Intensivist Taison Bell, MD

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My name is Taison Bell, and I’m an intensivist
in the medical ICU at the University of Virginia. A lot of common reasons to need to come to
the medical ICU are you need frequent monitoring that can’t be done on the floor, or you need
special machines that can help support organ function. I was a sick kid growing up. I grew up in Lynchburg, Virginia, actually,
just an hour south of here. And I had really bad asthma. And one of the things I did pretty early on
was immunotherapy where I went into the doctor’s office every week to get allergy shots, and
I remember just being in the environment. The doctors, the nurses, people were very
friendly to me, and I told them at a really young age that I was interested in being a
doctor. And that’s what kind of incited the dream
pretty early on, and then I just held onto that. UVA has a really unique combination of really
high-powered medical care and research and discovery. I really enjoy the small-town aspect of Charlottesville,
and I think it enhances performance on the medical delivery side, but also outcomes for
the patient. And I think that’s one of the reasons why
coming to the University of Virginia is a good decision, because you’re getting high
quality care delivered in a team aspect, and I think the intrinsic parts that make a team
work really well are present here just naturally just because of the environment.

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