Irene Grosjean (2020) GUERIR : Secrets de Naturopathie Que Tout Le Monde Devrait Connaître

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I realized that all diseases are curable hello and welcome to this new video Hippocrates the father of medicine did he not tell the sick that the jumping food alone remedy and asked doctors to heal without harming We must redo a real health philosophy of well-being we do not fight disease we redo health and diseases disappear Evil is the absence of good cold and no heat We do not fight the cold we put heat The darkness is the absence of light we do not fight the darkness we put light, above the clouds there is always the sun suffering and illness are there to wake us up it is the red light that lights up. “evil to die” means what, it means that when our body screams for help when he is in a state of suffering He wants to be free, he wants to expel to eliminate residues that food that is not made for him inculcates to him. Start by giving our body the fuel that his builder had planned for his digestive system we have always been told that we are descended from the gorilla and chimpanzee monkey they have exactly the same digestive system that we feed on what if not picking they pick as we hardly pick any more than we eat packages, meat, finally a completely dead food well automatically we do not get the energy we need and we need excitants. It’s very simple with pasta in Italy there is the strongest coffee with red beans in South America there is coffee and rum with hamburgers in the United States there is coke with fries in Belgium there is beer, with rice in Asia there is tea and we also have the coffee the tea the coke and all that and the meat but with that it takes the shot of red with dairy products cheese does not need wine too? With that we poison every day a little every day every day every day without realizing it We must not only give our body the food that is made for him but clean the moods in which cells bathe ie the interstitial fluids that science and medicine do not take into account on a body of 60 kg there is 40 liters of liquid on these 40 titles of liquids one analyzes five liters of blood, the urine but the other 35 liters in which the cells are immersed that the ancients called moods yet they were not learned but they knew. Nor is it enough to put clean furniture in a dirty house for it to be habitable but we must also clean it it’s not enough to give our body the foods that are made for its digestive system we must also clean the liquids in which his cells bathe. Why men have changed their diet why did not they become gatherers and become hunter gatherers? Fruits are sugar it’s the fuel of our human system but we had more fruits we cooked cereals and starchy foods the famous slow sugars However is that the human liver is not equipped to transform slow sugars and that every digestion I should say every indigestion of slow sugars will leave phlegm viscosity what we fly what we spit it’s slow sugar residues And its slow sugars these residues will pass into the lymph I call that glue in terms of the job And it is certain that when our cells bathe in the glue they can not work quickly in addition these viscosities calaminate all the filters the kidneys for example and uric acid can no longer be filtered through the kidneys in the urine and it will go back into the arterial system and when the urine of an individual is pale like water is that his kidneys are well calaminated but he’s going to have a circulatory accident presumably in a short time, hemoglobias, myocardial infarction, and other things. More cells will bathe in a poisoned environment the more they will ask and even demand the product that makes the poison in which they bathe and there we are going to love either cheese or sausages or ham or meat we will ask and we will be addicted and we will work exactly as a food addict that we all have become more or less and when I ask someone what you do not want to go through I know exactly the starting point of all these problems I usually tell all my consultants that I risk making them sick to heal them because every time the body wants to expel these residues it must be helped to do so while medically scientifically prevents the body from eliminating So there is more pain there is more suffering but instead of eliminating the toxins he wanted to eliminate he pushes them back into these underground aquifers They will not stay without doing anything So it is certain that the goal is to help, to understand why our body is suffering, and to help him to do what he has to do. every person is a unique case and she will expel, her body will try to expel these residues according to her constitution, the stronger he is, the more he will expel violently the weaker he is, the less he will be able to expel and the longer it will be difficult depending on the residual stock he has accumulated. I wrote a book that will come out So far no one wanted Publishers told me your book to the stuff of a bestseller Madame Grosjean but I can not take it I am aware that I disassemble the whole system I was scared to death I was in absolute pain and that’s why knowing what i know i want to communicate and that everyone can discover that he can to be happy, fit and creative. I feel like doing what I have to do and our role