Iron Tablets | How To Take Iron Tablets | How To Reduce Iron Supplement Side Effects (2018)

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Iron tablets, difficult to absorb by the body but here’s everything pharmacists learn to help you get the most out of this tablet and if you can guess the name of this iron tablet? leave a comment below and I’ll let you know if you’re correct so, you’ve been prescribed iron tablets because you’re anaemic or you’re at risk of becoming anaemic iron is needed for the production of haemoglobin which is super important because it carries oxygen from our lungs to the rest of our body in our blood cells which is why too little iron can make you breathless, tired, lacking energy, pale and may even cause heart palpitations so now that we know the basics let’s talk about how to get the most out of your iron supplement take your iron supplement on an empty stomach so that’s one hour before food or two hours after food and research shows that if you take your iron supplement with a drink containing vitamin C like orange juice it can actually improve the absorption iron is difficult to absorb in the gut and this is massively reduced by the presence of food, tea and milk so avoid these one hour before and one hour after taking your iron supplement some medication also reduce the absorption of iron supplements for example antacids iron supplements can also reduce the absorption of many other medicines so for example levothyroxine is one of them and certain antibiotics too so to see the full list and what to do about it I’ve left a link in the description below feel free to check it out now you’ve tried to take your iron supplement on an
empty stomach but it’s leaving you with loads of side effects like tummy pain, constipation, diarrhoea and feeling sick the good news is that these usually go after your body gets used to it but if they’re not going and you can’t cope with it then speak to your pharmacist or your doctor about these following options option 1! check with your prescriber if they’re happy for you to reduce your dose and build it back up slowly to the prescribed dose
that way your body has more time to adjust option 2! speak to your prescriber as they may be able to prescribe you an alternative iron supplement with a lower strength and option 3! you’ve tried 1 and 2 and they haven’t helped you’re still getting side effects well speak to your prescriber or pharmacist about taking your iron supplement after food to reduce the stomach irritation lastly iron supplements can make your
stools darker and sometimes black which can be a bit of a shock but remember it’s completely normal and harmless always check any medication you purchase
with your pharmacist or doctor to make sure it’s okay for you to you use please remember to always read the information leaflet that comes with your medicines and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask your pharmacist and that’s it you’re now an iron supplement pro! let me know if you found any of these tips useful? by commenting below which ones you never knew about and if you liked the video if you found it helpful make sure to hit that like button now and help spread the word to friends and family by sharing and tagging hey guys thanks for watching this week’s video make sure to click that like, follow or subscribe button now to stay up to date with new weekly videos can you hear this bird? it’s a very loud bird, don’t what it is if anyone knows what that bird is? leave a comment below some people can tell like what birds are just from there their singing i’m holding this the wrong way round lacking energy, pale (LAUGHTER)

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  1. Wow I didn't know that vitamin C was required for the absorption of iron supplements in your system glad I came across this video

  2. Hey, I just started taking iron supplements, took one on an empty stomach this morning and a few mins later I was feeling dizzy, light headed and nauseous, my natural reaction was to make some weetabix and watch this vid! Now feeling a little frustrated because after one mouthful, the symptoms instantly calmed down, so does that mean it’ll not be absorbed into my body?! 😩😩 I’m thinking food after only 30mins of taking the supplement, I’m thinking milk and I’m thinking instant cessation of symptoms, what’s happened… I’m going to try taking two hrs after breakfast tomorrow and see how I get on, I really don’t want to reduce my dosage! 🙈😃

  3. kindly make video on best time to take multivitamins specially b- series with combination of zinc as it disturbs stomach

  4. Ahhhhck my doctor makes me take iron supplement but it sucks it has a weird after taste that stays with you all day long and it's like pills and I am angry with it …. does anyone knows what can I do to decrease the taste of it

  5. RX dose? I just bought some at the store. It even has vitamin c in it. I am glad to hear I can still have milk, I just have to wait until an hour or so after is encouraging.

  6. Wow I didn’t know orange juice helps with body getting more from the tablets I’ve been diagnosed with anemia after trying for months for gp to give me a blood test my Hemoglobin is 107. How long after taking the tablets for should you start seeing the benifits from it I’ve been taking them nearly two weeks and haven’t noticed any difference

  7. Thanks for the video!! How much mg of vitamin C should I take with my iron? I don't like drinking orange juice on an empty stomach so rather take it in pill form.

  8. I am taking calcium and iron tablet with vitamin D3 tablet after meal it's ok or not l am 37 old female having diffciency of vitamin d

  9. my stomach is literally killing me but now i might try this out. i just started taking them and oh my god!!! thank you for helping me!

