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The leading edge research demonstrates that
in fact cholesterol is actually something very good for the body number one and number
two, we’ve got to be very careful when we use medications to be concerned about potential
downside risks. For example, the most popular cholesterol lowering drugs, the Statin drugs,
have now been associated with a 71% increase risk of becoming a diabetic in women as published
in the journal archives of Internal Medicine. Lots of times people say, well my cholesterol
is okay, but my bad cholesterol is elevated, or LDL. Well, in reality LDL is not any type
of bad or good cholesterol it stands for Low-Density Lipper Proteins, so to call it bad cholesterols
is an interesting misnomer. LDL is our friend, and cholesterol is our friend. The problem
happens when the carrier protein of cholesterol, which is LDL, that’s its job, to carry cholesterol
through the body, becomes damaged or oxidized. The damaged LDL carrying cholesterol then
turns on the immune system and inflammation happens and it’s that inflammation that ends
up narrowing your arteries. It’s that inflammation that serves to be the cornerstone of coronary
artery disease and even things like Alzheimer’s. We keep LDL from oxidizing by giving our body
good fats and cutting way back on our carbohydrates.

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