is like the cells of our body to work one by the other and the one for the other in the service of the whole and when we can do that we are happy to do it when we are happy we can give happiness I realized that all diseases can, are curable and when I see the psychological and emotional transformation of all the people who have changed who have cleaned their moods, it’s more the same they change their lives and according to that the diseases disappear and they are psychological, they are emotional, they are physical “My husband was treated by you Mrs. Irene Grosjean he had an endo oesophageal gear who held him all the esophagus he passed a recent check fibreoptic. The gear has almost disappeared, the doctor did not understand he had never seen that of his career but my husband understood that it was you who had healed him of this, he would like to thank you and that in person if you can contact us by mail or phone with thanks thank you for answering us in a friendly way here .. I get it every day and if I can afford to be too Affirmative that I am it because I have the proofs and that what I say is proven provable and provable to thank you All diseases are curable Professor Joyeux at sight for 26 years almost all the cancer patients who came to see me sometimes it was necessary to conjugate sometimes it took a little chemistry sometimes it took an operation but if we do not change the ground and the cause well, these cancer patients are very well, there is no recurrence Whereas if we simply do chemo, an operation, we do not change the terrain it will come back and two years, three years, four years after you make another cancer but it’s the same cause and purpose he went to the root at the starting point of something But obviously it’s not the easiest it requires a certain understanding a certain determination and as we live in a world where everything is upside down And human suffering when I see all the suffering when I see the diseases that are made when I hear that I see the names of diseases I breathe heavily and it is not the diseases that must be cured. Medically as it is … as doctors have learned We prevent the elimination system from working it no longer works but instead of eliminating the residues they are locked up and when there are too many residues in the liquids interstitials, in the liquids in which the cells are immersed they enter the cell, how do you want it to be different? And when the residues enter the cell either they deprogram the brain and we do what cancer they either sclerotize him, have diabetes or multiple sclerosis or they paralyze him, we make Parkinson’s either they disconnect it have made a murderous or suicidal madness or Alzheimer’s, have done all the diseases of the world being treated as we are when I was a kid 80 years ago well cancer we did not hear about it you practically did not obese, I remember in a city like Epinal since I’m Vosgian there was one she was the curious side of the whole city at present there are 400 people a day in France who are dying of diseases cardiovascular although neat, ok but still die there is cancer on two and a half people told me a well-known cancer professor there is diabetes in shambles There are sick people there are on all sides Lyme disease we always invent new ones and we are sick more and more young Depressive and suicidal When I was a kid there was a suicide in a village of 1000 inhabitants in 20 years of existence I went there a few years ago there had been four suicides in the year And that’s where we obviously realize that we are totally upside down But that has specific reasons What has the faculty taught to doctors? To look for what is wrong to look in the trash the yellow moss the green moss and put an extraordinary name on it is very learned and to prescribe exams to confirm, it makes the whole shop work and to prescribe drugs that will make a patient healthy and operations that what medicine can do other allopathic medicine Homeopathic medicine is a little less worse but does not change the terrain I confirm that the faculty has taught doctors to turn off the red lights stop suffering without ever wondering why these red lights went on without ever wondering why we suffer so the faculty has done the doctor … obviously there is suffering we will hurry to stop the suffering you’re hurting somewhere we’re going to put a big name if you have sore left it will be a left-handedness right it will be a right it flows by the sinuses it is a sinusitis that, it is the conjunctivitis it is the otitis by the vagina it is a vaginitis I went into correctional I was called by the order of doctors and when the order of doctors called me he was a good old doctor from Avignon and who told me Ms. Grosjean if you did not have the popularity that you have a long time ago you would have been tried and if we do not do it it’s only because if we do it we will still develop your advertising Well give our body the food that nature has planned for its digestive system then every time he screams for help he wants to clean himself up help him do it The real medicine is there: helping our body to clean itself not prevent it from making it eat fruits, eat vegetables The vegetable juices that Thierry Casasnovas advocates enormously because they saved him from drugs and a life completely insane but since