if they eat the allergen. Luckily these idiots didn't manage to make it into a joke, so we're all good!

  13. i don't see the humor, making fun of folks with anaphylatic food allergies. No different than a drug or chemical allergy. No different than watching someone drown and laughing that they can't breathe. Or making fun of someone having a seizure.

  14. Amy schemer youtube comment thread standard issue features : 1. people discussing the joke in a real world context. eg this is about nuts so people write about the genuine problems of nut sufferers. 2. is Amy schumer funny , or not. 3. the wider social and political issues raised by the sketch 4. is Amy schumer more or less funny than x other comedian.

  15. So many questions…..First, why did the guy not notice there was nuts on it as he was taking the plates over to them? Second, why did they throw nuts on themselves??


  17. Why was it that before I clicked on this video, I knew it was going to be loud "comedy" but i fucking clicked it anyway? Oh Amy Schumer, don't stop being not funny <3

  18. this is kind of obnoxious, i mean we dont just decide to have allergies that restrict us for fun — like ok ? i just dont see how this is a topic for hilarity since anaphylactic shock is a real thing and happens when some ppl have nuts. like bitch we die. this does not in any way prove funny to those of us that have to live knowing that we cant eat what most other people can. it's not a decision we make, its a lifestyle we have to live. its fucking humiliating to keep asking to double check our menus and ingredient lists when we eat out — thats why most of us dont. in a world engineered by the mainstream diet, this just goes to show how insensitive and blunt people still are. its a fuckin AUTOIMMUNE CONDITION. try making fun of disabilities, wont you?

  19. This was stupid, and ignorant. It seems like she is making fun of people who "over exaggerate" nut allergies, but the seriousness of nut allergies is real. Just do a simple search on stories where people have died due to eating at a restaurant that was lazy about keeping their food nut-free (where even an epi-pen didn't save them). And when other people make fun of those nut-allergic people (as Amy is doing here) they make light of it and try to "prank" those people by putting nuts/peanut butter around them to "tease" them only to end up sending them to the hospital or worse. I'm usually disappointed in Amy when she makes so many slut/vagina jokes all the time, but this one was the worst.

    Food allergy deaths

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