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hi I’m dr. bill Lanting from Allergy and Asthma Center of the Rockies what do we do here make people’s lives wonderful our theme is that you should not have any symptoms from your allergies and shouldn’t have any problems we could just make you feel great so what are allergy symptoms why do people have them and why should you see us well there are a lot of things let’s talk with the eyes they can be itchy or red shouldn’t have to put up with that the nose is the big thing we have people have what they call allergic rhinitis and what happens is that they have stuffiness an ingestion of your nose so just having congested nose is not fun but also other things can happen you can be so congested your mouth breathe also you can have a lot of mucus production have to be blowing all the time you can be sneezing all the time things you shouldn’t have to put up but also this mucus that comes out here you can have this drip down the back your throat that’s not fun we call that post nasal drip and what happens there is that this can produce call or throat clearing drive you in other people nuts also if you swallow nothing that you get nausea in your stomach you know or you get sore throats so again all these symptoms are things that can come from having an allergic nose but something you can do something about also up here you have your sinus cavities and they drain through little tubes through your nose so if this is swollen and congested it blocks those exit tubes that is what is behind many peoples chronic headaches because the air gets trapped up in the sinus cavities but if you open up the nose things get better also chronic sinusitis with the mucus that’s up there gets trapped and causes an infection the secret have good drainage so that mucus can’t get stuck up there there’s something else that’s very important and that is if you think about this as one system one respiratory system if you go like this things go through the nose and down into the lung so it’s one tube so 1/4 of all of those who have allergic rhinitis also have asthma or breathing problems and it’s funny I mean most people don’t know it or don’t think that’s fact they don’t really think about allergies overall and the reason is that they just put up with it or they they take over-the-counter stuff or commonly people put up with it because it’s the family curse because grandmother had it the uncle the brother everybody in the family has it because it’s a genetic thing and so oh I have to live with it too and the answer’s no you don’t have to live with all those symptoms like the nose the eyes or the lung symptoms so what happens with asthma well how much you know that you have asthma it could be there well your kind of shortness of breath or tightness just when you’re standing around or at rest that’s not normal you shouldn’t be thinking about your breathing nobody should be thinking about their brings that’s that’s something right on its own that says something’s not right if you have limitations of exertion meaning if you do certain activities you have to stop or slow down because your breathing limits you that could be asthma that’s something you should have to put up with in fact this is a problem some people avoid things where they don’t go biking or hiking or do the activities they want which is not allowable shouldn’t have that happen with asthma and what happens with our kids and the little ones well they have problems because they can’t run they don’t have the endurance that they should so the coach sees them and he doesn’t want to put them on the soccer team on the basketball team because he just doesn’t think they have the endurance to play for his team but if somebody’s under great control there are many professional athletes in all sports out there who have asthma and yet they played at a top performance and there are many gold Olympic medal winners who have horrible asthma yet it’s under control because it was diagnosed and treated properly so you should never let asthma limit your life another thing that comes up with asthma is something where you have coffee in the middle of the night that wakes you up or hoff when you first get up in the morning because asthma typically is even worse at night than during the day also if you ever wheeze wheezing is not normal wheezing as a side of a constricted airway and something well I only wheeze when I run or only when I’m sick or this but you wheeze and the reason is that air goes through your breathing tubes in a straight line but if you tubes are constricted air flows in a roundabout in fashion so that’s always a is turbulent airflow but it says I’m not here I’m here also if you have albuterol you know what that is that’s that puffer that people take to open up their ways if you need that more than twice a week that also says I’m not in control so again asthma something that’s very common under diagnosed or under treated but something we love to deal with here we are good at treating it we’re good at looking for it and having people live normal lives with no restrictions no limitations no symptoms that’s the way asthma should be so what are some of the other things that we do here at Allergy and Asthma Center of the Rockies there are other allergic conditions such as atopic dermatitis or eczema that’s we have that red raised itchy skin that’s something that can be brought under great control because that’s due to allergies things that are in your home outside or food allergies one-third of the time it’s foods that set off or worsen eczema we also have treatment plans that can make people feel not only great and not have that itchy red skin but they can sleep at night in fact for our little guys I think we should put t-shirts on them sometimes and said if I don’t sleep nobody sleeps but again that can be brought on to wonderful control if you discover what allergies are affecting it and then there are other things people have food allergies which you know our bothersome or can kill you but if you’ve know what your food is we can teach you how to avoid it and what to do in case of emergency people of allergies to medications something else we can take care or bees Hornets and wasps again something we can have a big reaction or you know big skin lesions or again have trouble breathing something we can diagnose and treat and there are other things immunodeficiencies and a whole gamut of other things that we do in our field here so if you think you have allergies if you’re suffering from symptoms or your family or friends you got to consider that you could be fantastic so I suggest you come and look at the videos on our website all you have to do is click on the button below and see all the information that we’ve put out for you on every subject that I have these three to five minute vignettes very informative no obligation I just want you to listen and learn the better you know the morgue you have the better life you’re gonna live so I want you to consider seeing us here at Allergy and Asthma Center of the Rockies our website aaaa dot jobs are a a cor calm or nine seven zero two two seven four six one one but whatever again totally what allergies don’t put up with it live a wonderful great life so again come and see us call and watch the videos thank you

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