we are very acidified burned by acid who burned and spoiled our minerals and vegetable juices will bring in what remineralize and as we would not eat enough vegetables if we have a large glass, two large glasses or 3 of vegetable juice and more we go mineralize but vegetables will not bring what fruits bring the fruit is the energy if you want we could say the fruit is the essence of the engine Vegetables Mineral salts is the maintenance of the bodywork. Do not forget that right now you can subscribe for free to poor private letter of natural health. Every day you receive a confidential e-mail full of advice and tips in which I share my years of knowledge and experience, it is the indispensable complement videos that I publish on Youtube, it is of course without commitment and you can unsubscribe at any time so to join us and to subscribe it is very simple just click on the link in the description of the video so just below and I will send you tomorrow your first private letter natural health These little uric acid crystals that are stored in our bodies in the form of tiny salts turn your head like that feel if there is not a career in the neck there it’s uric acid crystals and when the body wants to eliminate them ie as soon as the body has a bit more energy than he needs To live he uses … the body is always looking for its most perfect balance and as soon as it has a bit of extra energy that can be that of spring that of pollen that of the sun or if he has to deal with a shock that requires a lot of energy to be able to cope with this shock it is going eliminate the poisons that clutter it will get rid of everything that clogs and here it says that shock made me sick no he revealed the state in which one is he took the opportunity to expel so to expel these residues acids It must melt them like snowflakes must melt to sink and disappear but at that moment the acid that makes up these little salts, these little crystals that gnaw and eat this acid will burn nerve emergencies and it is this burn that creates pain so every time we suffer somewhere if we did not get a shot obviously every time we suffer is that our body try to expel the small dump stored at this location all the people who have had injuries from accidents at time change operations are going to have pain, we have pain it’s the signal to the changes of the moon every time something happens well where we help the body to eliminate this uric acid by making the kidneys work as much as possible Perspiration which is a form or As We could do it by cutting the wire of the firemen’s phone when the house burns we cut our sensitive system he does not go anymore the body is not going to evacuate these residues have the most hurt the brain does not feel the pain but instead of evacuating the residues we will lock them up keep them in our groundwater In the word “lock up” there is another word “hell” and there we will aggravate our state of suffering There are all the necessary plants the real drugs the pharmacy of God is the plants when you think the nettle that stings this horrible plant it is the most anti depressive plant that I know take a nettle juice cure and you will see the thistle thistle that stings there it will take off the viscosities the leaves of brambles it will take off the viscosity but all the plants are there at hand I saw very young three well-groomed loved ones as we understand it classically And there to lose his mother when we have four little brothers and sisters and when we are 15 years old it’s not very funny, I met someone who told me but There are two medicines: a health medicine a disease medicine. “We discovered We practiced my husband and I were married at the time and we realized that there was another way of life. I did a doctorate in naturopathy 60 years ago, when I discovered these things I had a ready-to-wear shop I had a workshop decouture and I loved it and fifteen days after my husband told me hurry to sell the shop you will not do anything it was true I had discovered what I had been looking for forever the way to be happy and healthy and there I started to work like all naturopaths with a diet vegetable but cooked, we had not yet understood the essential, then after fifteen years of naturopathy that we obviously believed had already brought us a lot Well my husband who had asthma since he was a kid and who had been much ventolined died of heart failure at 44 and that was the element which allowed me to go further and tell me that food it was one thing but it was not enough there was something that had escaped us it’s the death of my husband at 44 who allowed me, who forced me to search, I told myself that we thought we knew everything and in fact to die at age 44 there was something wrong. Every day I say thank you to life for having made me go through these very difficult events To force me to search it is the chance is the readings it is the meetings it is the information through all the consultants that I had and when we search we find and I found a bit of a path then another end and then from end to end I gathered there was another way of life that of respect for the laws of life here is this video is over if you liked it do not hesitate to like to share or comment I’ll see you again very soon for a new naturell health council, get well and see you soon.Bye Bye.