  10. Can u pls advice how and when to take calcium, vitamin C , vit D3, and multivitamins.? Can we take water soluble and oil soluble vitamins together by the form of a pill called multivitamin. I m confused 🤦

  11. hi, can we take vitamin C 1000mg with NAC 600mg daily empty stomach for lifelong lifetime? is that safe? I appreciate your reply.thanks

  12. Helpppp. Day 2 of my iron vitamin and I got sick at work. I took it on a empty stomach too. I'm dizzy, nauseous and threw up while training a new employee and had to go poo 3x during work. Very embarrassing. it is otc. It is from my naturopath

  13. Why is ferrous sulfate white? the ones my doctor prescribed are red looking. been taking mines with fresh squeezed orange juice!

  14. this is so useful. A dear friend has been prescribed this. This will be very useful for her as she has been eating food with it etc… Thanks for making this video as I have been researching for myself

  15. Great video, thank you. How soon after beginning iron supplements can I expect my symptoms of malaise, fatigue, insomnia, and loss of appetite to go away? Online, some sources say "a few days", others say "a week", and others say "a few weeks". I have mild anemia, can you give a more precise answer? Thanks.

  16. 100mg overdose or not ? i take it today iam scared i think i will die ): i feeling good until now i take it before 9 hours

  17. I just started taking ferrous sulfate, per my PCP. I'm also prescribed an antacid for G.E.R.D, can I take the ferrous sulfate at night since I have to take the antacid in the mornings?

  18. I'm loving the cinematography and gestural action in this video. I feel like I'm being rapped at. That manual 4th wall breaking zoom in at 2:21? There are no words. His mind

  19. Hi sir, iam anemaic and doctor prescribed with ferrous sulphate tablets on an empty stimach, when i take it, after half an hour i vomited completely and iam not pregnant and a mother of 2 lids. Pls help me my hemoglobin is 5 and iam feeling very week, how to consume iron tablets without vomiting.

  20. Thanks much for this info. I've been taking iron supplement least 2 hours after drinking milk. I didn't know you can take this 1 hour with orange juice just before breakfast. I have trouble with my blood supply after my monthly. Gasping for breath, headache, irritation, cannot focus, eyes hurts, I do have 2 very small fibroids I'm closing in on 50 years, my hips, back, buttocks hurts and the womb cramps a lot just after the monthly, I get lots of craving for orange juice.

  21. I take 14mg of iron with 1000mg of vitamin c tablet

    Can i ask, when i take iron 50mg combined with vitamin c, most my anxiety seems to drift, i feel happier i feel more energetic and better s a whole, could the iron deficiency cause me to feel anxious and brain foggy? I can concentrate more

    How much dosage do you recommend for people with anaemia as i think 14mg is too low as higher dosages do help my anxiety

    PS – I take the iron with multivitamin as it comes together but the iron alone should arrive tomorrow 😀

  22. I loooooove this video thank u… u save a life 😥😥😥… i see why i having palpitation… nw

  23. Hi sir new subs here. Wanna ask if its ok to take one time the multivitamins+iron,vitamin E and vitamins c? Thanks.

  24. Hi… In pregnancy iron tablet should be taken with only orange juice in the morning? or is it ok to have it rite after breakfast if someone drinks tea.. plz reply thanks.. Doctor says have it after food but im so confused.. must reply thankx

  25. yeah but how do we avoid the burning hole sensation after taking iron… orange juice sounds like a terrible idea, its not always digested well

  26. Good tips but actually there are many iron supplements out there that you cannot take without food or they will make you very sick to your stomach, you just have to make sure you take it with proper food that doesn't have any dairy because dairy and milk products prevent the absorption of iron! Read your label to know if you must have food with your iron. And yes, vitamin c is a must for absorption! 👌

  27. carbonyl iron supplements combined with liposomal vitamin C supplement is the best, safest way to get iron.

  28. Not just anaemic but Pregnant women are prescribed iron tablets too from the onset of second trimester and I hate the constipation that comes with it ☹️

  29. I commented a few days back and now I am back. You’re a life saver! Glad I came across the video. Iron always constipated me and now that I am pregnant and forced to consume iron it became my worst fear ..but hey I took your advice and started taking iron 2 hours post lunch with fresh lemon juice 😊 voila! Problem gone for good! What? That was it ? Why don’t doctors tell us this stuff? New subscriber here !

  30. I was prescribed to take iron supplements however i keep vomiting on taking it. The doctor says i need to keep taking it.
    Can you help please?🙂

  31. I never knew it can interfere with absorbing antibiotic. I had a small problem on womb and was prescribe very strong antibiotic and high iron for the heavy blood loss I had . They never told me to take them separately.

  32. – take it an hour before or after food. on empty stomach best.
    – take with vit c
    – symptoms of diarrhoea or constipation should disappear after awhile. speak to prescriber for alternative iron supp with lower dosage/strength
    – iron supp can make stools black buts its okie

  33. I have taken folic acid tablet along with milk (with a tea bag in it) from past 3 months during pregnancy.. was it ok or should i be concerned about it. Plz help i am very upset

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