iONRx All Natural Hot Tub Chemical Sanitizing Treatment

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hello thank you for visiting ionrx dot COM my name is George Lucaides president of Environmental Water Solutions makers of the iONRx hot tub and swim spa sanitizing solution. Today we’re very excited to introduce to you one of the most innovative products for the spa and hot tub market in many years, iONRx. One of the best parts of iONRx is that you’re going to love is when you get into your hot tub again it’s going to feel like just getting into normal tap water no chemical smells no itchy eyes or that itchy skin things all of it goes away with iONRx. The maintenance: it’s easier than anything you’ve ever used on the market. Most people don’t realize when they buy a hot tub how much maintenance is involved in the chemistry, having to check the pH the alkalinity. All of those things go away with iONRx. One of the greatest things about it is you get out of the pool you get out of your hot tub and you don’t have to rinse off immediately or change your clothes or get inside right away. So we’re excited about bringing you this. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at We look forward to seeing you again soon. Thank You.

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