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  1. Et oui, et tout cela depuis l'ère industrielle. La médecine allopathique, les laboratoires et les industriels de l'alimentaire se tiennent la main afin de garder sous leur joug, sous leur contrôle toutes ces braves populations qui ont donné leur accord pour leur servir de cheptel. Il y a aussi des personnes qui font attention à leur alimentation et qui pourtant ont aussi un cancer ou autre… et c'est là que la médecine holistique vient déprogrammer ce que des émotions ou des traumatismes (transgénérationnels, par exemple) ont laissé comme empreinte… et je parle par expérience ;0) Mais, aujourd'hui, alors que nous sommes appelés à la spiritualisation de la matière, alors que cette dernière est pleine de "vide", tel un potentiel non utilisé (et pourtant prouvé par les sciences), alors que la connaissance de la physique quantique fait son chemin, il est temps de dépasser tout ça et de changer de paradigme… pour ceux à qui ça parle ;0) Prouvé aussi par la science et ce, depuis au moins Thomas Edison au plus proche de nous (savoir beaucoup plus ancien, en fait), nos pensées et nos croyances CRÉENT notre réalité et influent la matière. Cela a toujours été ainsi mais aujourd'hui, avec l'augmentation de la résonance Schuman (et de tout notre univers), tout s'accélère, le temps linéaire s'accélère et le processus de création par la pensée, par les émotions, qui sont vibrations (et tout est vibrations), s'accélère aussi… Il est largement temps de se responsabiliser. Je nous souhaite de belles prises de conscience et, surtout, de belles créations ♡♥

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    Les vaccins, les medicaments, la radiotherapie, toutes ces techniques mises en oeuvre reellement depuis le XIX siecle ont permis de doubler voire tripler l'esperance moyenne de vie des etres humains. Avant les seuls remedes qui etaient la diete, le jeune, les saignees et quelques plantes medicinales etaient aussi efficaces qu'un placebo : fort taux de mortalite, ceux dont les defenses immunitaires avaient pu vaincre la maladie servaient de justification sur l'efficacite de ces soit disants remedes…
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  11. .Il faut surtout comprendre que Toute Guérison est une Auto-guérison. La Science de la Physiologie Humaine nous apprend que le corps humain est programmé pour se guérir lui-même lorsqu'il est blessé ou malade grâce à la même intelligence inconsciente, le même code génétique, la même Énergie Vitale et les mêmes (99) Simples Nutriments de Base qui l'ont constitué et créé ce corps dans le sein de sa mère. Les plantes (fruits & légumes) peuvent seulement fournir ces simples 99 nutriments essentiels. Pour guérir quoi que ce soit, il faut premièrement identifier et enlever la cause immédiate ou les causes de malaise, de cet accident ou de celle maladie. Que sont les causes apparentes des maladies? 1. Les Excès de bonnes ou mauvaises choses. ex: excès de nourriture, de travail, de sexe, d’alcool, de bruit… 2. Les Virus ou bactéries nuisibles: 3. Les Drogues: drogues légales ou illégales incluant les médicaments et les plantes médicinales sont toutes des Drogues Toxiques qui causent des lésions cellulaires, libérant des gènes, créant des foyers d'infection qui dégénèrent progressivement en ulcères, en tumeurs et en cancer… 4. Toutes les lésions cellulaires causées par des brûlures,par le soleil , par un produit chimique, par des aiguilles hypodermiques, par des aiguilles de tatouage, par des piercings, ou par des scalpels risquent de dégénérer en ulcères, en tumeurs et en cancer.. Mais la Cause Première et Fondamentale de la Maladie aiguë ou chronique, ou infectieuse (contagieuse) c'est la Toxémie… et c'est pourquoi dès que l'on réduit la Toxémie d'un organisme soit par le jeûne hydrique au grand repos,,soit par une cure de jus, soit une cure d'aliments crus , un régime végétarien, un régime végan ..les symptômes diminuent sans médicament et l'organisme se guérit tout simplement…. Il se guérira beaucoup plus vite si on met l'organisme au jeûne hydrique au grand repos car le repos digestif du jeûne, s'il est accompagné de repos physique absolu, de repos mental, sensoriel, émotionnel et de repos sexuel .L'organisme va régénérer sa précieuse énergie vitale..qui est à la base de la vie et de l'auto- guérison. Chez l'enfant par exemple l'énergie vitale est à son maximum. il aura des maladies aigues spectaculaires qui guériront très vite. Chez l'adulte, il aura des maladies aigues qui guériront moins vite et le vieillard qui a moins d'énergie vitale aura des maladies chroniques persistantes moins spectaculaires qui guériront très lentement..

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  32. Merci Mme Grosjean pour vos conseils, j'ai lyme et je me retrouve tout à fait dans votre vidéo. Merci pour votre travail et votre partage, Dieu vous bénisse

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