Intersurgical HOT Top™2 nebuliser features and benefits

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HOT Top™2
A new design of “open” nebuliser. Twin entrainment ports
Mean high output flows, almost 3x
higher than conventional nebulisers.
This results in reduced
treatment times. Designed to deliver drugs for tracheobronchial deposition
with the majority of particles smaller than 5 microns. Improved features
Graduated drug cup provides guide to remaining volume.
Quick release fitting enables cup
detachment and reattachment
with just a quarter turn. This speeds up the refilling process. ‘Click’
A positive click informs that
the cup is attached correctly, achieving a perfect seal. At an optimum drive
flow of 8L/min. Volume output
80% of the volume output will
comprise particles of less than
5 microns in diameter.
With a Mass median diameter
(MMD) of 3 microns. At 6L/min the performance is equivalent to a conventional
“closed” nebuliser at 8L/min.
Making it suitable for use with compressors which typically
have lower output flows. A wide range of options include:
– Adult Ecolite™ mask kit.
– Mouthpiece kit.
– Paediatric mask kit. The unique Intersurgical EcoLite masks, unlike traditional masks, contain no PVC, significantly reducing environmental impact. Comfortable for the patient
48% lighter. HOT Top™2 nebuliser
A new design of “open” Nebuliser.
Provides shorter treatment times.
Reduces environmental impact.
Improved patient comfort. Hot top™2 nebuliser
is also available with a Sure-Loc™ base. When used with a Sure-Loc™ tube it provides a secure connection. Preventing accidental tube disconnections. Attach the adaptor to the flow meter. Attach the Sure-Loc™ tube to the adaptor. Attach the other end of the Sure-Loc™ tube to the nebuliser. Sure-Loc™ tubing can also be used on a standard nebuliser spigot… …and on standard tubing. Intersurgical
Quality, innovation and choice.

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