Integrative Medicine Treatment of High Cholesterol and Hypertension (6)

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– Let’s discuss heart disease and Integrative
Medicine. There are many effective medical treatments
for heart disease, even before surgical treatment. There is also strong evidence for benefits
of Integrative Medicine in heart disease. Please discuss Integrative Medicine methods
to prevent and treat heart disease. Heart disease is a good example, because modern
medicine has really done well in treating heart disease. Dr. Anton Titov MD Perhaps modern medicine is less successful
in preventing heart disease, but it has succeeded in some risk factor reduction for heart disease. For example, controlling high blood pressure
and hyperlipidemia. Integrative Medicine is also useful in those
areas. Let’s look at hypertension. Biofeedback is useful to treat hypertension. Many studies and meta- analyses showed that
biofeedback lowers systolic blood pressure by 3 to 6 mm and diastolic BP by 2 to 4 mm. That is a significant reduction in blood pressure,
every millimeter of arterial blood pressure reduction translates into cardiovascular risk
reduction. There are supplements that also lower blood
pressure: high-dose fish oil and Coenzyme Q10 Cocoa is my favorite to lower blood pressure
and treat hypertension. You can drink and also eat cocoa. But it’s not just any chocolate bar that will
do. Polyphenols in cocoa potently lower blood
pressure – there’s good research on it. Research shows some garlic extracts lower
cholesterol and hyperlipidemia. Statins are very potent and so beneficial
to reduce heart disease risks. If someone can be on statins and can tolerate
statins – that is clearly in their interest to take statins for secondary prevention of
heart disease. Some patients do not tolerate statins, others
simply choose not to take statins, There are other therapies [that lower cholesterol] – dietary
fiber, oat bran, natural psyllium fiber. These high fiber products will lower cholesterol. Long before statins, Artichoke leaf extract
was used to lower cholesterol, and it still works. Red yeast rice is more controvercial. Active ingredient in red yeast rice is a fungus
that grows on this red rice. Extract from that fungal growth will lower
cholesterol. There some nuances in using red yeast rice. Red yeast rice was declared illegal in the
United States because it has some lovastatin. A pharmaceutical company that has a patent
on lovastatin argued that use of red yeast rice is against their patent. Red yeast rice has naturally produced lovastatin? – Yes, exactly. There are also other substances in the red
yeast rice that lower cholesterol. But there is some natural lovastatin in red
yeast rice. Dr. Anton Titov MD

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